Selmer CL300 Student Clarinet Review

A cheap clarinet will not only save you money but also help you learn the basics of playing this musical instrument. If you have been looking for such an instrument, you should pay attention to Selmer CL300 Student Clarinet.

When my son joined the elementary school, I started thinking of ways to keep him busy. Since I had bought him lots of toys, I was thinking of helping him learn a new skill. I decided to get him a clarinet to see if he would be interested in music. I did not want to spend so much money on this, so I chose Selmer CL300 Student Clarinet. Since I got him this clarinet, he has been enjoying using it and has even gotten better with time. Here is why you should consider getting this clarinet.

Selmer CL300 Student Clarinet breakdown and review

A clarinet refers to a musical instrument that has a similar shape to a flute. It, however, differs in that it contains a flared bell. Selmer is famous for making fine clarinets for both students and professionals. This is a French company that has been making good musical instruments since 1885.

One of the popular models that you can get from this manufacturer is Selmer CL300. This is a well-made student clarinet that is easy to play. Selmer CL300 is made from durable plastic material that enables it to withstand both soft and rough handling. Though this clarinet is cheap, it offers superb intonation. It is beginner-friendly since it needs minimal tuning.

Apart from that, Selmer CL300 Student Clarinet also comes with ligature and two reeds. These determine the kind of sound that the clarinet produces. Since this clarinet is also equipped with a standard mouthpiece, you can replace it with a better one after some time if you are not planning to upgrade your model. A better mouthpiece has not only a better design but also better quality.

You should also expect other mouthpiece accessories, such as a cap, in this clarinet. Since this student clarinet is in the key of bb, it is very easy to work with and learn. You don’t need prior experience to use it. Like most student clarinets, Selmer CL300 features nickel-silver keys. When polished, the keys have a shiny appearance.

The pads of this clarinet seat properly and can easily reset back their positions as soon as you release the keys. This musical instrument also comes with a small case that can protect it after use. It also makes it easy to carry around. You should carefully assemble and disassemble the clarinet so that you don’t push the keys out of alignment.

What we liked

  • It is strong and can withstand rough handling
  • The keys can resist bending
  • It comes with a case
  • Low price
  • Delivers great tone

What we didn’t like

  • Uncomfortable keys
  • Tone holes are hard to cover


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Selmer CL300 Student Clarinet specifications

Keys Nickel-silver
Body Plastic
Case Present
Mouthpiece accessories Reeds and a ligature
Check price Check price here

Selmer CL300 Student Clarinet features


This clarinet comes in a plastic composite body. Though it may not have the response and warm tone of a clarinet made from wood, it has great resilience. This clarinet is not that delicate and can withstand even rough handling.

This clarinet will not get damaged after a short while. It is strong and can also withstand harsh temperatures. This clarinet can hold better than other models even if you drop it. Though this is a strong clarinet, the sound that it produces is less mellow and a bit harsh compared to clarinets made from wood.

Reed and ligature

Selmer CL300 comes with two reeds and a ligature. These are two crucial components of a clarinet that have an impact on its overall sound. The ligature is designed to hold the reed on the mouthpiece. Without the ligature, you cannot put this clarinet’s mouthpiece together. This model comes with a metal ligature that sometimes has a dampening effect.

It applies a certain level of pressure on the reed and affects the sound the clarinet produces. Since it includes reeds, you can start playing a few notes immediately. You can even purchase your own reeds if you are not impressed with the ones that the model comes with. For this, consider getting different beginner sizes so that you can find the ones that are easiest to work with.


It also comes with hard nickel silver keys that are designed to be durable. These are quality keys that do not bend even after extended use. Some users, however, reveal that the keys are not very comfortable, especially when playing the clarinet for a while.

You may also notice that the keys start getting tarnished after using the clarinet for a few years. Though this may not affect the clarinet’s sound, tarnished keys are unattractive. Apart from that, nickel keys sometimes cause allergies with certain players.

Ensure that you care for this clarinet properly so that it can serve you for a while. For instance, you can use a soft cloth or brush to clean the clarinet. After some time of use, you can have it inspected by a professional. This clarinet also has skin pads that offer a seal between the tone hole and key. Ensure that you maintain the pads properly and replace them after some time.

Bell and thumbrest

Though this student clarinet does not come with a unique bell design, it is still good enough. This is the fluted piece of the musical instrument at the bottom. It is the last part where sound travels across the clarinet.

Since the bell of this clarinet comes in good condition, the sound delivered is not distorted. Like most student models, this clarinet comes with an adjustable thumb rest. You can quickly adjust the clarinet based on the size of your hands.


This is the piece that joins the mouthpiece of the clarinet and the rest of the body. Selmer CL300 Student Clarinet comes with an ebonite barrel. This is a bit shorter than what other clarinets come with. It is, however, designed to support new students and allow them to play in tune.


The clarinet is also accompanied with a case that you can use to store it after use. Apart from that, the case also enhances portability and protects the clarinet from external factors. Unfortunately, there is no mention of any cleaning essentials in the packaging. The case is also small and may not accommodate extra tools.

Who is it best suited for?

A clarinet is among the most played woodwind instruments. The Selmer CL300 Student Clarinet is best suited for a beginner working with a very low budget. You can use it for practice until you learn the basics and then consider getting a better one. If you have prior experience playing the clarinet, you should look elsewhere since this may not be an ideal choice.

Are there alternatives to Selmer CL300 Student Clarinet?

Yes. If you feel that this clarinet is not the best option for you, you should focus more on its alternatives. Some of them include Mendini by Cecillio, Jean-Paul CL-300, and Hisonic Signature 2610 Bb. You should take some time to compare the models against Selmer CL300 before paying for either of them.

The features of alternative clarinets

Model Mendini by Cecillio Bb Jean Paul CL-300 Hisonic Signature 2610 Bb
Material Plastic Ebonite Ebonite
Case Available Available Available
Keys Nickel-plated Nickel-plated Nickel silver
Weight 3.6 pounds 3 pounds 4.1 pounds
Availability Check price here Check price here Check price here

Verdict: So, should you buy Selmer CL300 Student Clarinet?

If you are a new player of this musical instrument and don’t want to spend so much on a clarinet, you can buy this model. Though this is made from a strong material, it does not deliver a warm tone. The keys are also uncomfortable to use. You may also need to replace some parts, including the mouthpiece and reeds. Due to such issues, we think that you would be better off with a higher quality clarinet.


How can I take care of the Selmer CL300 clarinet?

You should clean it regularly. Make use of a soft cloth to get rid of saliva, which tends to accumulate on the inside of the bore after playing. You should also take it for inspections.

Should I choose a plastic or wooden clarinet?

This depends on your preference and needs. If you need a clarinet that a young one can use, go for a plastic one since it is stronger than a wooden clarinet. If you want one that produces better sound and tone, choose a wooden clarinet.

Can you get a good cheap plastic clarinet?

Yes. Though most cheap clarinets have lots of flaws, you can get a good one with minimal problems and at an affordable price. You only need to spend some time researching and comparing plastic clarinets.

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