Backun Beta Bb Clarinet Silver Keys

A wooden clarinet made from hardwood is bound to last much longer than the traditional cane. The Backun Beta Bb clarinet silver keys is the perfect example of a high-quality wooden wind instrument.

This clarinet plays on the B flat key and is best for intermediate players. It is guaranteed to last long due to its well-cured Grenadilla material. When I moved to the intermediate level, my first step was to get a clarinet befitting my new level. I was accompanied by my advanced friend, as she has a good ear for sound. We bumped into the Backun Beta clarinet, and since it was an in-store purchase, we carried a mouthpiece patch and went on to try it. We were pleased by the free blowing and ease of play in this clarinet. In this post, we will look at it in detail, so keep up.

Backun Beta Bb Clarinet Silver Keys Overview

A student looking to own a first wood clarinet after advancing from the plastics should consider the Backun Beta. It is made with aged Grenadilla wood that is recognized for its sturdiness and resilience. This instrument’s craftsmanship is unquestionable as it has no sharp edges or anything that can set you off. It is multicolored as it has wood and nickel-plated ergonomic keys. We recommend it as a first-time upgrade due to its sound and tune and how free blowing it is with comfortable restrictions. We liked that it came with a complete mouthpiece kit, and you don’t have to buy accessories except when replacing them after they are worn out.

The instrument gives you a full, and flexible and has no crankiness in the keys. The keys are well aligned, and when combined with premium Grenadilla, you will get a rich tone that projects well across large rooms. The hard rubber mouthpiece comes in handy for this level as intermediate players have a moderately developed embouchure and can handle reeds of 3.0 strength and above. You do not have to worry about handling as it is lightweight and fits into the hand with comfort.

The response was also great when we tested it, and responds well on all registers. This speedy response is accelerated by the leather pads that align the keys. It comes with a grenadilla 65m barrel that connects the reed and mouthpiece in terms of sound. A wooden barrel is great for projection, and a wooden bell works to improve clarity. The keywork is familiar, so you won’t need to make any adjustments as you play.

The wooden grenadilla bell comes with this instrument as part of the accessories. It also comes with a one-year warranty which gives a player some sense of security and makes playing stress-free. In case any accessory wears out, you can purchase a replacement at any music store.

When we say it is for intermediate players, we do not mean that advanced players cannot use it. It can be used by both intermediate and advanced players. However, a beginner might struggle with handling hard reeds and should begin with plastic reeds and advance as they broaden their embouchure. We liked that the thumb rest was adjustable to accommodate all players.

What we liked

  • The sleek hard wooden material that lasts long
  • The adjustable thumb rest
  • This instrument comes with all accessories
  • The rich and precise tone
  • The hard shell case
  • It is free blowing

What we didn’t like

  • It is not available in many colors
  • The Backun Beta clarinet is not suitable for beginners


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Backun Beta Bb Clarinet Silver Keys Specifications

Model Backun Beta Bb Clarinet Silver Keys
Key B Flat
Sound Rich, sharp
Material Aged Grenadilla Wood
Level Intermediate
Mouthpiece Hard rubber
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Backun Beta Bb Clarinet Silver keys Features

Design and Build

The first thing you will notice is the well-polished wood that makes up this instrument. This instrument is a great first upgrade for the intermediate level. If you are starting a career or are moving forward to the net level, you will get exceptional sound and tone. You will also walk away with a well-crafted instrument that is durable. It is made with grenadilla hardwood that is well cured to make it sturdy and long-lasting.

This instrument weighs 5.32 pounds and has nickel silver keys. It offers optimized out-of-the-box playability for those looking to step up to the intermediate level and own their first wooden clarinet. It feels great on the hands due to the polished wood and fits into a 4th grader’s hands.

Sound and tone

This instrument is great if you are looking for an exceptional tone with preciseness, this is the instrument for you. The great sound is backed up by the wood material and the accessories. It comes with a grenadilla barrel that creates a connection between the mouthpiece and the instrument. The right barrel does a great job on the intonation, and a bell works on projection.

The grenadilla bell balances the tone for a well-articulated sound. It first hit the market on October 2017 and has maintained its clientele due to its high quality. You can’t know about sound without playing the instrument. For this reason, we pre-booked an in-store testing session, and I asked my expert clarinetist to listen to the tone as I played. We were pleasantly surprised at how articulate and free blowing it was. We easily achieved great tones in the altissimo range.


This instrument comes with a wooded barrel and bell. These accessories are made to improve tune and toning. It also comes with a mouthpiece pack. This pack contains a mouthpiece, mouthpiece cap, and a ligature. The mouthpiece gives a comfortable blowing resistance and is made with hard rubber to handle the hard reeds of this clarinet.

The ligature is the connector between the mouthpiece and the reed and it comes with adjustable screws. It has nickel-plated silver keys that are ergonomic to make playing easy. It also comes in water-resistant sleek leather pads in black. These can last for a long time without requiring a change. The thumb rest is adjustable for comfort, but you will also get a neck strap to ease the strain on your thumb. The clarinet case is made to prevent warping and damage to your instrument.

The hard shell protects your instrument from fall-related damages and extreme weather conditions. This instrument comes with cork grease to protect your cork and seal it to keep it airtight. You will also get a swab to clean your instrument before and after use.

Who It’s Best Suited for

This is made for the intermediate players looking to step to the next level after the plastic beginner clarinets. This is a hard reed clarinet and requires a developed embouchure to handle. It also assists intermediate students to broaden their embouchure to move to the advanced level. It can also be used by professional players as it is free blowing with comfortable resistance.

Are there alternatives?

Yes, there are plenty of alternatives in the market for this clarinet. Some are equally good, while some are better options. There would be no point in making top-quality instruments if there was zero competition. Well, Backun does not have the privilege to be a monopoly as it has competitors like the Eastar B Flat Ebonite Bb Clarinet. This is a great intermediate clarinet, and also comes with functional silver keys that bring clarity and precision to the sound. The completion doesn’t stop there, as the market has the Buffet Crampon E12 France Intermediate Bb Clarinet. This one is a wooden B flat key and comes with leather pads for air tightness. You can also go with Yamaha YCL450 Clarinet with Nickel Keys at the intermediate level. It is made with solid wood and nickel-plated keys.

Features of Alternatives

Model Eastar B flat Ebonite Bb Clarinet Buffet Crampton E12 France Bb Clarinet Yamaha YCL450 Clarinet
Key B flat B flat B flat
Material Metal Grenadilla Wood Wood
Sound Pure, Rich Accurate Intonation Clean, Well-rounded
Mouthpiece 4C Hard Rubber Hard Rubber
Level Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate
Price Check Price Check Price Check Price


The Backun Beta clarinet comes at the top of the list of intermediate clarinets. It is made with durable material and has superb craftsmanship. This instrument is an upgrade from the beginner level. You will surely enjoy an easy blow with comfortable resistance. It is a straight-out-of-the-box ready-to-play instrument with all its accessories with it. Backun is a trusted brand, and this comes with trust for its products. The company hasn’t failed with the Backun Beta, and it’s a force to reckon with in the musical world.


Is Grenadilla more durable than plastic?

Yes, this wood is well-aged to last long, and the wood quality is sturdy.

Is Backun Beta Clarinet good?

Yes, it is an excellent instrument for intermediate players looking for an upgrade.

Can advanced players use the Backun Beta Bb Clarinet?

Yes, they can. It works well for professional players.

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