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The benefit of investing in a clarinet is that you will be able to play different genres of music. However, on most occasions, you will find the clarinet being played in Jazz and Orchestral. In music, clarinets are known for their warm Timbre and all-action playing style. And even better, is that you can use it as a solo instrument playing swing jazz.

Welcome to Clarinet Expert, your guide in everything clarinets, when it comes to purchasing clarinets there are fundamentals to be observed. For example, the joints on clarinets should come together smoothly and completely. The bell must also be complete as chips and cracks on the inside or the outside will distort its functionality.

Our mission at Clarinet expert is to ensure that you end up with the best musical instrument in the market, to which end, we have created excerpts detailing the various dynamics of the clarinets. For example, you will be provided with information on the best clarinet thumb rest cushion. We have also consolidated comprehensive articles on the best clarinet barrels and the best B flat clarinet, among others.

When purchasing clarinets, it is vital to understand the categories, so that you don’t end up investing in an expensive clarinet yet, you will not be taking the lessons for a long time. The student clarinet retails at a fairly cheap price, and as you perfect your skills over time, it would be worth investing in a more durable and advanced clarinet.

Intermediate clarinets come right after the beginner or the student clarinet, and they are known to produce a versatile pitch range with exceptional sound quality. The intermediate clarinets are usually derived from the delicate granadilla wood and are made complete with silver-plated keys. Other features to look out for are the leather pads and the adjustable thumb rest.

Now, one thing with the professional clarinets that you ought to note is that they should play consistently and in tune. And they should also produce a beautifully balanced sound with ease. The professional clarinets are also made of the best quality material including granadilla wood and high-quality metals for the keys.

Intermediate and professional clarinets are quite costly to the tune of $2000 or more. But for the beginner clarinets, you could purchase them for as little as $500. More information on Clarinets can be retrieved in Clarinet Expert.