Best Clarinet Method Book for Beginners – Reviews and Ratings of The Best Books

Are you interested in learning how to play the clarinet? You can quickly learn by purchasing the best clarinet method books for beginners.

The first time I played the clarinet, it was pretty challenging. My job was so busy that I could not find time to attend music classes. I almost gave up on learning until someone recommended I get a clarinet method book. This immensely helped me grasp the basics and improve my skill over time.

If you are finding this woodwind instrument confusing, you are not alone. The learning curve can get easier with a clarinet book. We came up with this article to help you figure out the best clarinet books that can help. We will also give you a guide on how to choose the right clarinet book. Let’s get started!

What are good tutor books for learning clarinet?

A great tutor book makes it easy for you to teach everything about the clarinet. Some of the excellent tutor books that you should consider include the following.

  • Essential Elements For Clarinet in Bb– This is a simple to use tutor book that can help you teach students the crucial elements needed to play the clarinet. It contains valuable instructions, exercises, and songs to help your students practice and become better clarinet players.
  • Rubank Elementary Method Clarinet– The book can help you teach students the right way to hold a clarinet and the correct posture they should maintain. Most teachers also use this book to teach students the basics of reading music.
  • The Ultimate Clarinet Book For Beginners– You can also use this book to tutor students to play the clarinet skillfully. This book can also help you teach the techniques of playing this woodwind instrument.
  • Accent on Achievement, B flat Clarinet Book 1– This is one of the best-selling tutor books that you can get for your music class.
  • Clarinet For Dummies– Teach students how to play the clarinet using this book. It includes all the comprehensive information they need to know in one place.

What clarinet brand should a beginner go for?

You can pick a high-quality clarinet from a reputable brand. Some of the popular brands that are famous for making great beginner clarinets include the following:

  • Jupiter
  • Yamaha
  • Buffet Crampon
  • Gemeinhardt
  • Hisonic Signature

You can compare different models from such brands before picking a beginner clarinet.

How we chose the best clarinet method books for beginners

We chose the clarinet method books on our list by focusing on ease of use. We believe that you can learn how to play the clarinet through a method that simplifies things. To determine how user-friendly the books were, we considered:

  • The inclusion of step by step instructions/ How-to guides
  • The incorporation of familiar songs and exercises

Besides ease of use, we also chose these best clarinet method books based on the authors. Books written by famous authors in music education can be of great help. After going through numerous clarinet method book reviews and forums, we came up with the list below.

Reviews of the best clarinet method books for beginners

Essential Elements For Clarinet in Bb– Best overall

Whether you are a teacher or learner looking for a suitable clarinet method book, you can benefit from Essential Elements for clarinet in Bb. You can begin your journey with the help of this book. This is among the best clarinet books for learners since it has a rating of 4.8 out of 5.


  • Exercises
  • Songs
  • Startup video

Hal Leonard Corp is famous for offering numerous instructional materials that help most people learn the basics of instruments like the clarinet. This is the group behind this clarinet method book. The author of this clarinet book is called Tim Lautzenheiser, one of the famous names in music education.

This book includes a startup video that can help you learn the basics of a clarinet. It also contains numerous songs and exercises that you can practice as you begin your musical journey. Most beginners also choose this clarinet book since it has simple instructions. You will also find crucial details on how to take care of a clarinet in this book.

It offers a concise presentation on how to play the clarinet and is easy to follow. Since this book gives a guide on making notes and reading music, you can quickly improve your skills in clarinet playing. Do you have a low budget but need an excellent clarinet book? Look no further since this book is also pocket-friendly.


  • It is ideal for both students and teachers
  • The book contains instructions that are simple to follow
  • Its author is well recognized for creating quality clarinet books
  • It is reasonably priced


  • It does not come with a CD or DVD


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Rubank Elementary Method Clarinet-Best value

Get a highly rated clarinet method book that has been around for a long time. Rubank Elementary is among the best clarinet method books for beginners since it can meet your needs. This book has been around for three decades now, and it is rated 4.7 out of 5.


  • Tuneful exercises
  • Fingering charts
  • Standard scales

It offers tuneful exercises that are built logically and helpful fingering charts, including Boehm and Albert systems. Try the exercises available in the book since they can help you develop your skills. If you are already familiar with reading notes and musical notation, you will enjoy using this clarinet book. You can even rely on this clarinet method book as you continue advancing your skills since it is also valuable for advanced players.

