Best Clarinet thumb rest cushion

The Clarinet thumb rest cushion is an important accessory for those who play the instrument for long. It helps eliminate sore thumbs while providing the extra rest. Most of the clarinet rest cushion are made from rubber which makes it gentle on the thumb.

Finding the best clarinet thumb rest cushion may not be that considering the large amount of accessories available in the market. Some top brands that sell clarinets may have their own branded cushions but most are generic. This review checks out some of the top rest cushions in the market.

Best Clarinet thumb rest cushion – Comparison Table

ModelWeight DimensionsAvailability
Patelai 12 Pack rubber clarinet thumb rest1.06 oz.0.67 x 0.59 x 0.39”Check Price
Jiayouy pack of 5 soft silicone cushion0.634 oz.2.99 x 2.28 x 1.02”Check Price
BQLZR Rubber rest thumb cushion0.48 oz.3.4 x 2.1 x 0.4”Check Price
Caapmony clarinet oboe0.669 oz.3.15 x 2.36 x 1.97”Check Price
Dilwe 5Pcs thumb rest for Oboe Clarinet-10mm thicknessCheck Price

Reviews for Best Clarinet thumb rest cushion

Patelai 12 Pack rubber clarinet thumb rest – Best budget friendly package

The Patelai offers a great offer of 12 packs of clarinet cushions for the price of $9. The rest cushions come in handy to eliminate sore thumbs while providing you with extra thumb rest. During long plays the thumb rest will protect your instrument and hands.

The Patelai thumb rest cushions are made from rubber which is gentle on the instrument and your hands. They are durable and tear resistant which means you are going to be using them for a long time. Since you have a pack of 12 you can have more than enough rest cushions for multiple plays.

The Patelai thumb rest cushion have been specifically designed to fit your instrument perfectly. They offer a universal finger rest size of 17mm length and 15mm in width. The rest cushions are suitable for most clarinets.

What we liked:

  • Made from durable rubber
  • Fits most clarinets in the market
  • Helps eliminate sore thumbs
  • Budget pack with 12 pieces

What we did not like:

  • May fall off in some clarinets


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Jiayouy pack of 5 soft silicone clarinet oboe thumb rest cushion – Best multi-colored pieces

The Jiayouy consists of a pack of 5 soft silicone rest cushions that help relieve pain on your thumb while playing. They come in five attractive colors that add personality to your cushions. The cushion rest thumb will fit up to 15mm wide and take you a few seconds to install them.

The Jiayouy cushions will provide the necessary thumb rest while offering your instrument the necessary support. The cushions are made from soft silicone material that is comfortable on the thumb and instrument. It is also non-toxic and environmentally safe. When playing the rest cushion will help you maintain the correct finger position.

The rest cushion is suitable for most Oboes and clarinets. It is available in pink, yellow, blue, purple and black.

What we liked:

  • Made from soft silicone material
  • Helps maintain right finger position
  • Suitable for most oboes and clarinets
  • Multicolored

What we did not like:

  • Brand not well known


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BQLZR Rubber rest thumb cushion – Best versatile cushion

The BQLZR is a rubber rest thumb cushion, which can be used in a number of electronic equipment like drive shaft, clarinets and prop. Due to its rubber construction it offers good wear resistance and strength. It is also hard to rust and offers you high accuracy.

The BQLZR is designed to eliminate sore thumbs while giving you the necessary extra thumb rest as you play your instrument for extended periods of time. Due to the rubber construction it is soft on your thumb. It comes in a package of 5. This means you can use one for yourself give another to your student and keep some for backup.

What we liked:

  • Made from soft rubber
  • Does not rust
  • Resistant to wear
  • Helps eliminate sore thumbs

What we did not like:

  • One color


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Caapmony clarinet oboe– Best Silicone thumb rest cushion

The Caapmony comes with a simplistic design that makes it easy to use the thumb rest cushions. The cushion will fit up to 15mm wide and this provides the necessary thumb rest protection for your instrument and thumb.

