Best Clarinet Reed Cases – A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Read this article to find out the best clarinet reed cases and what you should consider before purchasing a reed case.

Finding the right reed case for your clarinet can be a big challenge if you don’t know what you should look for. I have been at pains recently trying to find a perfect reed case that meets my needs until I ventured online and discovered a variety with varying budgets and qualities. I settled for a reed case that provided for humidity control while at the same time preventing my reeds from warping under different atmospheric conditions. To top that up, I specifically chose a reed case that I could conveniently carry around but with the added advantage of durability and style. I decided to write a detailed buying guide from my research and experience to make sure you don’t go through what I went through and never worry again about finding the best clarinet reed case for your clarinet.

The Best Clarinet Reed Cases Comparison Table

ModelProtec Bb Clarinet Reed CaseVandoren HRC10 Hygro CaseRico Multi-Instrument Reed Vitalizer CaseProtec A251 Reed CaseVandoren VRC810 Clarinet Reed Case
Slots12 (Numbered)6 (Numbered)8 (Numbered)10 (Numbered)8 (numbered)
Dimensions4.1 x 3.2 x 0.6”7.5 x 1 x 4”5 x 1.8 x 62”8.7 x 6.2 x 0.5”3 x 3.6 x 0.8”
Model NoA250HRC10RVCASE04‎A251VRC810
ClarinetBb clarinetsBb/Eb ClarinetsAll typesAlto/Tenor ClarinetBb/Eb Clarinets
ColorOpaque BlackBlackBlackBlackVelvet Blue
Humidity ControlTechnology not includedHumidity disk and sponge availedHumidity control pack availableTechnology not includedHumidity disk and sponge availed
Key Features12 numbered slots for clarinet reeds

Flat surface prevents warping

Allows airflow

Secure spring-loaded closure with durable clamshell protection
6 numbered slots for clarinet reeds

Grooved slots for perfect air circulation

Replacement humidity disk and sponge available (HRCK)

Color verification
Includes one 73% relative humidity

Available refill packs in 58%, 73%, and 84%
Durable clamshell protection

Special spring loaded closure mechanism

Allows airflow

Lightweight, virtually indestructible
Convenient size(fits in a shirt’s pocket)

Holds 8 reeds.

For Clarinet Reeds
AvailabilityCheck priceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

The Best Clarinet Reed Cases Products Review

Protec Bb Clarinet Reed Case – Best for Beginner Clarinetists

The Protec Bb clarinet reed case combines functionality with style to provide you a virtually indestructible reed case that is amazingly light in weight.

Key features

  • 12 numbered slots for clarinet reeds
  • Warping prevention flat surface design
  • Secure spring loaded closure
  • Durable clamshell protection
  • Inbuilt airflow mechanism

The Protec Bb Clarinet reeds case is an ideal addition for any clarinet player who intends to keep the clarinet reeds in perfect condition without warping or losing them.

The durable clamshell protection is one outstanding feature that guarantees the durability of this case under vigorous use and tough conditions. It is the perfect case for a student. The built-in airflow mechanism ensures that the reeds are kept at the perfect humidity of between 50 to 58 degrees Celsius.

The icing on the cake is the flat surface design that actively saves your reeds from warping hence losing shape and the ability to be used. The case allows you to comfortably carry 12 clarinet reeds and keep them in top condition for use whenever you desire or at any moment when the need arises

What we liked about this reed case

  • Durability
  • Warping prevention
  • The ease of portability
  • Reeds moisture control through perfect airflow mechanism

What we did not like about this reed case

  • Demands extra care when inserting the reeds or else you end up with damaged reeds through breakage.


The Protec Bb reed case is an extremely reliable device that will offer you value for money and keep your reeds in good condition. It combines convenience with style and functionality to give you a product that does what it is meant to do while at the same time having a stylish look you can flash confidently in the public.


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Vandoren HRC10 Hygro Case for Bb/Eb Clarinet – Best for keeping reeds in good condition

Regulated humidification by controlled air circulation

  • Hygrometry level controlled by humidity indicator disc

The Vandoren HRC10 Hygro Case is designed to maintain the optimal humidity condition of your reeds.

