Best clarinet mouthpiece for Advanced Players

The market is flooded by many mouthpieces, that it’s hard to find the right one for your level. So, what is the best clarinet mouthpiece for advanced players? Let’s find out.

Mouthpieces come in varieties and are selected according to the level of a player. What works best for beginners might not be appropriate for intermediate and advanced players. I have been playing the clarinet for a while, and I have some favorites. When I advanced, I needed to replace my mouthpiece immediately. The Vandoren and D’Addria brands have a proven track record for top-notch mouthpieces and are my go-to mouthpieces. As you might already know, the clarinet mouthpiece is where all elements of the clarinet assemble to produce sound. This makes it a vital part of the instruments. Let’s look at some of the best mouthpieces for advanced players.

Best Clarinet Mouthpiece for Advanced players Comparison Table

MouthpieceBest ReedsBeak profile/StyleLevelPrice
Vandoren CM4028 13 Series3-488Intermediate/AdvancedCheck price
Vandoren CM4158 M13 Lyre 13 Series3.5-588AdvancedCheck Price
D'Addario Reserve Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece, X03.5-AboveXOAdvancedCheck Price
Vandoren Clarinet Mouthpiece (CM145)2.5-3.5Bass styleIntermediate/AdvancedCheck Price
Vandoren CM3178 M15 Profile 88 Bb3.5-588AdvancedCheck Price
Vandoren CM308 B45 Traditional 2.5-3.5+XOAll levelsCheck Price
Vandoren CM302 5RV Lyre 3-4TraditionalAdvancedCheck Price

Best Clarinet Mouthpiece for Advanced players Products Reviews

All clarinets come with mouthpieces, but a person requires an upgrade. Below are some of our favorites.

Vandoren CM4028 13 Series 5RV Lyre Profile 88 Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece –Best mouthpiece upgrade for advanced level users.

The Vandoren CM4028 13 series is one of the best-reviewed mouthpieces for advanced players. This mouthpiece is responsive and easy to control. You will notice it’s a slightly more open tube that suits lighter reeds. This makes it sharper and more articulate. It weighs 1.6 ounces, and its origin is France. The Vandoren Company is a French company reputed for its high-quality accessories. This series was first availed to customers in 2004. I remember a college teacher I knew who swore by the Vanderon CM4028 13 series and asked all her students to upgrade. The skeptical students tried it out and understood why their teacher was so specific about this mouthpiece. The transitioning from the lower to upper register is as simple as you can imagine. The Vandoren CM4028 is manageable with little to no effort.

What we liked

  • The ease of transitioning from lower to the upper register
  • The sharpness and articulateness of the sound
  • The high quality of the instrument accessory

What we didn’t like

  • Not a good match if your embouchure is weak


This mouthpiece has almost no flaws. However, it is only great in the hands of intermediate or advanced users.


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Vandoren CM4158 M13 Lyre 13 Series Profile 88 Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece– Best for any player who can handle reeds above 3.5 in strength

This member of the M Vandoren series is one of our favorites for those who have advanced. If you prefer a harder reed, this clarinet mouthpiece will work for you. This is a great addition to an ensemble playing as it adds a dark, rich tone that blends well with other instruments. It is another great product of the Vandoren accessories for clarinets. This mouthpiece will make your playing on the upper register a walk in the park and has a profile 88 beak. This M13 Lyre is more open than its cousin the M13, which makes it perfect for advanced players. The result is a rich, centered sound with hard reeds. This is a tiny piece that weighs only 0.8 ounces. However, note that this is not a bass clarinet mouthpiece. If you have been using open mouthpieces and found yourself in the habit of biting, you should consider switching to this more closed option.

What we liked

  • Easy to play on hard reeds
  • Easy on the upper register
  • Dark, rich tone
  • The great sound of this mouthpiece

What we didn’t like

  • It is pricy


This is another Vandoren mouthpiece that is worth your time and money. It is never a bad thing to invest in a high-quality accessory to save you the frequent replacements that come with low-quality items.


