Boehm vs. Albert system clarinet – which one is better?

Boehm vs. Albert system clarinet

The quality of orchestral instruments determines the synchrony of tunes of the one playing them. One such crucial instrument is Clarinet and it is worth knowing which system works best. When I was young whenever my dad was busy creating mellow tunes at the orchestra pit I was backstage playing around with the instruments. Over … Read more

Clarinet vs Flute – How they compare

Clarinet vs Flute

Both clarinets and flutes belong to the woodwind instrument family because originally, they were both made out of wood. Today, the clarinet is still made of wood but the flute is made out of metal, typically silver. The majority of students who want to play in a band are usually torn between the clarinet and … Read more

Oehler Clarinet vs. Boehm: Do they have different sounds?

Oehler Clarinet vs. Boehm

The Oehler and Boehm are by far the most common clarinet key systems. While some say the sounds are almost indistinguishable, others insist they produce different sounds and prefer one over the other. I had an interesting conversation with a clarinetist from Austria who narrated how they’ve had to learn the Boehm, also referred to … Read more

Clarinet Vs Recorder – which is harder to play?

Clarinet Vs Recorder

Both clarinets and recorders are amazing instruments that go along with many musical styles. Both instruments are quite challenging to learn, but it becomes easy once you get the hang of them. Since learning how to play the recorder back in middle school, I have loved woodwind musical instruments. In high school, I decided to … Read more

Basset horn vs. bass clarinet – which is better?

Basset horn vs. bass clarinet

Musical instruments cannot be mentioned without including the instruments in the clarinet’s family. Basset horn and bass clarinet produce unique musical tones to make excellent music, but which is better? Keep reading to find out which one you would prefer. I developed an interest in playing instruments in the clarinet family, and I have played … Read more

Clarinet Brass or Woodwind – which is better?

Clarinet Brass or Woodwind

Over the years, clarinetists have always debated how the material of a clarinet affects the quality of sound produced. Read on to find out whether brass or wood clarinets is the better of the two. I have watched my sister play the clarinet for a long time, and recently I decided to start playing. A … Read more

Buffet Vs Yamaha clarinet- which brand should I get?

Buffet Vs Yamaha clarinet

Clarinets are amazing instruments that can be used for various styles of music and are produced by many manufacturers. As a musician, it is important to know the different brands in order to pick the one that suits your style. As a clarinet player, the quality of the music that my clarinet plays has always … Read more

Alto sax vs clarinet – which one has a better sound?

Alto sax vs clarinet

The single reed musical category comprises instruments that require the use of the reed to produce sound. Since saxophone and clarinet are the most common instruments in this group, it is worth knowing them and how they compare. Read on to find out more. Being a musically inclined person, I love the rich, woody sounds of … Read more