Jean-Paul USA CL-400 Intermediate Clarinet Review

Have you been playing a student clarinet and are ready to upgrade your model? If yes, you should look for an intermediate clarinet. Jean-Paul USA CL-400 will not disappoint.

When my clarinet broke down, I felt frustrated since I had spent a lot of money on it, and it did not serve me for long. I started saving money to get a better quality one and was finally ready to make the purchase. I was looking for a budget-friendly intermediate clarinet that I could rely on. My music teacher recommended I get one from Jean-Paul, and I decided to research some of its models. Here is everything I learned regarding the Jean-Paul USA CL-400 intermediate clarinet.

Jean-Paul USA CL-400 breakdown and review

Jean-Paul is famous for its high-quality clarinets that suit players of different levels. One of the intermediate clarinets many people buy from this brand is CL-400. This comes in an ABS body and has silver-plated keys that give it an elegant appearance. It is cheaper than most intermediate clarinets since it is not made from wood.

Most users are impressed with the resonance of this clarinet. Despite this, the clarinet comes with two barrels for you to pick one that suits your performance. This is in the key of Bb, and it comes with a Bari mouthpiece which works well with the Rico H ligature to enhance the tone.

You can use this clarinet at different locations since it is easy to transport. It comes with a case that also protects it. The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty for this intermediate clarinet. Some customers wish the clarinet came with a more extended warranty. This clarinet does not have advanced features available in other models, such as adjustable thumbrest or leather pads.

What we liked

  • It is cheaper than most intermediate clarinets
  • The case protects it and enhances portability
  • The clarinet contains high-quality parts
  • Delivers excellent sound quality and great resonance

What we didn’t like

  • It needs regular adjustments
  • The clarinet does not come in a wooden body


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Jean-Paul CL-400 specifications

Body ABS material
Instrument key B- flat
Keys Silver-plated
Mouthpiece Bari
Case Available
Ligature Rico H
Weight 6 lbs
Availability Check price here

Jean-Paul USA CL-400 features


Once you start looking at intermediate clarinets, you will realize that most of them come in a wooden body. The Jean-Paul USA CL-400 is different since it is made using ABS material. This body enhances the sound quality of the musical instrument.

Most users also reveal that the material does not wear out quickly. The manufacturer paints this clarinet to mimic natural wood and also ensures that this clarinet is waterproof. Due to the use of ABS material in its construction, Jean-Paul USA CL-400 is cheaper than other intermediate clarinets that come in wooden material.


Instead of using nickel-plated keys, this clarinet comes with silver-plated keys. These not only enhance its appearance but also make it more durable. These do not wear out as quickly as nickel-plated keys. If you are not new to clarinet playing, you will not experience challenges trying to adjust the keys. Note that this intermediate clarinet needs regular adjusting.


This intermediate clarinet allows for a wide range of tones since it is equipped with a Rico H ligature and Bari Mouthpiece. Though many musicians are impressed with the resonance of this clarinet, some feel that the tone could be better if the clarinet came in a wooden body. Since this clarinet also comes with a short and long barrel, you can choose the one that suits you best.


Feel free to bring this clarinet with you during performances since it is easy to transport. This comes with a nylon case that enhances mobility and keeps the delicate parts safe. The case is not only waterproof, but it also features some strong handles.

It can protect the instrument from temperature damages and prevent it from scratching during transit. Apart from the case, this clarinet is not very heavy. You can play the clarinet for a while without it weighing you down.


For this clarinet to serve you well, you should be keen on maintenance. The manufacturer makes this easy by adding maintenance gear to its packaging. It comes with cork grease that you can use to assemble and maintain it.

Be careful not to use excess cork grease on this musical instrument since this can lead to problems. This clarinet also includes other accessories that make it easy to maintain, such as a Rico reed and cap.

Who is it best suited for?

This clarinet is ideal for experienced clarinet players looking to take their performance to the next level. If you have a high budget but require a quality intermediate clarinet, you should consider this model. If you are still learning how to play this musical instrument, you should look elsewhere.

Are there alternatives to this intermediate clarinet?

Yes. For those who feel that this is not a suitable intermediate clarinet, you can check out its alternatives. Some include Jupiter Grenadilla clarinet, Mendini MCT-30, and Buffet Crampon E12.

Features of alternative intermediate clarinets

Model Jupiter Grenadilla clarinet Mendini MCT-30 Buffet Crampon E12
Body Grenadilla wood Rosewood Grenadilla Wood
Instrument Key Bb Bb Bb
Keys Nickel-plated Silver-plated Silver-plated
Case Available Available Available
Weight 5lbs 8lbs 4.49 lbs.
Availability Check price here Check price here Check price here

Verdict: So, should you buy Jean-Paul USA CL-400 intermediate clarinet?

Yes. This is worth considering since it is a durable intermediate clarinet that can give you value for your money. Most intermediate users are impressed with its sound quality, numerous accessories, and affordable cost.


Can a young player use this intermediate clarinet?

This intermediate clarinet is not the best for such a player, especially if they don’t have experience with such instruments since they may find it hard to adjust.

Does this clarinet play well?

Yes. According to most intermediate users, Jean-Paul USA CL-400 plays wonderfully. It can help you improve your performance.

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