With the cushion you are able to relieve any sore thumb and this helps you play longer. Installation of the thumb rest will take you a few seconds. The brand comes in a package of 5 multicolored cushion thumb rests which makes it suitable for the clarinet oboe.

What we liked:

  • Multicolored
  • Provides extra thumb rest support
  • Takes few seconds to assemble and dissemble
  • Made from silicone

What we did not like:

  • Questions as to the quality of pieces


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Dilwe 5Pcs thumb rest for Oboe Clarinet – Best money back guarantee

The Dilwe cushion is made from rubber material which makes it soft to your thumb. It is wear and rust resistant which adds to its durability. The thumb cushion is suitable for use on oboe clarinet instruments within the 1.45cm metal thumb rest.

The thumb is quite important when you are playing your clarinet but it does become sore from extended use. This cushion will guard your thumb and instrument. The Dilwe consists of 5 pieces of thumb rest cushion. This means you can one for your instrument, give a student another and store the rest for future use. The Dilwe comes with a 180 day guarantee.

What we liked:

  • Made from rust and wear resistant material
  • Comes with 180 day guarantee
  • Fits a variety of clarinets
  • Durable rubber material

What we did not like:

  • One color


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Buying Guide for Best Clarinet thumb rest cushion

The clarinet is an exciting instrument to play due to its diversity of tones. However, playing your clarinet for long can cause sore thumbs which hinders you from playing effectively. The clarinet thumb rest cushion helps guard your thumb and instrument from destruction during extended play. Most of the thumb rest cushions are made from rubber which is anti-wear and rust resistant. The material is also soft on the thumbs while also offering great flexibility. When purchasing the thumb rest cushion ensure you go for those that come in packs of 5 or 12 as you have more pieces to use at a price of one. Most of the pieces are universal meaning they will fit any clarinet you use. The thumb rest cushion will perfectly fit most clarinets as they tend to be standard.

Clarinet categories

If you have being desiring to play the clarinet one of the key things to know is that the art is divided into three main levels – student, intermediate and expert. These levels will influence the kind of instrument you choose hence the accessories to get. Student clarinets are ideal for those people who have yet to make a concrete decision to play the clarinet. This necessitates a less expensive and complicated instrument. Most of the student clarinets are made from ABS resin or plastic. This makes them easy to maintain and use. The clarinets are durable and affordable. They can withstand tough climatic conditions better than the wooden clarinets. The plastic clarinets are designed in such a way that they have the same feel as the wooden ones. The plastic clarinets will withstand the traumas of marching bands. As you progress in your skill level from student to intermediate you will desire to play better sounds hence the need for a wooden clarinet. These tend to be more expensive and require constant maintenance as the wood warps.

Keys materials

The clarinet keys also differ with many coming in nickel plating. Nickel is preferred because it is durable and does not tarnish that easily. The other close alternative is to use silver plated keys which tend to be shiny but do tarnish. Some brands will use a combination of both. In rare instances you will find gold plated keys which are mainly used by professionals. Silver plated keys tend to make the clarinet a bit heavier and this leads to a sound that is slightly darker than a nickel plated key. If you have the time for proper maintenance the silver plated keys can remain shiny and untarnished.

Many of the student clarinets will come with nickel plating. This is due to its hard wearing properties and the fact it is bright. Note that the natural oils in your fingers is capable of eroding some of the keywork plating hence you need to do some regular cleaning if you want to extend the lifespan of the instrument.

Within the key work you will find springs and pads that helps distinguish cheaper and more expensive models. For example some clarinets will come with blue springs which help provide quick action when pressing/releasing keys. The clarinet pads offer an airtight seal between the key and the key hole. Materials used vary so it is important to find high quality ones as this can greatly influence the tone produced. For beginner models you will find the use of skin pads while for more pricier models they use leather pads. You will need to replace the pads over the lifetime of the clarinet. The best part is that most of them are sold as pieces of 17 or even 30. As you purchase these accessories you can opt for an thumb rest as this allows you to adjust over time as you learn how to play the instrument. This is important to first time clarinet players.