Key features

  • Numbered slots
  • Grooved slots
  • Humidity disc and sponge (HRCK)
  • Color verification mechanism for humidity control

The Vandoren HRC10 Hygro Case does not fall short of expectations as far as maintaining the humidity and preserving the condition of your reeds is concerned. It comes with numbered slots that help you to keep track of your reeds but most importantly, the reed slots are grooved to enhance perfect air circulation which controls humidification.

This reed case comes with a humidity indicator disk and sponge that can be replaced from time to time for optimal performance. Vandoren offers a replacement kit HRCK if the sponge deteriorates. It includes a color verification component that accurately shows the correct humidity levels of your reeds and will direct you if they need to be wetted.

What we liked about this reed case

  • It is easy to access and transport
  • Numbered slots help in tracking reeds
  • Replaceable humidity control disk and sponge are a good bargain.
  • Offers accurate humidity control due to the color verification feature
  • Maintains the reeds in perfect conditions for a long time

What we did not like about this reed case

  • The sponge gets ugly black spots and gathers mold.


This case is perfect for use by all whether students or professional musicians and will deliver the best results at all times.


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Rico Multi-Instrument Reed Vitalizer Case – Best for automatic humidity control

  • Grooved reed slots for the perfect air circulation
  • Color verification for controlling reed humidity

The Rico Multi-instrument Reed Vitalizer Case is a versatile case that keeps your reeds from warping and within the right humidity level for longer than 9 weeks. It allows you to safely store and carry around 8 reeds with ease.

Key features

  • Numbered reed slots
  • Humidity disc and sponge
  • Grooved slots for aeration
  • Humidity indicator mechanism
  • Compatible with all types of clarinet reeds
  • Can be used with other woodwind instrument reeds

This is the best reed case that allows you multi-task. It allows you to handle not only clarinet reeds of all kinds of clarinets but also saxophone reeds with ease.

It comes with the option of a replacement for the humidity disc and sponge and an accurate easy-to-follow color verification mechanism that allows you to monitor the humidity of your reeds in real-time and make adjustments accordingly.

What we liked about this reed case

  • Offers accurate reed tracking
  • Supports accurate humidity control
  • Provides perfect humidity conditions for the reeds
  • Provides for replacement of humidity disk and sponge

What we did not like about this reed case

  • Prone to discoloration and growing mold on the sponge
  • Produces a sharp bad smell when moldy


The Rico Multi-instrument Reed Vitalizer Case is incredibly accurate at maintaining reed humidity and conditions which makes it the most convenient for use with all types of clarinets and a variety of woodwind instruments with reeds like the saxophone. It is the perfect all-in-one reed case that delivers without hitches.


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Protec A251 Alto/Tenor Saxophone Reed Case – Black – Best for keeping your reeds from warping

  • Spring-loaded closure
  • Durable clamshell protection

The Protec A251 Alto/Tenor Reed Case is what you need to keep all your clarinet and saxophone reeds from warping and for a good price within your reach as a beginner or a student.

Key features

  • Durable clamshell protection
  • Spring-loaded closure
  • Numbered slots
  • Engineered to allow for perfect airflow

The Protec A251 Alto/Tenor Reed Case combines style and functionality in a sleek case perfectly made for students and beginners. It is astoundingly light in weight while virtually indestructible making it very portable to move around from place to place while highly durable in the same breath.

The numbered slots allow you to track your reeds while the well-engineered airflow mechanism is doctored towards maximizing air circulation to keep your reeds from drying and warping plus it allows you to safely keep 10 clarinet reeds without the worry of damage or loss.

What we liked about this reed case

  • The strength and durability
  • Sleek beautiful design
  • Light in weight and easy to carry around
  • Very affordable but works perfectly
  • Numbered slots make tracking reeds easy

What we did not like about this reed case

  • Requires extra care when inserting the reeds in the slots otherwise, it can damage the clarinet reeds


This is the best reed case for beginners and students. It comes at a good price while surprisingly doing exactly what it is meant to do. The read case does not look cheap despite being quite affordable and perfectly portrays a classy chic style whenever you fish it out plus it can fit your clarinet’s carrier and your shirt’s pocket flawlessly.


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Vandoren VRC810 Clarinet Reed Case – Best for carrying around in your pocket with ease

  • Convenient size that fits in the pocket
  • Proper air circulation mechanism

Elegant design and a pocket fitting size for ease of carrying while maintaining the right humidity of your Bb/Eb clarinet and soprano saxophone reeds around are the hallmarks of the Vandoren VRC810 case.

