Best clarinet bells

All clarinets come with bells during purchase, but they wear out and require to be replaced. So, what are the best clarinet bells? Let’s find out.

A clarinet has accessories that often require replacement with time. I have been playing the clarinet for years, and I believe I have the right experience to recommend the best clarinet accessories. In this post, we shall look at the best clarinet bells on the market. I recently had to replace mine, and I took an expert with m to the music shop. After looking at the bells and listening to his recommendations, I came up with a list of the best below. Keep reading to learn all about the best bells for your instruments.

Best Clarinet Bells Comparison Table

BellBrandLengthLevelClarinet TypePrice
Backun MoBa Grenadilla Bb Clarinet BellBackun Musical InstrumentsStandardProfessionalBb and ACheck Price
Lovermusic Black Clarinet Bell ABS Material Clarinet Accessory Woodwind Bb TrumpetLovermusicStandardIntermediate/ProfessionalBbCheck Price
Buffet Crampon ICON Clarinet Bell SilverBuffet64-67mmProfessionalAnyCheck Price
Schreiber Bell ‘New Model NaturalSchreiberStandardIntermediate/ProfessionalAnyCheck Price
Hakam Din Alto Clarinet Cocobolo Wood BellHakam Din170mmProfessionalAlto ClarinetCheck Price
J-Stool Clarinet Bell Mahogany Red Wood J-StoolUniversal(133mm)ProfessionalBbCheck Price

Best Clarinet Bells Products Review

Backun MoBa Grenadilla Bb Clarinet Bell– best for accentuating your low-pitch notes

This bell comes in durable natural grenadilla wood for the Bb clarinet. After this purchase, you can forget about any soon replacements as it will be a lasting accessory. It boasts of a unique taper, flare, and length and fits perfectly into your instrument. The response is immediate and controlled, and it has a powerful, focused tone. Your low-pitch notes at the bottom of the clarinet will be amplified in a precise way. If your clarinet is Leblanc or Buffet, this bell will be a perfect fit for them. It was first availed to consumers in 2013, so it’s been around for a while. The material can already tell you how durable this product is so you can expect quality. If you are into brands, the Backun Musical instruments have a great reputation and are exactly what they are described to be in the product description.

What we liked

  • The product is durable with sturdy material.
  • The powerful and focused tone
  • The unique flare and taper
  • Accentuates low notes

What we didn’t like

  • The bell can only fit Leblanc and Buffet clarinets


This is a great bell with a good reputation in the industry. Since 2013, it has continued to grace many clarinets without disappointments. The articulation of the low notes is such a plus.


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Lovermusic Black Clarinet Bell ABS Material Clarinet Accessory Woodwind Bb Trumpet – Best for even tones and better resonance

This is a great replacement for your old clarinet bell. It comes in black, and it’s made from acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene material and only weighs 0.09 kg. This material is durable, so you won’t be making any replacement trips any time soon. The connector diameter is 31.6mm and will fit into your clarinet perfectly. It has been around for a while as it was first availed to customers in 2018, so you will not be experimenting with a new product. The design of the bell gives better resonance to your overall performance. The bell notes are what you need to move your music to the next level. Some bells will work better for your instrument than others, so it’s always better to take your instrument along to try them out. If you are looking for purely black color, this one might be too dull for your clarinet as it is a little matte.

What we liked

  • The durable material
  • Even notes
  • The great resonance of the bell notes

What we didn’t like

  • The color is not black, but a matte charcoal color


This is a great bell for your clarinet. You can pair it with a barrel or use it as it is. The color will match a black clarinet and produce a great and articulate response. The quality is top-notch, and it is easy to play.


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Buffet Crampon ICON Clarinet Bell Silver-Best bell for small and medium rooms

Meet this amazing Grenadilla wood clarinet bell. It is everything you have been looking for in a bell in terms of durability, the flow of sound, and ideal weight. The optimized flow of sound will make your tone clear and rich. It has a silver-plated ring, and it’s 30% lighter than the traditional Buffet bell. The African Blackwood material is a guarantee of durability with this bell. When we tried this bell, we were surprised by the rich, dark tone that was coherent in all registers. My clarinet was easy to control, and there was a definite improvement in the articulation of the sound. The bell worked well on its own and I was impressed by this one. My expert friend defined the sound as soft and intimate, and possible to play and make very soft sounds in a small room. You might need an amplifier in larger rooms, but you will be fine in small to medium-sized rooms. I found a few sharp edges and some unfiled corners, but the overall product was great.

What we liked

  • The soft and nice tone in small rooms
  • The articulate sound
  • The lightweight
  • The durable material

What we didn’t like

  • It is not great in a large room without an amplifier.


Any clarinet player will tell you how great Buffet musical products are, and this is no exception. You will appreciate how soft it can be in a small room. It is so small that it can put your baby to sleep. In a medium room, you will not need an amplifier.


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Schreiber Bell ‘New Model Natural-Best for all standard clarinets

This is a German product made to fit perfectly into your clarinet. This bell fits as perfectly as the original bell. It is made with Grenadilla wood which is reputed for being sturdy. You will appreciate the natural finish of this new model of the Schreiber bell. The bell comes with a three-year warranty, and this can already tell you that you won’t be making any replacements soon. I tried it out too, and liked how trendy it made my clarinet look. On the downside, the machining was a bit too tight. If you are planning to buy a horn, you should note that there are different ones for the new and old models of this bell. If you thought that it was a new product in the market, you will be shocked to know that it has been around since 2008. We rated the response at five stars, sound quality at four stars, its overall features at four stars, and the quality at four.

What we liked

  • The immediate and articulate response
  • The trendy look
  • Durable material

What we didn’t like

  • The tight machining


This German original bell offers you an immediate response and controlled tone. It is a great upgrade from the old model. It is made with durable wood and will serve you for a reasonably long time. If you like the sound of your music to match the presentation of your instrument, this is your go-to bell for sleekness.


