Best Clarinet Clean and Care Kits

Are you looking to purchase a clean and care kit for your clarinet and wonder what brand to settle for? There is an array of available products in the market, but some outdo the others as far as efficiency goes. Below is a breakdown and review of some of the best clean and care kits.

Like most, if not all, musical instruments, clarinets require constant cleaning and care, especially when they are used regularly. Even though they have one long body, they also have many tiny moving parts that need special cleaning and even greasing. This is why it is vital to get a cleaning and care kit that goes beyond getting rid of dirt and polishing your clarinet. We have reviewed, in this article, some clean and care kits that will prove ideal for keeping your clarinet not just clean, but also in the best condition to deliver those incredible notes.

The Best Clarinet Clean and Care Kits Comparison Table

Product Name Number of Pieces Material Availability
Libretto Clarinet ALL-INCLUSIVE Care Kit7Plastic and fabricBuy Here
Cleaning Cloth Swab for Clarinet and Flute 1FabricBuy Here
ZBY Clarinet Care Kit with Case 8Plastic, metal, and fabricBuy Here
SKYNEO Clarinet Cleaning Kit9Plastic, metal, and fabricBuy Here
Rochic Clarinet Cleaner Care Cleaning Kit13Plastic, metal, and fabricBuy Here

The Best Clarinet Clean and Care Kits Products Review

Libretto Clarinet ALL-INCLUSIVE Care Kit – Comes as a kit of 7 pieces

This is easily one of the most popular clarinet clean and care kits, and for good reason. Inside are items that make sure that all parts of your clarinet receive proper cleaning and care so that your instrument lasts a long time in mint condition.

Key Features

  • Comes as a kit of 7 pieces
  • Made using high quality material
  • Affordable
  • Ideal for beginners and professionals as well
  • All-inclusive kit
  • Comes with a light and convenient carry case

One of the reasons why this clarinet clean and care kit is one of the most popular is the fact that it delivers high quality items at highly affordable prices. In addition, this kit provides all the relevant pieces that are necessary for the routine cleaning and maintenance of your clarinet.

Inside the kit is a mouthpiece brush that is 4.7 inches long (12cm) which is ideal for making sure that you can get rid of all the residue trapped inside your clarinet. The brush features a plastic stem as well as nylon bristles which work together to clean the mouthpiece. Another important piece is the dust brush which is excellent for reaching all dust particles trapped inside or beneath all the screws and other tiny parts that would otherwise be difficult to reach.

Apart from the small brushes, this kit also comes with a microfiber cloth that is excellent for wiping your clarinet down. The cloth is extremely soft, making sure that you can get rid of dust and fingerprints on the surface of your clarinet without having to worry about scratching its surface or leaving lint on it due to friction. The cloth has a decent size, measuring 25 x 25 cm (9.8 x 9.8 inches) which allows you to cover a wide area of the clarinet body with ease.

Inside the kit, there is also a reed case that is made to accommodate two pieces of reed. You will also find a thumb rest cushion that is made using flexible rubber. It makes sure that your thumb stays comfortable when you are playing the clarinet, especially over long periods of time. Finally, there is a tube of cork grease made using a special synthetic formula. It ensures that your instrument’s moving parts run smoothly to avoid lots of wear and tear. The grease is both odorless and non-toxic.

What we liked;

  • It is a complete care kit
  • Items are of high quality
  • Can be used by professionals and beginners as well
  • Comes with odorless and non-toxic grease
  • The kit comes in a carry case that makes it easy to carry around

What we did not like;

  • A couple of users have mentioned that the cork grease can be a bit messy


Whether you are a beginner or professional, this clarinet clean and care kit will provide you with everything you need to make sure that your instrument runs as best as it should. As an added advantage, you can use the kit on other instruments such as trumpets and flutes.


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Cleaning Cloth Swab for Clarinet and Flute – Comes as a singular piece

If you like to keep your cleaning and care practices pretty simple, you might want to consider getting this cloth. It is built to handle such instruments as clarinets, flutes, saxophones, and others of the same caliber.

