Legacy CL750 vs. Jean-Paul USA CL 400 – Which is better for Intermediates?

If you are looking for ways to enhance your clarinet playing skills, you should consider getting an excellent intermediate clarinet. Some of the models you can check out include Legacy CL750 and Jean-Paul USA CL 400.

I had been using a student clarinet for three months, and I was ready to get a more advanced clarinet. I was looking for a model that could produce a richer tone and better sound quality. After days of research, I narrowed my options to Legacy CL750 and Jean-Paul USA CL 400. Since I was torn between these two models, I compared them side by side before choosing one. Here is everything I learned about them.

What are the differences between Legacy CL750 and Jean-Paul USA CL 400?

Model Legacy CL750 Jean-Paul USA CL 400
Body ABS resin ABS resin
Mouthpiece Standard Bari
Ligature Standard Rico H
Case Deluxe Professional
Pads Italian-made Fish skin
Weight 3.6 pounds 6.5 pounds
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Legacy CL750 vs. Jean-Paul USA CL 400- How do they compare?


These clarinets differ in that Jean-Paul USA CL 400 comes with numerous accessories while Legacy CL750 has limited ones. The manufacturer of Jean-Paul USA CL 400 accompanies it with a mouthpiece, cork grease, Rico reed, cap, ligature, and cleaning swab. On the other hand, Legacy CL750 only has a standard mouthpiece and ligature.

Jean-Paul USA CL 400, therefore, wins in this category since it has more accessories than Legacy CL750.


Though both clarinets come with cases, the case that Jean-Paul USA CL 400 comes with has a hard shell and includes a cover. It is a robust carry case made with a water-resistant nylon shell, a durable handle, and is padded.

You can even rely on this case when it is raining since it can give the clarinet adequate protection. Though this clarinet is heavy, the case makes it more portable. On the other hand, the deluxe carrying case of Legacy CL750 does not have such features and is less durable.

Jean-Paul USA CL 400 also wins in this category since it has a better case than Legacy CL750.


Whether you have experience playing the clarinet or not, choosing one that is easy to assemble can save you time. Most customers of Jean-Paul USA CL 400 reveal that they set it up within a few minutes. On the other hand, many players who choose Legacy CL750 don’t have an easy time setting up this clarinet since the joints are very tight.

Jean-Paul USA CL 400 wins in this category since it is easier to set up than Legacy CL750.

Legacy CL750 vs. Jean-Paul USA CL 400- A comparison overview

Legacy CL750 overview

This is a solidly built clarinet that is made from ABS resin. Since this durable clarinet also comes in a matte finish that does not display fingerprint marks after use. The clarinet has six rings and 17 keys and utilizes the Boehm key system.

The manufacturer uses sterling silver and hard nickel to make the keys. These come with stainless steel springs. You should be careful when using this clarinet since the keys are prone to bending, causing poor intonation. Despite this problem, the keys and springs work great. Apart from that, the silver plating makes it easy to clean.

Legacy CL750 also comes with an ABS resin bell and barrel. One of the reasons many intermediate players choose this clarinet over others is its excellent sound quality. Since this clarinet has a rich tone, it is enjoyable to play. You can use it in a marching band or concert. The manufacturer also offers a deluxe case that makes it easy to carry around.

Setting up this clarinet is not easy since it requires more work than other clarinets. The joints of Legacy CL750 are very tight. Ensure you use cork grease as you assemble this clarinet. Since this clarinet comes with a standard mouthpiece, you may have to replace it after some time. This is a lightweight clarinet that is easy to play.

Though this clarinet comes with two barrels, some users reveal that tuning it is sometimes challenging. Rather than including a fixed thumb rest, the manufacturer equipped it with an adjustable thumb rest to reduce fatigue, especially during extended playing.


  • Delivers rich tone
  • It is durable
  • The clarinet is budget-friendly
  • It comes with a contoured case


  • It is not easy to assemble
  • Off-tuning


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Jean-Paul USA CL 400 overview

Many advancing students choose this clarinet for its wider range of tones. This model comes from a reputable brand with a lot of experience in making quality intermediate clarinets. Its body is made using ABS resin. This material enables it to withstand extreme temperature and humidity without getting damaged.

This is a robust musical instrument that delivers impressive sound quality. The use of a matte finish during construction also gives it a wood-like appearance.

Jean-Paul USA CL 400 features silver-plated keys that lead to a warm and soft sound. Most intermediate players reveal that the keys of this clarinet are highly responsive. It also comes with a superior bore that produces impressive sound projection. The clarinet is based on the Boehm key system and features six strings and 17 keys.

Jean-Paul USA CL 400 has two barrels that come in different lengths. You can easily tune it based on your performance. Rather than using a standard mouthpiece and ligature, the manufacturer equips this model with a Bari Mouthpiece and Rico H Ligature, leading to a richer tone.

It also features a high-quality carrying case that features water-resistant nylon. Since the case also has some handles, it makes it easy to transport the clarinet to performances or school. Some of the accessories that this clarinet also comes with include cork grease, Rico reed, a protective cap, and a cleaning swab. You, therefore, don’t have to spend more buying such items separately.

You should, however, not expect special keys when you choose this model. It includes an adjustable thumb rest that makes people with different hand sizes find it comfortable. The low price of this clarinet also compels many customers to choose it.


  • Affordable price
  • Robust construction
  • Quality carrying case
  • It offers a wider range of tones
  • It produces amazing sound


  • Adjusting the keys is challenging for some users


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Verdict: So, which one is better? Legacy CL750 or Jean-Paul USA CL 400

Though both clarinets are made using similar materials, Jean-Paul USA CL 400 has a slight edge. This is because it is easier to assemble, comes with all the accessories you need to start playing, and has a more durable case. This clarinet is also better since it is equipped with more advanced features such as Rico H ligature and Bari mouthpiece, leading to a wider range of tones. Jean-Paul USA CL 400 is, therefore, better for intermediates.


What kind of keys does Legacy CL750 have?

This clarinet features sterling silver plated keys that look good and are also highly responsive.

Does Jean-Paul USA CL 400 sound great?

Yes. Since this clarinet comes in an ABS body, it maximizes sound quality. Many users are impressed with the advanced sound projection of this clarinet.

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