Legacy CL-750 Intermediate Clarinet Review

When it comes to searching for a nice clarinet, it’s often a challenge to find the clarinet that is your perfect match. This is especially true when you consider a dependable, intermediate-level clarinet to take your playability.

With this in mind, and I have been where you are, I understand your struggle all too well right now and would like to end your struggle. To that end, I’m recommending an intermediate-level clarinet. It is feature-packed, and it comes with all the elements you need in an intermediate-level clarinet. This review is of the Legacy CL-750, and this instrument could be the very best option for you.

Legacy CL-750 Intermediate Clarinet – Overview

The best intermediate clarinet boasts a durable design. It offers great and smooth sound quality extra reeds. The best part is that it is lightweight and top-rated in terms of quality, making it a great clarinet for intermediate players. Its best features include the Italian-made pads and the keys plated in sterling silver. You also get to enjoy a great level of versatility from the clarinet, and there is also the fact that its setup is easy. As you advance in your skill level playing the clarinet, you know that the keys and the overall playability of the instrument will vary and only be great if you know how well to adjust the keys. This means that it must be easy to adjust, and this Legacy CL-750 is quite easy to adjust.

This clarinet is a B-flat, Bb clarinet boasting great intonation, an excellent build and quality, and superiority in tone. In other words, this is the kind of clarinet that will make you stand out and deliver the best performance in the studio and even the marching band.

What we Liked

  • Superior build and excellent quality
  • Great tone and sound, overall
  • Intonation is excellent
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty
  • It’s easily adjustable
  • Great playability
  • A good option for beginners and serious students learning how to play the clarinet
  • The silver-plated, hardened-nickel keys will withstand rigorous handling and playing.
  • It is low-priced and very affordable for beginners and intermediate players.

What we didn’t like

  • The fit of the mouthpiece is not the very best for some of these clarinets
  • Since it’s made of plastic, it will not last very long
  • The keys bend out of shape after some time
  • No replacement parts are available
  • Tuning can be a tad too challenging


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Legacy CL-750 Intermediate Clarinet – Specifications

Barrel Length 65mm
Clarinet type Bb/ B-Flat clarinet
Keys Nickel-finish, sterling silver finished keys with stainless steel springs
Tone holes Cylindrical, and tapered into a conical shape
Body/Bell/Barrel Body Matte ABS Resin
Key System Boehm Fingering System with 17 keys and 6 rings
Bore type Traditional straight bore system

Legacy CL-750 Intermediate Clarinet – Features

  • Design/ Build

This Legacy CL-750 is a high-quality and superior-build Bb clarinet with excellent performance. Although it is made of matte ABS Resin, which is a form of durable and strong plastic, it is quite durable and promises great performance overall. The bell, barrel, and the rest of the body are all made of ABS resin material, and you wouldn’t have to worry about it falling apart too soon after you start playing.

It’s made of a traditional straight bore that ensures great sound. The build of the clarinet blends well with the rest of the features to ensure great sound. These other features include the 17-keys, 6-rings, Boehm fingering system. The keys are built to last too – they are made of hard-nickel plated with sterling silver, with added stainless steel springs. Together, all these features ensure reliable performance over time and great sound. The barrel is 65mm.

  • Tone holes

It features undercut tone holes on its cylindrical exterior, opening up into the conical shape in the interior of the clarinet. This will, therefore, improve the playability and the sound quality of the clarinet.

  • Sound

Speaking of keys and sound, this Legacy CL-750 yields excellent intonation, and it is the feature that stands out the most from this clarinet. It boasts a superior tone that is rich and also mellow. The sound quality is also beautiful, which makes this the perfect clarinet for beginners. Playing this clarinet and experiencing the positive sound from it will make a positive change in the band’s overall sound.

  • Quality

This intermediate-level clarinet is top-rated, and the main reason for this is that this instrument is designed and manufactured at one of the world’s leading and finest instrument production companies. All the parts of the clarinet are well-made. The keys are plated in sterling silver for a nice, solid nickel finish while making sure that they are easy to dabble and play on, particularly for beginners.

The springs and the keys also work great because they are well-built. The matte ABS Resin finish for the body and the other parts also enhances the clarinet’s durability and feel. The matte finish means you wouldn’t have to worry about fingerprints showing on the clarinet’s body.

  • Overall durability

Thanks to the use of matte ABS Resin (plastic) for the clarinet’s body, it is relatively strong and durable. ABS resin is an overall strong material that will stand up to rough use, as well as wear and tear.

  • Value

Given the build, playability, reliability, the other features of the clarinet, and its price, it offers the best value for money. It is also a great low-range intermediate clarinet that is well-priced.

Who is the Legacy CL-750 Clarinet for?

It is the ideal clarinet for students and children because they don’t always know how to best care for the instrument.

The best alternatives for the Legacy CL-750 Clarinet

The Windsor MI-1003 Student Clarinet, John Paul USA CL-300 Student Clarinet, and the Hisonic Signature Series 2610 Bb Orchestra Clarinet are the best alternatives to the Legacy CL-750.

Here is a breakdown of their features.

Clarinet Name Windsor MI-1003 Student Clarinet John Paul USA CL-300 Student Clarinet Hisonic Signature Series 2610 Bb Orchestra Clarinet
Body Ebony-style-grained Bakelite Ebonite Ebonite
Type B flat B flat B flat
Keys Nickel Nickel Nickel-silver
Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

So, should You Buy The Legacy CL-750?

This clarinet promises great performance, especially for your child as he or she learns how to play the instrument and becomes more proficient. It is easy to use and will withstand a great deal of rough use. This intermediate clarinet is, therefore, one that we highly recommend. While some people find them a tad pricey for beginners and intermediates, it is worth the purchase because they are durable and will offer great use and reliability in the long run.


Why are the undercut tone holes important for your intermediate-level clarinet?

Well, the cylindrical tone holes when viewed from the exterior open up into a conical shape on the inside, which is an important design and functional feature that makes it easy to tune the clarinet while also preventing you from playing either below or above the note.

What are the keypads of this clarinet made of?

The clarinet is well-built with Italian-made pads that will not bend easily and is, therefore, worth investing in.

Charlotte Moore is a Clarinetist by profession and has over time offered lessons on how to play the clarinet among other musical instruments. And while a majority of clarinet players are well versed with the process of settling with a good clarinet among other accompanying features. There is little information about clarinets. The reason why Charlotte prepared comprehensive experts touching on the various facets of the clarinet. The consolidated information will offer more insight on everything clarinets including the best stand to use, and the best plastic clarinet that you can invest in, among other information. Charlotte Moore is a devoted mother of two and a professional clarinet player.

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