Backun Alpha Bb Clarinet review

A synthetic clarinet is the surest way to have a durable instrument, and the Backun Alpha is your best bet. Let’s look at the Backun Alpha Bb clarinet in detail.

The Bb clarinet, also known as the soprano clarinet is the most popular choice among beginners and students. When I began playing the clarinet, I was unsure about the right instrument for a beginner. When I consulted my college teacher, he suggested the Backun Alpha Bb clarinet and I learned how to play it in no time. Any beginner has been in this dilemma before and the chances of purchasing a low-quality instrument are always high. In this post, we will look at the Backun Alpha Bb clarinet in detail. By the end of this post, you will know the good and the bad about this clarinet, so keep reading.

Backun Alpha Bb Clarinet – Brief Overview

The first purchase when one is learning to play a new instrument is always crucial. The Backun Alpha makes it all easy to learn and fun. The black color gives it a sleek finish that resonates well with the sound it produces. The instrument is made with light synthetic material and comes fully equipped with a mouthpiece, bell, barrel, and ligature. It is well crafted and has a sleek design. The sound is articulate and rich. This instrument work best for professionals when the wood clarinet that is most popular at this level cannot be used. For example, the outdoors can easily damage a wood clarinet when the weather is too hot. This synthetic instrument comes in handy for such situations. It was first availed to the market in July 2013 and has continued to grow in popularity ever since.

The keys are smooth and easy to use and the thumb rest makes it comfortable to play. It fits well into the hand, which is crucial for a beginner. The sound is sharp and well-tuned. The best part about this clarinet is its durability. The synthetic material is not easily damaged and can last for years. Most new students like how lightweight this Backun Alpha is and does not make it hard to handle and inhibit the development of playing skills. The accessories are high quality and are easily washable in mild dishwashing soap and air dried.

The sound is immediate and clear due to the bell and barrel that come with this clarinet. Skilled players might need a few upgrades like the mouthpiece to achieve a professional tone. The LH and the Rh side keys are well placed and work easily. When we first saw it, we were pleasantly surprised by how well it looked. The store we purchased the Backun Alpha from has an in-store testing area, and this made it easy to play before making a purchase. Luckily, the instrument was everything they said it would be.

This is a good travel instrument and can handle all weather. It might give off a burnt rubber order when subjected to temperatures above 100 degrees, but that’s all that happens. No damage or deformation results, which makes it great in the plane cabin. We noticed that it is such an asset for Jazz and pop when paired with a jazz mouthpiece. There is a minor shrill, which is common with synthetic clarinets, but the overall sound is rich and has clarity.

What we liked

  • The durable synthetic material
  • Great for both the outdoors and indoors
  • Lightweight and easy to play
  • Well-placed keys
  • Great resonance and sound tone
  • Affordable price for new students

What we didn’t like

  • The case was too small
  • The sound quality is not as good as a wood clarinet


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Backun Alpha Bb Clarinet Specifications

Model Backun Alpha Bb Clarinet
Key B flat
Sound Balanced, sharp
Material Synthetic
Level Beginner, intermediate, Professional
Price Check Price

Backun Alpha Bb Clarinet Features

Design and Build

The Backun is a perfect beginner instrument, and it comes at a great price. The first thing that attracts you to this instrument is the material. Unlike most clarinets, this one is made with synthetic material. Other are made with natural cane, which is susceptible to tear and wear. In the past, all clarinet reeds were made with cane and did not last. After further research, synthetic clarinets were developed and have become popular options due to their durability. These synthetic instruments are ideal for all weather without the risk of damage.

The Backun Alpha is a light instrument, and the keys are nickel plated or silver. When you purchase this clarinet, it should come with one 65mm barrel, an alpha bell, a mouthpiece, a ligature, and a mouthpiece cap. This instrument is optimized for both indoor and outdoor activities. It comes with water-resistant pads and an ergonomic keywork. You will also notice a comfortable thumb rest and a neck strap ring. The clarinet is available in many colors for all tastes and preferences and weighs 5.32 pounds.