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D’Addario Reserve Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece, X0– best for hard reeds and professional clarinet users

This is a United States company that has clinched the music instruments’ accessories market. It is only 0.05 ounces. You might not try out any other if you begin your upgrade search with this mouthpiece. The material is rubber, making it even and sleek. You can get it in four different facings and two pitches. According to the manufacturers, it is milled and not molded, hence the sleekness and high tolerance. Aside from its great looks, this mouthpiece is great for your clarinet. You might want to purchase it when your embouchure is well-developed. Compared to the 5rv Lyre by Vandoren, this mouthpiece has a smaller opening. You will need a reed strength of 3.0,and harder to hack this mouthpiece, and that’s why it is on our list of the best mouthpieces for advanced players. This information is not available in the product description.

What we liked

  • The articulate and sharp sound
  • The long-lasting material
  • Looks good

What we didn’t like

  • The manufacturer has not included that it’s best for advanced players


This mouthpiece is a wonder for advanced players. If you’re a beginner, you might struggle to handle a 3.0 reed which works best with this accessory.


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Vandoren Clarinet Mouthpiece (CM145)– best for sharpness and tuning for advanced players and doublers

This Vandoren CM145 or the black diamond is your bass clarinet’s best friend. You will get a round, full-bodied sound with ease of use. It hasn’t been around for long, but it has already made a great impact in the market. It comes at 4 ounces and it was first availed to users in July 2016. It will allow you to play at an embouchure similar to the Bb. This mouthpiece will be a great option for doublers and straight-ahead users. We found this to have more depth and control than your clarinet’s default mouthpiece. You will need high-strength reeds for this one to prevent dullness and dark tones. If you have been struggling with tune and sharpness, you might want to try this out before anything else. You will like it as an advanced user, and it does not constrict air. Your embouchure will open up even more with this accessory.

What we liked

  • This accessory did not restrict air, making it easy to play.
  • It has great reviews
  • Registers are consistent and even
  • Can be double-used in other instruments like saxophones

What we didn’t like

  • It can be dull without the right expertise


You will take a break from the frequent replacements for your bass clarinet with this worthy accessory. I also noticed the reduced resistance from this mouthpiece.


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Vandoren CM3178 M15 Profile 88 BbBest for advanced level users in an ensemble

This is a great Vandoren clarinet mouthpiece for an articulate sound. If you are already advanced, this rubber mouthpiece will work best for you at this level. It works best with reeds of 3.5-5 and is made with hard rubber for longevity and conciseness of sound. It is 2 ounces heavy and was first available in 2007. The tip opening is 1.13mm wide, and it’s great for straight-ahead players and doublers who like to use it on both the clarinet and the saxophone. The hard rubber makes the sound deeper and richer than other materials. I noticed its good tune and ease in playing.

What we liked

  • The durable hard rubber material
  • The articulate and deep sound
  • Sounds great in an ensemble

What we didn’t like

  • It might not work for you if you can’t handle 3.5 reeds and above


This mouthpiece is a great upgrade from the M series of Vandoren mouthpieces. The material makes it perfect for an advanced learner with well-balanced embouchure.


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Vandoren CM308 B45 Traditional – Best for all levels of users and fits all standard Bb clarinets

This is a universal clarinet mouthpiece that works for levels. It is 0.8 ounces heavy and has a medium-long facing. They will work with hard reeds and softer ones alike. This means that all levels of users can enjoy this accessory and play it with ease. What I liked about it is how easy it is to pick. The upper register plays well with this mouthpiece. I also noticed a nice crisp sound with every blow.

What we liked

  • It has a nice and crisp sound
  • Works with most reeds
  • Easy to play

What we didn’t like

  • It doesn’t come with a mouthpiece cap


This is a universal clarinet mouthpiece by Vandoren with a traditional beak. It is easy to pick up for all levels. The manufacturer describes it as a piece appreciated by most clarinetists, and this is as accurate as it can get.


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Vandoren CM302 5RV Lyre –Best mouthpiece upgrade on high strength reeds

This mouthpiece is open with a tip opening of 109. It is medium facing and works well with reeds from 3-4 strength. This traditional-beaked mouthpiece is famed for its comfort and ease when hitting high notes. It can take slightly lighter reeds, giving the players more flexibility. It works best for advancing students and for general play. The beginner will struggle with handling the hard reeds that are needed for this mouthpiece. This Vandoren is a traditional style and was first availed to customers in 2004. The ease of transition from the lower register to the upper is unmatched with the 5RV Lyre. When I tried it out, I was impressed by the improvement in my tune, and the sound was clear and concise. I also liked that most experts had something nice to say about this clarinet mouthpiece.

