Jupiter vs Jean Paul – Which is the better brand for clarinets?

If you or your child are music students and are looking for an affordable instrument, you may likely find you are prioritizing the best instrument that fits your preferred price point.

Clarinets are not all built the same way. Various instrument makers will make different clarinets to cater to different users, skill levels, and budgets. Even as a student, you will need to get the best clarinet for your skill level that still challenges you and encourages you to achieve your best performance. Among these brands offering a wide range of clarinets are Jupiter and Jean Paul.

It is worth examining these two brands as they are among the most famous ones in the industry and knowing them and who they cater to will help you choose what suits you best. I will talk about my experiences with both brands using some of their trademark clarinets as examples, which will act as a comprehensive review of them.

What are the differences between Jupiter and Jean Paul clarinets?

Clarinet brand Jupiter (Jupiter JCL-700N Student clarinet) Jean Paul (Jean Paul CL-300 Student Clarinet)
Dimensions (in inches) 14 x 7.75 x 4.5 inches 15 x 6 x 9.5 inches
Body ABS resin Ebonite
Keys Nickel Nickel
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Jupiter vs Jean Paul clarinets – How do they compare?


Most clarinets are comprised of four main materials; in this case, the Jean Paul clarinet uses ebonite, while the Jupiter clarinet uses ABS resin. Both of these materials are rubber products, although ABS resin is a more affordable alternative to ebonite, and withstands rough treatment better. The material they are made from impacts their pricing; therefore, Jupiter clarinets will tend to be cheaper and stronger compared to Jean Paul clarinets.

Jupiter clarinets are the best choice if durability is your goal. They stand up to rougher treatment, similar to plastic clarinets, as well as providing them with nice tonal quality and greater mechanical reliability.

Tonal qualities

Most Jupiter clarinet options are durable and perform well in multiple circumstances, with their tone being preferred compared to a more expensive brand. They have two unique aspects that aid in their distinct tone: one is the left-side Eb key to make it easier for a player to handle difficult passages, and adjustable thumb rests that make it comfortable for players with larger or smaller hands.

However, the mouthpiece is the significant disadvantage of Jupiter clarinets, unless you replace the mouthpiece with one that fits industry standards. Additionally, the build can feel cheap in some of their models, although you will like the convenience and ease of repair, unlike some cheaper beginner clarinet brands.

On the other hand, Jean Paul clarinets all go through unique vulcanization processes, which results in a unique look, tone, and shell. They also have great keys that give a player good playing range and consistency, which makes it easy for a child in junior high or high school to use the instrument.

Since they use ebonite to make their clarinets and some of their professional-level models using wood, they are resistant to humidity and temperature changes, as well as scratching – this also makes them great for band players in schools and orchestras. However, ebonite tends to lose its tonal qualities over time, which makes them a difficult prospect if you want a long-term instrument that will maintain the same quality over a long time.

Due to consistency in their tone and long-lasting design, Jupiter clarinets win as it is best to aim for reliability in your instrument.


In terms of their warranty, Jupiter clarinets are among the best in their warranty terms, with most parts having a cover of 5 to 10 years. For instance, they will place warranties on the finishes, epoxy, upper joints, barrels, bells, and lower joints – however, parts that need frequent replacement due to wear and tear like corks and pads, do not have the same coverage that the other components do.

Jean Paul warranties are also significantly shorter than what you would get from Jupiter clarinets, with most warranties on various parts lasting between 1 and 3 years. They do not offer warranties on parts that need frequent replacement, such as the mouthpieces and keys.

It is always best to choose longer warranties for your instrument, so Jupiter wins in this category due to that.

Jupiter vs Jean Paul clarinets – Are they redundant?

Jupiter clarinets

If you need an entry-level instrument or a clarinet for a budding clarinetist, Jupiter is among the best choices you can make. The company has a solid industry reputation, although their clarinets are limited if you are looking for a professional-level instrument option.

As a general rule, these clarinets are excellent for wind band compositions, which are common in school bands or community performances. They also work well if you are playing classical music of all kinds – both solo and band arrangements.


  • They tend to have excellent tone and good projection qualities
  • Adjustable thumb rests to accommodate different hand sizes
  • Very good warranty terms
  • They hold their value very well
  • Easy to repair in case of cracks or damage
  • Quite affordable for student-level clarinets


  • The mouthpiece component performs poorly in some circumstances
  • They do not last as long as some major brand clarinets due to weaker construction
  • It may be unsuitable for people looking for professional-level clarinets


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Jean Paul clarinets

Although you will find value in Jean Paul clarinets as a student-level player, there is more value in it if you are an advanced clarinet player – this is thanks to its features. Most Jean Paul clarinets have a good build as well, as they are resistant to cracking, moisture, and scratching, while their bores offer plenty of projection and tonal variety.

The best model that they have in their catalog is the CL-300, which is among their most famous student models. Their clarinets are also quite easy to take care of – but they tend to lose their value very quickly and can be difficult to repair as many instrument repair shops do not handle them as often. However, they are not as good for complete beginners, since the instrument can be challenging to care for, and they may not withstand the abuse a young child will be subject to them.


  • Good projection and strong tonal qualities
  • They have two tuning barrels for additional accuracy during play
  • Their packages include high-quality accessories
  • Very high-grade material and construction
  • The case is of good quality and has a hard shell


  • The warranties are quite short
  • Their models are unsuitable for very young players
  • You may need to upgrade certain parts such as the mouthpiece
  • They tend to lose their value quickly


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Verdict: So, which one is better? Jupiter or Jean Paul clarinets?

Both Jupiter and Jean Paul clarinets work well for beginners and intermediate players. However, the winner is Jupiter because they are best for someone who is on a budget and needs a dependable instrument that will last for several years without needing repairs or adjustments. Jupiter clarinets also have better tonal qualities and keywork build.


What accessories come with my Jupiter clarinet?

The package includes the basics such as lubrication oil, polish cloth, and mouthpiece. They also include the carrying case.

Is it possible to buy clarinets directly from Jean Paul?

It is only possible to buy Jean Paul instruments from authorized dealers, including clarinets.

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