The problem with some clarinet method books is that they fail to focus on playing some recognizable tunes. Rubank Elementary is different since it focuses on developing techniques and can help you improve your skills within no time. This book also contains standard scales that are useful as you learn how to play the clarinet.

You will learn more about the clarinet and more about music. It is beginner-friendly since it uses a simple approach in teaching how to play the clarinet. This clarinet book also covers other crucial aspects like duets, solos, and arpeggios.


  • The lessons are thorough
  • It contains useful exercises
  • This book has been around for long
  • It is easy to use


  • Some learners reveal that it is a bit boring


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The Ultimate Clarinet Book For Beginners– Best for practice

You can gain more confidence in playing the clarinet with the help of this book. It can help you learn how you can create good music as you play. The author behind this clarinet method book is called Maggie Gray, and it has a rating of 4.4 out of 5.


  • Breathing exercises
  • General music knowledge
  • Practice checklist

Maggie Gray is a famous music performer that has a lot of experience in such woodwind instruments. She is passionate about helping young and dedicated clarinet players. It is great for beginners since it can help you learn how to assemble the clarinet and hold it. It also offers some maintenance tips that you can use to prolong the lifespan of your musical instrument.

The Ultimate clarinet book also has some helpful breathing exercises that you should practice. You can learn how to tongue your sounds and blow into the clarinet by reading this book. This book also helps you keep abreast with music-related information since it is modern.

The book is engaging, and the author uses a friendly tone to deliver information. Note that you may not be able to use this book on a desk or music stand as you play the clarinet since it has a cover binding instead of spiral binding.


  • It is easy to understand
  • The book offers a practice plan that you can use every day
  • An experienced performer wrote it


  • Some beginners find it tedious to read due to the numerous pages


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Accent on Achievement, B flat Clarinet Book 1– The budget-friendly option

Is your child interested in the clarinet? If yes, you can get them this book. Though the book has existed since the late 90s, many people still consider it among the best clarinet method books for beginners. Mark Williams and O’Reilly are the authors of this book. Accent on Achievement has a rating of 4.7 out of 5.


  • Rest and rhythm exercises
  • Full band arrangements
  • Scale exercises
  • Chorales

The book features numerous band arrangements and rhythm and scale exercises. The authors of this clarinet method book added colorful pages to make it more appealing to readers and help eliminate boredom.

It is user-friendly since it is easy to understand and contains different practical lessons. Therefore, reading this book can make you a better clarinet player and lead to enhanced performance. Most beginners also choose this book since it comes at an affordable price.

Unlike some books, Accent on Achievement comes with a CD that can help you learn how to play this musical instrument fast. It also features a comprehensive review cycle that makes it easy for you to remember the lessons as you progress.


  • It is easy to read
  • Contains colorful pages
  • The book is budget-friendly
  • Includes a complimentary CD


  • Some users reveal that the cover is less durable


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Clarinet For Dummies– The most comprehensive guidebook

Whether you play the clarinet solo or in a band, you can learn some useful techniques with the help of this book. This is among the best clarinet method books for beginners since it offers a guide on most clarinet topics. David Etheridge is the author of this book, and it has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.


  • Step by step guidelines
  • Complimentary CD
  • Fingering guides and chart

You can also learn how to play songs in different styles with the help of this book. Have you been experiencing difficulties with hand placement while playing the clarinet? Reading this book can help you work on this since it includes step-by-step instructions on this.

It also makes it easy to grasp different music concepts. You can even learn how to tune the clarinet, adjust the reeds or maintain a great pitch while playing it. If you are looking for a clarinet, you can also get tips on purchasing or renting the right one by reading this book.

Clarinet for dummies even outlines the bad habits that you need to avoid as you play the clarinet. The author also recommends specific clarinet models for beginners. Your purchase also comes with a complimentary CD that can make you a better player. This CD includes recordings that you can play along with during practice.


  • The author is great at explaining most concepts in the book
  • The book is well organized
  • It is easy to read and has a friendly tone


  • The finger guides are not user-friendly


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If you enjoy making music and would like to learn the clarinet, you should invest in the best clarinet method books for beginners. These can help you learn how to play and tune the instrument, proper hand placement, and play songs in different styles. With this guide, you can easily find the best method book that can fulfill your needs. Also, remember that practice and dedication are vital to becoming a great clarinet player.


Is Yamaha beginner clarinet good?

Yes. This manufacturer makes great beginner clarinets that come with high-quality features.

What are the best beginner clarinet sheet music?

Some of them include Carnival of Vernice, Camptown Races, Home on the Range, and God Save the Queen.


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