What we liked

  • Comfort and articulate sound even in high notes
  • How easy it was to transition from lower to the upper register

What we didn’t like

  • Corking was a little too tight


This Vandoren is not good just because it is a Vandoren; its sound speaks for itself. It is great for advanced players who would like to expand their embouchure.


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Buying Guide for the best clarinet- What to look out for

Tone Quality

A mouthpiece might look sleek and bright, but how is the tone quality? This is what the mouthpiece is all about. If it cannot perform in this feature, then it’s not worth it. The purpose of playing the clarinet is to produce a great tone. The best part about this is that the store will allow you to test the mouthpiece. You might need some mouthpiece patches for this. The sound should be clear and pure, especially for advanced players who need to sound great.


I am an avid believer in customer reviews when making any purchases. These reviews are found on the related sites of the item you want to purchase. Listening to previous and current users will give you a clear picture of what you are getting yourself into. Look at both sides of the coin and make an informed choice. Some people criticize an item when all they did was purchase the wrong one. Look at what most users are saying, and if you see consistency in some features, then you are looking t the truth about the mouthpiece. This does not mean that you shouldn’t try it, as people differ in their perceptions. A first-hand experience cannot compare to any review. However, you can look at them to see what different people experienced with that particular clarinet mouthpiece.

Ease of Play

The mouthpiece needs to be easy to play without any compromise in sound. The user is the only one who can identify if the accessory is easy to play with or not. This means that you need to test the mouthpiece. If a mouthpiece is stuffy and difficult to play, it should be disregarded, despite its brand. As you already know as an advanced user, a mouthpiece’s sound is dependent on the reed’s strength. If you know this, your mouthpiece shopping will be easy and fun. Ensure that you carry your mouthpiece patches to avoid any damages as you try out various mouthpieces.

Level of User

You are likely looking for an advanced user mouthpiece because you are at this level. Finding the right one for your level will determine how your sound will be articulated. You will be surprised to note that most manufacturers will not include this information in their product descriptions. If they could only indicate this, then our shopping would take half the time for advanced mouthpieces or any level. You might consider recommendations from other advanced users. Find out what they use and what works for them at that level. If you have contacts of a tutor, you should consider asking for a recommendation during your upgrade.


Clarinet mouthpieces are made with hard rubber for advanced players. Beginners will get theirs in plastic. If you are upgrading, leave all the plastics behind and move on to rubber mouthpieces. The material improves the overall sound, but you will notice a sensitivity to temperature changes. Exposure to too much heat or cold will affect the intonation and how the accessory works in your clarinet. If you are playing in the outdoors, chances are that your mouthpiece will get damaged if it’s too hot and there is nothing that can prevent this. The material is directly related to durability, except in unfavorable conditions. No one wants to keep making trips to the store for new mouthpieces, so go for the hard rubber as it has the highest chance of durability.

Final Verdict

Clarinet mouthpieces are vital in the final sound of your instrument. Picking the right one is an important process when advancing to the advanced level. If you get it wrong, chances are that you will not get any approval from your audience. Look at our buying guide above and put those factors into consideration. In this guide, the Vandoren brand, especially the CM4028 is the best mouthpiece for advanced clarinet users. It meets all the criteria for advanced players and is comfortable and articulate. The other options mentioned above are also great for advanced players.


How do I know if a clarinet mouthpiece is the right one for me?

The surest way is to test it. All shops will let you test their mouthpieces before purchase as long as you do not scratch or damage them.

Are advanced users’ clarinet mouthpieces expensive?

They will not break your bank but are more expensive than beginner mouthpieces.

When can I upgrade my mouthpiece to an advanced-level mouthpiece?

When your embouchure is well-balanced, you can now upgrade to an advanced level.

What clarinets do professional clarinet players use?

The most sort-after mouthpiece by professionals is the Vandoren Black Diamond as it is a universal standard accessory.

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