Legere Clarinet Reed Review

Are you a professional clarinet player looking for a good reed for your musical instrument? If yes, you should pay attention to Legere clarinet reed.

Finding a good reed for my expensive clarinet was not easy for me. My cousin, who had a lot of experience in playing the clarinet, introduced me to the Legere clarinet reed. Since I started using this model, I now enjoy playing my clarinet in a marching band. I decided to come up with this post to help learn about this reed. Read on to learn more!

Legere Clarinet Reed breakdown and review

Though the manufacturer that introduced it is not that famous, most musicians are impressed with the performance of this reed. The manufacturer has been producing clarinet reeds of various strengths. This synthetic reed can help you enjoy playing the clarinet. It is made from polypropylene which is FDA-approved. This is, therefore, a safe to use reed.

When it comes to design, it features a wide and short vamp. This clarinet reed has similar properties to moist cane and delivers a dark and clear tone. The synthetic reed works great with mouthpieces with a shorter lay. Note that this reed is designed for French mouthpieces and does not work on many German mouthpieces.

You can start using this reed without preconditioning since this comes ready to use. Legere clarinet reed is available in different strengths ranging from 2.5- 4.5. It is therefore not the best for a beginner. Since this reed may not provide as much depth as a cane reed, it is not always the best for a concert. You can, however, rely on the reed if you use it in a marching band.

Since this reed uses a European cut, it responds well in different registers. If you choose this model, consider buying the reeds in bulk and switch them out often. The problem with Legere is that it is more expensive than other models. Despite this, choosing the clarinet reed can give you value for your money.

What we liked

  • Made from durable material
  • Delivers a flexible tone
  • It is non-toxic
  • It is ready to use without breaking in

What we didn’t like

  • High cost


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Legere Clarinet Reed Specifications

Material polypropylene
Strengths 2.5- 4.5
Cut European cut
Vamp Wide and short
Weight 0.48 ounces
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Legere Clarinet Reed Features


This synthetic reed is made from polypropylene which is non-toxic. Though the material makes the reed safe to use, this is not stiff and does not vibrate. To correct this, the manufacturer puts the reed through a process known as orientation to make the plastic stiffer. You will also notice the company logo printed on to this reed.

Since the material used in its making is durable, you don’t have to keep on replacing Legere reeds. It is also reliable since it does not get easily damaged even when subjected to extreme temperatures. As long as you take care of this reed, it can give you service for a long time. Feel free to sanitize the reed with mild detergent and warm water. Apart from maintenance, you should also store the reed properly after use.


Most users reveal that Legere reed is highly playable. Since it has the same properties as moist cane, it responds identically to most cane reeds. Along the spine of this reed is some extra material that makes it more rigid without affecting its free-blowing nature. Unlike most reeds, you can start using this reed right out of the box without breaking it in. Choosing this reed can also help you enjoy comfortable practice sessions.


Most clarinet reeds come in different strengths, and Legere is no exception. It utilizes a number system that ranges from 2.5 to 4.5. The half numbers can help you evaluate the hardness of this reed. From these numbers, you can tell that the Legere clarinet reed is suitable for experienced clarinet players.


Legere clarinet reed also comes in a European cut, making it better than other models. Its design leads to a clean and warm sound. It glides easily on both high and low registers of the clarinet. Though this model plays close to a cane reed, some musicians feel that the sound is a bit flat.

Who is it best suited for?

Legere Clarinet reed is best suited for customers who are not new to clarinet playing. You can also buy it if you have a high budget for a reed and are looking for a durable model. It is ideal for closer-facing mouthpieces.

Are there alternatives to Legere Clarinet Reed?

Yes. If you feel that this is not the right clarinet reed for you, you should focus on its alternatives. Some of them include Vandoren CR101, D’Addario Rico and Tanbi Music CLR101. Take your time to compare the features of these reeds to choose an ideal fit for your clarinet.

Features of Alternatives clarinet reed

Model Vandoren CR101 D’Addario Rico Tanbi Music CLR101
Strengths 1 2.5 1.5-2.0
Style 10 pack 10 pack 10 pack
Vamp Short Thinner Thinner
Cut French Unfiled Unfiled
Weight 0.8 ounces 1.31 ounces 0.3 ounces
Availability Check price here Check price here Check price here

Verdict: So, should you buy Legere Clarinet Reed?

Yes. Though the cost of this reed is high, it is worth investing in. This is because it matches well with different mouthpieces, delivers a clear tone, and is durable and comfortable. This reed can also give you an easy time playing the clarinet since it does not need break-in time.


Can the Legere clarinet reed be affected by weather fluctuations?

No. It is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and still give you excellent performance even when playing outdoors. Proper maintenance is, however, recommended.

What kind of design does this reed come in?

You will not fail to notice the unusual proportions of this reed. It looks more like a saxophone reed since it is wide and shorter. The base of the vamp features a raised spine.

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