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Hakam Din Alto Clarinet wooden Bell | Cocobolo Wood | Gold Plated Key | Alto Clarinet Bell-Best for a sleek look and articulate sound

If you have an eye for fine details, this Pakistani bell is your go-to accessory. It is perfectly polished and made with the famous Indian Cocobolo wood. The bell is made straight, unlike many that are curved. You will love this piece of art at the first glance. Looks aside, the sound is amazing. You can play all day, and if you have a good ear, you can adjust the bell position to where it sounds best. This bell is designed for an alto clarinet, and its length is 170mm. The handcrafted bell is a piece of wood art, and delivers as it is described, and comes with a cute gold-plated key. It is suitable for intermediate and professional levels.

What we liked

  • The well-polished wood
  • The articulate tone and tune

What we didn’t like

  • It comes in brown only


The Hakam Din brand has made a name in the music industry for accessories. This bell is an indication of their attention to detail and preciseness. You will not encounter any sharp edges or unfiled corners. The wood I well-polished in various wood colors to fit all tastes.


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J-Stool Clarinet Bell Mahogany Red Wood for Bb Clarinet Universal Length-Best for sharp and articulate low tones in large rooms

This brand new model for the Bb clarinet is great and made with hardwood. This means that it can last for years without breaking. The company has handcrafted this beautiful mahogany bell for intermediate and advanced players and comes in a universal length. It is a double accessory as it works with saxophones, flutes, and other instruments. The bell comes in a standard length of 133mm. The tenon receiver size is 26.5mm and is perfect for any Bb clarinet. I liked how well-polished it came, and the beauty of the hardwood was undeniable. The sound of the bell also matched its great looks. I could hear the amplification of the lower notes in a large space.

What we liked

  • The durable hardwood material
  • The universal length

What we didn’t like

  • The Product is quite new to the market, so there are no reviews yet


This product is new, but it works great. When we tried it out, we couldn’t find any fault, and the sound tone and tuning were superb. Every product was once new in the market, and we can only find out if it’s good or bad by trying it out. We did, and we were pleased.


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Best Clarinet Bells Buying Guide-What to look out for

Buying clarinet accessories is fun, but can be confusing if you are replacing an item for the first time. When replacing your bell, you will need to put some factors into consideration when shopping. Let’s see what you need to look out for.


Most clarinets come with a plastic bell. This bell is bound to be worn out with time. The best replacement should be wooden. A wooden bell automatically improves your sound articulation. This material will make you dig deeper into your pockets, but you are assured that the replacement trip will take you some few years. The durability of an accessory depends on the material and how you care for it. Plastics are vulnerable to breakage, and while accidents are inevitable, it is better to be prepared with sturdy material. Without a proper bell, your instrument will be less resonant than you would like. Some people do not realize the importance of the bell until they hear an instrument with one. If you are a conservationist, you can go with the acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene material. It is also durable and works well. The market has different colors for bells that should match your instrument.


The truth will always be revealed by the previous or current users. If you’re buying online, those who have made purchases will always have something o say about the product. While some people will always express dissatisfaction with everything, some people give great and honest reviews. I always recommend looking at them when getting ready to make a purchase. This way, you will have a rough idea of what you are getting yourself into. Check reviews of various products and don’t concentrate on the bad as a product will always have faults. Look at the good and compare it to what you are looking to achieve with your bell. You will see varying responses on the bell features and quality as different people have different perceptions, but you will derive the reality from the reviews. If three-quarters of the reviews claim that a product is non-functional, then you might want to believe them.

Sound Quality

A bell is given less credit than it deserves. It influences the sound on the long-tube notes and also the notes from the middle section of your clarinet. With this in mind, you need to carry your clarinet and try out various bells. I have also seen shops that let you try out several bells as long as you return them without any damage. You will get a clear picture of the right bell for your instrument by trying many bells out. A good bell needs to improve the tone and articulation with or without an amplifier. If you are having trouble with a good quality bell, you might need to rotate it until you find the right position for your bell. You need to be a competent musician to identify a good bell and sound. If you aren’t, you should consider taking an expert with you. This will help you identify what best works with your instrument and whether your instrument is good.

Perfect fit

Bells are not one-size-fits-all. They come in varying thicknesses and designs. The clarinet needs to be fitted with a bell that easily fits with the barrel, upper and lower joints. You will need a little cork grease to make this fit perfect. If the bell slides easily or does not fit, then you need to look for another product. You do not want air to leak inside your clarinet as you blow. Any clarinet accessory replacement requires one to carry their instrument to physically fit the products. When buying online, be keen on the size indicated by the manufacturer and ensure that it fits your clarinet.

Final Verdict

A bell replacement is inevitable for your clarinet when you have enjoyed the standard one that comes with your instrument for some time. Bells are sold separately for replacements, so you won’t struggle to find one. In our review, the Backun bell for Bb clarinets carries the day. The durable wood and how articulate it makes the sound was higher than other bells. The response of the bell was undisputedly great. We liked its unique taper and design and how polished it was. Considering that it’s not a new product in the market, people said great things about it, and many people seemed to prefer it. Other bells were also great like the Buffet for those who like to go with a famous brand.


Does the bell make any difference in my clarinet?

Yes, it does. It articulates the sound of long-tube notes and the mid-section notes.

What is the purpose of a bell in a clarinet?

The flare of the bell improves the tuning and tone of the lowest notes.

How much is a clarinet bell?

You can get them as low as 80 dollars and as high as $1000, depending on the brand and material.

How wide is a bass clarinet bell?

The bell can be anywhere between 64-89mm wide depending on how it’s designed.

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