Key features

  • Provides properly controlled air circulation
  • Grooved slots
  • Convenient pocket-size design
  • Numbered slots
  • Variety of colors
  • Elegant design

The Vandoren VRC810 is best suited for the professional clarinet player or the serious musician. It is specifically designed for the Bb/Eb clarinet reeds and the soprano saxophone which is an added advantage.

The Vandoren VRC810 protects your reeds from abrupt temperature changes and allows the reeds to dry well. This is a must-have reed case for the serious clarinet player.

It can perfectly fit in your shirt’s pocket while still ensuring the reeds are properly aerated due to the grooved slots. The blue color with a variety of other options gives the perfect final touch that completes the elegant look. The numbered slots in the reed compartments allow you to store your reeds in perfect order.

This reed case wins on compatibility, mobility, and elegance. It helps you to make the perfect statement of your seriousness as a musician.

What we liked about this reed case

  • The convenient size that fits in the pocket is perfect for carrying around
  • Elegant design that perfectly holds 8 reeds in an organized manner
  • Can be used with a soprano saxophone
  • Designed to open and close easily
  • Available in a variety of colors

What we did not like about this reed case

  • The reed case requires extra attention to avoid damaging the reeds when slotting them in the compartments


This is the perfect reed case for serious clarinet players. It is designed specifically for the Bb and Eb clarinet and the soprano saxophone reeds.


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Buying a Clarinet Reed Case – What to look out for

If you are planning to buy a reed case for your clarinet reeds or to upgrade from an old one, there are a few key things that should guide the decision. Buying the perfect clarinet reed case should not give you a headache. Here are the key features should guide your decision when deciding on which is the best clarinet reed case to buy in line with your needs:

Humidity Control

The humidity of the atmosphere directly affects the reeds. If the environment is too dry, the reeds will warp and deform or even break while the opposite will also affect the reed shape and strength. Consider a reed case that offers proper aeration or provides humidity control and monitoring mechanisms like the sponge and humidity discs or go for grooved slotted reed cases that provide for proper air circulation that controls humidity.

The number and type of slots

The reed case slots are numbered or unnumbered, grooved or non-grooved. Numbered slots allow you to track your reeds and keep them in a well-organized manner. The number of slots available at your disposal in a reed case determines the number of reeds you can store. The reed slots can be 6, 8, or 10. The number of reeds you intend to carry in a reed case determines the product that you go for. Take note that the number of slots may alter the price of the reed case.

Reed Compatibility

Some reed cases are instrument specific and if you ignore or overlook that fact, you can buy a product that will not serve you. Always find out if the reed case you want to purchase fits the reeds of your instrument. This will help you to prevent breaking your reads in an attempt to safely store and carry them around. Some reeds work exclusively with soprano and alto Bb/Eb instruments which may be incompatible with bass clarinets. A good reed case will also allow you the luxury of storing reeds from other woodwind instruments like the saxophone apart from accommodating a variety of clarinet reeds with ease.


Depending on where and the frequency of how you intend to move around with your reeds, you can settle for pocket-friendly reed cases or larger reed cases. The size also determines the types of reeds the case can handle and other compatibility issues. Depending on what works for you, find the right size that fits your needs.

The durability of the reed case

Durability is a premium factor to consider when purchasing a reed case. You want an elegant convenient-to-carry-around reed case that serves your needs but you also want something that will not send you back to the shops after a short time which makes a durable reed case the best logical choice to purchase. The best advice is to settle for the durability that works best for you

Final Verdict

The reed case is a vital investment that every clarinet player whether you are a student, a self-learner, or a professional should make to keep his instrument’s reeds in perfect condition and able to perform at their optimal.

The reed case protects the reeds from damage and safeguards you from losses while at the same time providing you with the ease of carrying them around safely and conveniently. Get yourself a good reed case and discover the difference.


Can I clean a clarinet reed case?

Yes. Reed cases are cleaned by wiping them with a damp cloth and drying in direct sunlight. Note that when lip gloss and lipstick get into contact with the exterior of your reed case, they damage it. The inside of a reed cage should be gently dusted and wiped then dried open in direct sunlight.

How can I ensure that my reeds do not gather mold?

Mold attacks damp reeds stored under poor ventilation. To ensure your reeds are safeguarded from mold attacks, thoroughly dry them before storage and make sure they are stored in a well-ventilated reed case.

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