Key Features

  • Made using high quality man-made chamois
  • Ideal for cleaning inside tube
  • Very soft
  • Lint-free fabric
  • A-shaped design

Even though this cloth is pretty simple, one of the things that stands out about it is how well it can clean a clarinet. It is made using high quality chamois, a porous fabric that is both soft and highly absorbent. The fact that it is a soft cloth makes it ideal to wipe down the inside and outside of your clarinet without leaving behind any scratches. Apart from this, the cleaning cloth swab is also made of lint-free material, meaning that you do not have to worry about getting lint stuck on your instrument due to the static generated from wiping it.

One of the features that also allow this cleaning cloth swab to stand out is the fact that it comes with an A-shaped design. This shape makes it easy for the entire cloth to go through the clarinet’s tube with ease, making sure that you can easily get rid of any dirt or residue inside of the tube itself. The cloth comes with a string that allows you to pull it through the clarinet’s tube, making sure that it does not get stuck as it cleans.

Since you may need to routinely grease your musical instrument, you must get a fabric that works well with oil-based substances. This cloth is made to handle grease with ease, allowing you to spread it over your instruments with ease. The main let-down with this cleaning cloth swab is that it may not have the capacity to reach all parts of the clarinet, especially the small bolts and tiny corks. You may have to get a small brush to help with this.

What we liked;

  • Very soft for scratch-free cleaning
  • A-shaped design for cleaning inside clarinet tube
  • Water and oil absorbent
  • Does not leave lint
  • Affordable

What we did not like;

  • May not be able to reach beneath tiny screws and other parts


If your clarinet maintenance routine essentially involves giving your instrument a daily wipe-down and regular greasing, this cleaning cloth swab will make an excellent choice for you. If you are getting it for your kid, however, try and help them out so they get as much dust and dirt off as they can.


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ZBY Clarinet Care Kit with Case – Comes as an 8-piece kit

If you are a musician or individual that plays more than one woodwind instrument, you might want to consider getting this care kit that provides you with everything you need for caring for multiply instruments. The fact that it is pretty affordable makes it an excellent choice.

Key Features

  • Has 7 care pieces
  • Comes with a hard case
  • Has two washable cleaning cloths
  • Case comes with a zipper for easy opening and closing
  • Care items are easy to use

When you consider how much (or little) this woodwind instrument goes for, you will see that it is quite the bargain, especially if you have more than one such instrument. Including the case, the kit comes with an assortment of 8 items that are essential in helping you clean and care for your clarinet, saxophone, flute, and other similar instruments.

To allow you to get rid of dust, dirt, and other forms of debris, this care kit comes with two brushes made of plastic and nylon bristles. These essentially get into the tiny holes to clean the straws of your instruments. The bristles are firm but very soft, meaning that you do not have to worry about getting the inside of the instrument scratched and damaged.

To clean the bore of your clarinet and instrument, the care kit also provides a cleaning swab that has an A-shape design which allows it to go down the entire length of the tube with ease. As an added advantage, the kit also comes with a smaller microfiber cloth that is soft and highly absorbent. It is especially great for cleaning the button of your clarinet, as well as the outer body to get rid of fingerprints and dust. The cloth allows you to maintain a beautiful sheen on the clarinet without leaving behind any scratches or lint.

Apart from the cleaning instruments, this care kit also comes with a screwdriver which proves a great tool for unscrewing parts that need closer cleaning as well as repair. The kit also provides a reed case as well as a thumb rest cushion that allows your thumb to stay comfortable by reducing the pressure it experiences as long as you play your clarinet.

To make sure that you do not lose any of the care kit tools, this product comes with a case that has a zip. The fact that the case comes with compartments makes it a lot easier for you to keep it neat and locate the care tools you need at any one given time. The case also makes carrying the kit around with you pretty easy.

What we liked;

  • Kit comes with a wide assortment of cleaning and maintenance tools
  • Comes in a hard case
  • Ideal for people with multiple woodwind instruments
  • The kit is affordable
  • Easy to carry around

What we did not like;

  • The swab cloth is a little too big for smaller clarinets


If you are a musical instructor that has a collection of musical instruments that require routine cleaning and maintenance, this care kit will prove an ideal acquisition for you. The fact that it has an assortment of tools, is affordable, and is easy to carry around makes it an economical investment.


