Mendini by Cecillio Bb Clarinet Review

Buying a new clarinet does not have to be very expensive. You can find a cheap clarinet that is worth considering. One of the popular options you should pay attention to is Mendini by Cecillio Bb.

I was looking for a clarinet that I could buy my 8-year-old son. The search was quite overwhelming since I came across so many models. I was confused since I didn’t know much about this wind instrument. One of my friends who also has a son recommended I buy Mendini by Cecillio Bb clarinet. When I looked it up, I was really impressed with the price of this model and therefore did not hesitate to buy it for my son. Here is what you should know regarding the model.

Mendini by Cecillio Bb Clarinet Review and breakdown

Cecillio has a wide range of musical instruments, including clarinets. This company has been producing both professional and beginner-friendly clarinets since 2004. It is known for creating clarinets that meet the needs of different types of players. You should consider Mendini by Cecillio Bb if you are on a budget.

This is a plastic clarinet that is lightweight and easy to carry around. Since it is made from high-grade ABS plastic, it can serve you for a couple of years with minimal issues. The clarinet is fitted with nickel-plated keys. These are not only durable but also visually attractive.

Technicians from the company take their time to inspect this musical instrument before it is distributed to customers to confirm that it meets the set standards. Choosing this clarinet should give you peace of mind since it is a high-quality wind instrument. Unlike most beginner clarinets, Mendini by Cecillio Bb has a clear, rich tone.

It also comes with ten reeds, a mouthpiece, and two barrels. Though cheap, the manufacturer of this clarinet accompanies it with numerous accessories. Therefore, it can save you from spending more on buying some valuable items separately. Some of the accessories that you can expect with this model include gloves, cork grease, a cleaning cloth, and a stand.

Apart from that, your purchase will also be accompanied by a one-year warranty. This is important since it can cover defects that the clarinet may come with. Though the warranty does not cover the musical instrument for many years, it is nice to have considering the price of Mendini.

What we liked

  • Includes numerous accessories
  • This clarinet comes with a one year warranty
  • Made from a durable material
  • It comes at an affordable price

What we didn’t like

  • The fixed thumb rest may cause discomfort.


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Mendini by Cecillio Bb Clarinet specifications

Body ABS plastic
Keys Nickel-plated
Mouthpiece 4C stock
Thumb rest Fixed
Weight 3.6 pounds
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Mendini by Cecillio Bb Clarinet features


If you break things easily or want to get a clarinet for a young player, you should choose one made from plastic. Mendini by Cecillio Bb is a good model since it is made from this material, making it more durable than wood clarinets. This can withstand rough handling and does not crack easily.

Mendini by Cecillio is made from ABS plastic. Unlike wooden clarinets that are sensitive to harsh weather, Mendini by Cecillio Bb is not affected by this. It remains in perfect condition even when exposed to most conditions.

You can use it in bands without concerns such as warping or cracking. Feel free to use it in school or at home. The material also contributes to the low price of this clarinet. The ABS plastic material used to make this clarinet also produces a high intonation level and sharp sound. This clarinet looks stylish and has small dimensions making it ideal for even young players.


Apart from the body, you should also find out the keys that a clarinet comes with before paying for one. Mendini by Cecillio Bb contains nickel-plated keys. Unfortunately, some users are not impressed with the keys of this clarinet since they are softer than other models.

You should handle this musical instrument with care since it can break or bend easily. The nickel-plated keys also contribute to the low price of this clarinet. Note that the keys may begin tarnishing after some time.

Some people are also allergic to nickel and start experiencing skin irritation after using this clarinet. You should consider all this before choosing this model. Also, learn how to put the clarinet pieces together to avoid breaking anything and grease it up during assembly.


Like most plastic clarinets, this model comes with a 4C stock mouthpiece. This can help you get a well-balanced tone. Though this may work fine as you begin learning how to use the clarinet, you will need to consider getting a better one in the future. Having a better quality mouthpiece can make the clarinet easier to play and enhance its sound.

Thumb rest

Thumb rest is essential in a clarinet since it offers support as you hold the musical instrument. It can either be fixed or adjustable. Mendini by Cecillio has a fixed thumb rest. Since you cannot adjust the thumb rest of this clarinet, it may not be very comfortable.

Adjustable thumb rest is better since it accommodates players with different hand sizes and offers extra relief. Such a thumb rest can also be more comfortable than a fixed one. The fixed thumb rest of Mendini is not a very big concern for beginners of this musical instrument.


Before choosing any clarinet, you should try to find out the quality of sound that it produces. The problem with most new players is that they ignore this. Though this clarinet does not sound as good as high-end models, its sound is not bad.

Mendini by Cecillio produces a clear and rich sound. Though the sound quality of this model is not as good as that of a wood clarinet, most beginners reveal that low notes play well.


Unlike most beginner clarinets that come with a single or few reeds, this model has ten reeds. The strength of the reeds also plays a significant role in the performance of a clarinet. The reeds of this clarinet are labeled 2.5 in terms of strength. Though this is recommended strength for reeds, most users are disappointed with the reeds that Mendini by Cecillio comes with.

The reeds are not the easiest to play with. If you don’t like them, you can buy extra ones after some time. Experts recommend getting Rico reeds since they tend to produce a rounded tone. You can get ten Rico reeds at a cheap cost and better quality. Using such reeds can improve your playing performance.


Unlike some clarinets, the manufacturer of this model offers numerous accessories. This comes with two barrels, a carrying case, a stand, gloves, cork grease, and a lesson book. Such items come in handy when you are new to playing the clarinet. For instance, the cork grease can help you as you assemble this clarinet. Some users, however, complain about the quality of cork grease this clarinet comes with.

The carry case makes this clarinet portable and gives you a place to store it while not in use. It also includes a cloth that you can use to clean the musical instrument. You can use the included pocketbook to start teaching yourself how to play the clarinet and the stand to mount it.

Who is it best suited for?

Mendini by Cecillio Bb is suited for a beginner who is eager to learn how to play this musical instrument. This is because it comes with basic features that only suit new players. It is also ideal for new players on a budget. If you have experience with this musical instrument, you should look elsewhere since this may not be an ideal fit.

Are there alternatives to Mendini by Cecillio Bb Clarinet?

Yes. If you feel that this clarinet is not for you, you can check out its alternatives. Some of them include Vangoa B-Flat, Lazarro clarinet, and Hisonic signature 2610b.

Features of alternative clarinets

Name Vangoa B-Flat Lazarro clarinet Hisonic signature 2610b
Material ABS resin Ebonite Ebonite
Keys Nickel-plated Silver Nickel-silver
Reeds 10 11 1
Weight 3.6 pounds 3.6 pounds 4.1 pounds
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Verdict: So, should you buy Mendini by Cecillio Bb Clarinet?

If you are a new player, you can consider this model. You should, however, know that it is not perfect. Though it comes at a low price and has decent sound quality, it is not very comfortable to use and does not have the best mouthpiece.


If I have been playing the clarinet before, should I choose Mendini by Cecillio Bb?

No. This may not help you improve your playing skills. Consider investing in a high-end model.

Does this clarinet come with a hard case?

The case it comes with is not that hard though it is safe and can protect the clarinet.

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