The Backun Alpha is designed for sharp resonance and articulate sound. The keys are smooth and well-placed. With the 65mm barrel that comes with this clarinet, the tone is improved, and well-articulated. The bell improves the tuning of the lower tones and makes them sharp and clear. You might be surprised to find that the tuning and tone are far much better than some professional clarinets in the market. It has a quick response and plays easily. In the end, you will get a well-rounded sound that articulates well in all environments.


The Backun comes with a mouthpiece, a ligature, a barrel, and a bell. These are all replaceable accessories after they wear out. The mouthpiece is synthetic, which makes it ideal for beginners whose embouchure is yet to develop. The tip of the alpha mouthpiece is optimized to support beginners and makes it easy to blow. These mouthpieces come with a standard alpha and beta Backun clarinet but are also standalone accessories. The proprietary synthetic material for this mouthpiece makes it durable and easy to handle all types of weather conditions. Many users feel that it is free blowing without much restriction.

Most advanced users upgrade to hard rubber that can easily be altered in high temperatures. This mouthpiece provides a high-quality alternative for professionals in the outdoors. The mouthpiece is 1.00mm wide and has a medium facing. The accessory is cleaned and disinfected before purchasing for hygiene purposes. This alpha mouthpiece is also washable in mild dishwashing soap and warm water, and then air dried.

Who it’s best suited for

This clarinet is best for beginners and students. It comes in a light material that work best for those who do not have experience with clarinets. It comes with all accessories that are needed to gain the skills as a new player. This clarinet is also best for those who prefer synthetic clarinets.

Backun Alpha Bb clarinet Alternatives

Every product has a competitor product that is equally good or better. The Backun Alpha has some competitors in the market that sound as great as it does. One of the worthy opponents of the Backun Alpha is the Mendini by Cecilio Bb Clarinet. This is a plastic clarinet that works best for beginners and is a B flat key. Another alternative to the Backun Alpha is the Vangoa B Flat Clarinet Student Bb Clarinet. This comes in 17 nickel-plated keys and is made with Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene material. Finally, the YANASON B Flat Clarinet comes with nickel-plated keys and a sturdy steel exterior, ligature, mouthpiece, and two cleaning cloths with a sleek molded case. Let’s look at some of the features of these alternatives below.

Backun Alpha Bb Clarinet Alternatives Features

Model Mendini By Cecillio Bb Clarinet Vangoa B flat Clarinet Yanason B flat clarinet
Key B flat B flat B flat
Material Plastic Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Steel
Level Students Students Students/Intermediary
Price Check Price Check Price Check Price


The Backun Alpha instrument has been around for almost a decade, and has managed to maintain its standards. This durable material is ideal for students with little or no experience. It is easy to handle and comes with all its accessories, including an alpha mouthpiece and a ligature. The instrument is popular for its ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. The clarinet has smooth and durable nickel keys and comfortable thumb rest. If you were still in doubt about this instrument, you can purchase it with all confidence as it has been tried and tested and proven to work perfectly. The next time you are accompanying someone, who is shopping for their first clarinet, you can suggest the Backun Alpha Bb clarinet.


What is the work of the bell in the Backun Alpha Bb clarinet?

The bell is placed to balance the instrument’s feel and tone.

How much is a Backun Alpha Bb Clarinet?

This clarinet will set you back $500 or more depending on where you purchase it.

Is the Backun Alpha Bb clarinet good?

Yes, it is. This instrument is durable and sounds exceptional, and is great for both the indoors and outdoors.

Can the Backun Alpha Bb clarinet play in classical music?

No, this instrument is best for Jazz and pop.

Are the barrel and bell synthetic in the Backun Alpha Bb clarinet?

No, the bell and the barrel are both wooden.

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