Bore design

The next important thing to be on the lookout for when purchasing a clarinet is the bore design. The general rule is that the larger the bore the more difficult it is to play the instrument. This means that if you are purchasing a clarinet for a student or beginner go for those with small bores. This helps the student remain in tune while offering the right balance. As you progress in your career you can go for the medium sized bores as these offer a balance between flexibility and focus. The larger bores are the most flexible and are mainly used by professionals. You also will also note that poly cylindrical bores are less flexible but come with the benefit of more ring and superior intonation. The cylindrical bore clarinets are more flexible and this helps them produce a larger sound.


It is vital that you learn how to properly take care of your instrument. For a new wooden clarinet you will need to acclimate it to avoid cracking. You should purchase a case that you can store your instrument hence protect it from accidental drops. If you have a wooden clarinet invest in a humidifier to prevent it from drying. This is especially important if you live in a dry area. If you are playing your instrument in a high humidity area apply some oil to it to prevent it from getting dry.

Clarinet body

The clarinet is one of the most used instrument in the wind family. It consists of two main parts – upper and lower joint. The two joints are linked together with a cork tenon this means you will need special care when assembling and dissembling the clarinet as the key work is drilled and mounted on the body. If you are not careful during this process you may end up bending or pushing the keys out of alignment. To make the process easier it is recommended that you apply some cork grease to the tenons.

Clarinet types

Clarinets are not all the same. Each type of clarinet is designed to offer a particular sound and serve a particular level of musical play. The most common type of clarinet in the market is the Bb clarinet. These is mainly used by students and beginners. You will find the clarinet featuring prominently in jazz, and marching tunes. The Bb clarinet is easy to play and is quite versatile for a number of tones. The Bb clarinet is also a great crossover instrument allowing you to easily move from the flute to the saxophone.

Once you have gotten accustomed to the Bb clarinet you will realize that you also need the A clarinet especially if you are playing classical music. Most musicians will often switch in between the A and Bb clarinet during classical music plays. The Eb clarinet more complicated to play than the Bb clarinet and is mostly used by intermediate or professional players. The instrument produces some higher melodies that you will find being played in concert bands and orchestras. To play the Eb clarinet you will require some advanced fingerings. The Eb clarinet is a perfect piece for professional players who desire to take their musical playing skills to another level.

Next is the Bass clarinets which tend to be the largest in the clarinet family. The Bass clarinets produce some sizeable repertoire which you will find being played in jazz, orchestras, and classical musical shows. Since they are very large you will need to position them on the floor with a peg or use a strap to carry the instrument. The bass clarinet varies significantly to other clarinets in that its bell is turned upwards. This gives it a saxophone kind of appearance. You can have the instrument in two main variations the – low Eb and low C. The bass clarinet produces a deep sweet tone and this makes it ideal for solo plays or an ensemble. You also can have different types of clarinets called harmony that are tuned differently. These king of instruments are known to produce harmonies and you will need a special order to purchase them.


It is important that you get yourself some clarinet accessories to complement your play. The thumb rest cushion is an important piece as it protects your thumb from soreness. Most of the thumb rest cushions in the market tend to be generic and are made from rubber. You should check the customer reviews during purchase to know about the quality of the pieces. Go for products that offer you packs as this helps you save money for purchasing individual pieces.


What material are clarinet thumb rest cushions made from?

Most are made from rubber which tends to be rust and wear resistant. Rubber is also ideal as it is soft on the thumb.

Do I need a thumb rest cushion if I am a student or beginner player?

If you are going to be using your instrument for long then you are going at some point to experience sore thumbs. This is where you will need the thumb rest cushion

Do I get a money back guarantee when I purchase a thumb rest cushion?

This will largely depend on the brand selling you the product. Some companies will give you one but you also need to consider that the pieces tend to be inexpensive with most companies offering them in packs of five or 12. This means you have multiple pieces for use.

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