Jupiter JCL-700N Student Clarinet Review

Do you need a good student clarinet that can help you enhance your playing skills? One of the good options that you should look at is Jupiter JCL-700N Student Clarinet.

I was looking for a student clarinet that I could use in a marching band. After research, I chose the Jupiter JCL-700N due to its robust construction. Since I bought it, I have enjoyed the tone and smooth feel of this clarinet.

If you are new to playing this musical instrument, searching for a good one can feel intimidating. Are you confused about which model to choose? Worry not. This article can simplify things since we discuss a popular beginner clarinet called Jupiter JCL-700N. Enjoy!

Jupiter JCL-700N Student Clarinet Review and Breakdown

Unlike wood clarinets, Jupiter used ABS resin to make the body of this model. The material is strong and prevents it from cracking, and it remains in great shape even with exposure to humidity conditions. It comes with an adjustable thumb rest that enhances comfort during use. The bore of this clarinet enhances its tone. Though the tone of this clarinet is good, you may have to tighten a couple of screws before you begin playing it.

This student clarinet also includes offset trill keys and has a barrel length of 65 mm. You will also like the elegant appearance of its nickel-silver keys. It comes with a case that protects the delicate parts of the clarinet when not in use. Since this clarinet is not very light, including a case makes it portable. Though this clarinet has numerous impressive features, it costs more than conventional models.

What we liked

  • The keys have a great feel
  • Made from a durable material
  • It delivers a clean tone
  • The bell ring gives it a lasting shine
  • It comes with a case

What we didn’t like

  • High price
  • Blowing through the body needs a lot of air


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Jupiter JCL-700N Student Clarinet specifications

Material ABS resin
Dimensions 7 x 14 x 4.5 inches
Keys Nickel silver
Thumb rest Adjustable
Barrel 65 mm
Finish Matte
Weight 5 pounds
Availability Check price here

Jupiter JCL-700N Student Clarinet Features


If you plan to use a clarinet regularly, you should choose one that can withstand frequent use. The body of Jupiter JCL-700N Student Clarinet enables it to fulfill the playing demands of students in a band. This is made from ABS resin which is long-lasting and does not crack easily.

Even if you expose it to the scorching sun, it still remains in good condition. The body of this clarinet also enables it to produce warm notes and leads to an excellent response. You can rely on this clarinet for a long time since the material used to make it is durable. It also comes with a bore that enhances playability and tone. This student clarinet has a matte finish that enhances its look and prevents scratches.

Offset trill keys

This is one of the features that enhance the performance of Jupiter JCL-700N. The offset trill keys also prevent moisture from building on the clarinet. They come in a traditional French design.


Jupiter JCL-700N also features nickel-silver keys and a nickel-plated bell ring. These enhance the feel of the clarinet and give it a lasting shine. Since the keys of this clarinet come in an ergonomic design, they can help you enjoy comfortable fingering. The manufacturer places the throat A key next to the D/A ring key to give you a smooth transition. This can also prevent the throat A key from clipping your index finger as you play the clarinet.

You will also notice nylon pins on this clarinet’s spatula keys, which lead to the smooth key action. This clarinet also has a key of C/G riser, which is ergonomically designed to enhance comfort during use. The C/G tone hole is also uplifted to make your ring finger more comfortable while playing it. Assembling this clarinet is also a breeze due to the inclusion of a D/A bridge key which comes with a cork.


A good clarinet should come with adjustable thumb rest, and Jupiter JCL-700N does not disappoint. Would you like to share a clarinet with other players? You should consider this model since its adjustable thumb rest enables it to accommodate players with different hand sizes.

Are there accessories that come with the Jupiter JCL-700N Student Clarinet?

Yes. When you purchase this student clarinet, you will get a sturdy case that accompanies it. The ABS molded case can help protect the musical instrument when not in use. It also makes it easy to carry.

Are there alternatives to the Jupiter JCL-700N Student Clarinet?

Yes, there are. The market also offers better clarinets that both beginners and intermediate players can use. Some of them include Jupiter JCL750N, Jean-Paul CL 300, and Jupiter 631NM. Since blowing through the body of this clarinet is not that easy, you can replace it with a clarinet that comes in a Grenadilla wood body. Some of the alternatives that we have highlighted also come at a lower cost than Jupiter JCL-700N. Compare their features for you to choose an ideal student clarinet.

Features of alternative clarinets

Model Jupiter JCL750N Jean-Paul CL 300 Jupiter 631NM
Material Grenadilla wood Ebonite ABS resin
Keys Nickel-plated Nickel-plated Nickel-plated
Case ABS molded Contoured Leather covered
Instrument key B-flat B-flat B-flat
Availability Check price here Check price here Check price here

Verdict: So, should you buy the Jupiter JCL-700N Student Clarinet?

If you are not buying a clarinet for the first time, you can invest in Jupiter JCL-700N. It is worth it since it is well built, plays well, and has a great feel. Some of the attractive features that make it a valuable clarinet include an adjustable thumb rest, nickel silver keys, ABS resin body, and offset trill keys. Note that this clarinet is more expensive than most student clarinets.


How much does a Jupiter JCL-700N Student Clarinet cost?

This student clarinet costs $715.00 on most online platforms.

Is the Jupiter JCL-700N Student Clarinet any good?

Yes. This is a good clarinet that you can rely on in a band. It is made using quality materials, accommodates different hand sizes, is comfortable to use, and plays well.

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