Leblanc L225 Serenade Intermediate Clarinet review

If you are looking to advance to an intermediate clarinet, you should choose a good model that will not disappoint. Most customers go for Leblanc L225 Serenade clarinet, and so should you.

The first clarinet I bought had a lot of issues that were quite disappointing. It almost made me quit the musical instrument since it produced poor-quality sound. It also came with a poor-quality mouthpiece and reed, and its tone holes were too large. I had purchased it because of its low cost but ended up regretting this decision after only a few months. When I was ready to buy a new clarinet, I decided to focus on a famous brand known as Leblanc and came across the L225 serenade model. Since I got it, this clarinet has changed my view on the wind instrument. Here is everything you should know regarding the clarinet.

Leblanc L225 Serenade Clarinet review and breakdown

If you are not purchasing a clarinet for the first time, you may have come across some Leblanc models. This is one of the major companies that have been producing excellent clarinets since 1750. Its experience in the business has enabled it to become one of the most respected clarinet makers in the US.

Since this manufacturer is consistent in manufacturing, you can always find a suitable clarinet. It offers both student and intermediate clarinets. Leblanc L225 Serenade is one of the popular models from this company that is made using advanced technology. It contains impressive features that can boost your playing experience.

Leblanc L225 is made using Grenadilla wood which is high-quality material. Since the body of this clarinet is not stained, it makes it look gorgeous and better than most stained clarinets. Apart from that, this clarinet is made with premium keywork.

It contains nickel-plated keys fitted with synthetic pads. These enable the clarinet to deliver an amazing performance. One of the reasons many musicians choose this clarinet is its rich sound. The tone hole placement of this clarinet leads to excellent intonation and superior response.

The manufacturer also incorporates an innovative barrel design in this model. You should also expect a hard rubber mouthpiece and a case when you choose the Leblanc L225 Serenade clarinet. It also features a nickel ligature and a low E reinforcement bar. Once you pay for this clarinet, you will also get a one-year warranty for it.

If you buy a defective model, you can always have it replaced within the first year without being charged extra cash. This clarinet also comes at an affordable price to help you save some funds. The problem with this model is that it does not include most of the accessories found in other intermediate clarinets. You may have to buy items such as gloves and cork grease separately.

What we liked

  • It produces a beautiful rich sound
  • The clarinet’s body is visually appealing
  • It is reasonably priced
  • The clarinet is from a reputable brand
  • It is comfortable to use

What we didn’t like

  • It lacks some valuable accessories


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Leblanc L225 Serenade Clarinet specifications

Key Bb
Body Grenadilla material
Keys Nickel-plated
Barrel length 66 mm
Pads Valentino synthetic
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Leblanc L225 Clarinet features


While most beginner clarinets are made from plastic, intermediate ones are made from wood. If you are searching for a durable clarinet, you should choose one made from grenadilla wood. This is a high-quality material that most premium models are made from. Leblanc L225 Serenade is no exception since it is a wooden instrument that offers great sound quality.

The material enables it to offer great intonation between notes. Instead of staining the wood, the manufacturer of Leblanc L225 Serenade clarinet leaves it unstained to display the beauty of natural wood. This is a visually appealing clarinet that you will be proud to carry around. Since the wood makes it a heavy clarinet, it is not the best for a young player. Such a player can experience fatigue from using the musical instrument for extended periods.

This clarinet needs a lot of care since the material used to make it is sensitive. Temperature changes can have a negative effect on the wood. When you buy the clarinet, you should give it some time to adapt to the weather before you begin using it. Feel free to soak it with some bore oil.


This is a crucial element that Leblanc pays attention to when making the model. Leblanc L225 Serenade clarinet also comes with durable keys that you can rely on for a long time. The keys of this clarinet are forged and nickel-plated.

They are long-lasting and contribute to the low cost of this clarinet. Note that nickel plating can cause skin irritation in some players. Some users also reveal that the nickel-plated keys do not feel like silver plating.

This clarinet uses the Boehm key system, which features six rings and 17 keys. With these keys, you don’t have to use a lot of effort to make them work. They are designed to make playing the clarinet more comfortable and allow for flawless technique.

Apart from that, the Leblanc L225 Serenade clarinet also comes with a Low E bar that gives the lower keys extra strength. This clarinet also features Valentino synthetic pads that enhance responsiveness. These are easy to work with and hold well for a long time.


Leblanc L225 Serenade clarinet also comes in a creative barrel design that offers enough resistance. The design of this clarinet leads to the production of a focused and clear tone. The clarinet contains a 66 mm barrel that connects the body to the mouthpiece.

This clarinet is designed to significantly boost the sound of this musical instrument. Though this is among the smallest elements in the clarinet, it has a significant impact. The barrel can help you produce a focused tone.

Thumb rest

The best clarinets contain an adjustable thumbrest, and the Leblanc L225 Serenade clarinet is no exception. This gives you quick access to its keys. It also offers room for players with different hand sizes and therefore boosts comfort during playing.

Thanks to the inclusion of this feature, you can easily customize your grip on the clarinet. You will not experience any pain while playing this musical instrument. The thumb rest of this clarinet also comes with a strap ring that offers a custom fit.

Mouthpiece and ligature

This clarinet is also equipped with a hard rubber mouthpiece. It also contains a ligature that connects the mouthpiece to the reed. According to most users, the ligature of this clarinet secures the reed against the mouthpiece firmly and allows the reed to vibrate. This clarinet’s ligature is made of nickel.

The manufacturer of this clarinet upgrades it with metal tenon caps. Though these don’t directly impact the performance of the musical instrument, they offer the joints a reliable fit for a long time. It is a feature that is mostly common in professional clarinets.


Leblanc has also been offering a case for most of its models. Once you choose this clarinet, you will get a case that you can use to store it while not in use. The case also makes it convenient to travel with during gigs. The case comes with a carrying handle, shoulder strap, and backpack straps. These make the clarinet easy to travel with.

Who is it best suited for?

Leblanc L225 Serenade clarinet is suitable for advancing clarinetists. If you have already developed some basic playing skills and would like to advance, this clarinet can help. It is also ideal for advancing students on a budget.

Are there alternatives to Leblanc L225 Clarinet?

Yes. If you feel that this model is not an ideal choice, you can check its alternatives. Some of them include Hisonic signature 2610b, Yinfente B-flat, and Eastar B clarinet. Compare the features of these models against Leblanc L225 Serenade to find a suitable one.

Features of the alternative clarinets

Model Hisonic signature 2610b Yinfente B-flat Eastar B clarinet
Material Ebonite Ebonite ABS
Keys Nickel-silver Nickel-plated Nickel-plated
Case Available Available Available
Weight 4.1 pounds 3.9 pounds 3.9 pounds
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Verdict: So should you buy Leblanc L225 Serenade Clarinet?

Yes. This is a good clarinet that you should consider buying. According to most users, it offers exceptional playability. The manufacturer also equips it with all the right features you need to take your playing skills to the next level. It has excellent key work, unique look and produces a rich sound.


Why does this clarinet come with a strap ring?

The durable strap ring is designed to offer extra support as you play this musical instrument. It gives you a comfortable playing experience.

Is Leblanc L225 Serenade easy to play?

Yes. Since this clarinet is famous for its easy response, you don’t have to work so hard to produce good sound. Most intermediate players find it easy to play.

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