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SKYNEO Clarinet Cleaning Kit – Comes as a 9-piece kit

A detailed kit as far as cleaning, care, and maintenance tools are concerned, the SKYNEO Clarinet Cleaning Kit is a popular product among people who play assorted wind and woodwind instruments.

Key Features

  • Comes as a 9-piece kit
  • Comes with a compartmentalized hard case
  • Ideal for caring for multiple wind and woodwind instruments
  • Affordable
  • Portable

When it comes to the care of instruments that are intricately designed, you need to find tools that will handle them with ease. This kit makes caring for your clarinet, saxophone, and other similar instruments quite easy, largely because it has an assortment of care tools made for various parts of the said instruments.

Inside the kit are two brushes of different sizes. The longer one, the mouthpiece brush, comes in handy when you want to rid the device of any dirt or debris that may have attached itself there. The shorter brush is made for cleaning the smaller and more intricate parts of your clarinet that include screws and key rods on your clarinet.

One of the most important components of this care kit is the microfiber cleaning swab that comes with it. It is a very soft cloth that is designed to dust your clarinet and other instruments with efficiency. Because of its fabric, the cloth can get rid of fine dust and even fingerprints without the need for a cleaning medium such as water. In addition, it does not leave behind any lint as it cleans.

To make sure that you can store all your cleaning and care tools with ease, this kit comes with a hard case that has a zip the case offers several compartments that allow you to keep your items organized for easy location. This case also makes it easy for you to carry your kit around when you need to.

What we liked;

  • Comes with many cleaning and care tools
  • Ideal for people with many wind instruments
  • Comes with a hard case
  • Easy to carry around
  • Affordable

What we did not like;

  • The microfiber cloth can be too big for smaller wind instruments


If you are looking for a kit that has all the tools you need to keep your wind instruments properly maintained, this is likely the best one for you. The fact that it is pretty affordable only adds to its advantages.


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Rochic Clarinet Cleaner Care Cleaning Kit – Comes as a 13-piece care kit

Apart from all the care tools needed in a clarinet care kit, this particular brand offers cork grease and key oil which go a long way in making sure your instrument is always at its best.

Key Features

  • Comes as a kit of 13 pieces
  • Tools are presented in a box
  • Has cork grease, key oil, and a toothbrush
  • Multiple swab cloths

One of the most unique features of this kit is that it provides key oil and cork grease that go a long way in making sure that your clarinet functions as it should. In addition, it also comes with a toothbrush that is especially handy when it comes to cleaning the surface of the reeds.

Aside from these three, the kit also provides an assortment of cleaning cloths and two brushes that are ideal for keeping your instrument spotless all the time.

One of the main letdowns with this kit is that it does not come with a functional case that keeps your tools in one place. The box in which the tools come is good for storage, but it provides little portability.

What we liked;

  • Comes with cork grease, key oil, and a toothbrush
  • Has an assortment of cleaning cloths
  • Ideal for multiple wind instruments

What we did not like;

  • Does not come with a portable case


If you do not move about with your care and cleaning tools, this kit will be ideal for you. The extra tools with which it comes prove to be a nice touch.


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Buying clarinet clean and care kits – What to look out for

Tools available

Be sure to get a clean and care kit that provides you the right tools for keeping your instruments in good shape at all times.


If you can, get a kit that comes with a hard case because apart from keeping your tools tidy, the case also makes it very easy to move around with your tools.


While there are many high-end kits out there that cost a lot, you can get a complete kit for quite a bargain. Just try not to compromise on quality in the name of saving money.


Keeping your clarinet in good shape is essential as it also keeps you motivated when you play it. Make sure you get a kit that works for you, especially if you play multiple wind instruments that are not limited to clarinets. Proper care for your instruments means they will work better and serve you longer.


Is the SKYNEO Clarinet Cleaning Kit’s case waterproof?

No, it is not, but it is scratch and trauma-resistant.

Does the ZBY Clarinet Care Kit with Case come with cork grease?

No, this product does not provide cork grease in the kit.

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