Can You Rent A Clarinet? (Place, Price + More)

Yes. You can rent a clarinet from a rental program. This is an excellent alternative to buying one if you are unsure which instrument you wish to play.

I was thinking of getting a clarinet but did not want to buy one. My music teacher recommended a certain rental program. Since I rented one, I have learned the basics of playing this instrument.

Are you torn between renting or buying a clarinet? We can relate. We came up with this article to help you learn more about renting a clarinet and assess whether it is the best option for you.

Can you rent a clarinet?

Yes. You can rent this musical instrument. This is a good option, especially for beginners, since you don’t have to commit yourself fully. Most people also choose to rent clarinets since it is cheaper than buying such musical instruments.

Getting a good rental program can help you pay a small amount for a clarinet. It also makes maintenance much more manageable. Apart from beginners, intermediate or professional musicians can also rent a clarinet.

Suppose you want a space clarinet for performances and don’t have the money to buy an extra one. Renting would be a viable option. Some advanced clarinet players also rent this instrument to experiment with a different model. This can help you compare how your clarinet sounds against the rented model.

What are the benefits of renting a clarinet?

Renting a clarinet is flexible since it allows you to try another musical instrument if It is cheaper than buying one. The rental program can also help you maintain it.

Most rental programs take care of clarinets that people rent so that you can always have them in top-notch condition. If something happens to the clarinet you have rented, the program can also help you repair it.

Where can I rent a clarinet?

Different musical stores give you the option of renting a clarinet. Some include the National Education Music Company, Leonards Music, A & G Central Music, and Midwest musical imports. You should take your time to compare the different stores that allow you to rent a clarinet since they all have different terms and conditions.

Are there clarinet rental plan programs?

Yes. You can choose a short-term, seasonal, monthly rental, or rent-to-own program. Different musical instrument stores offer such programs.

A rent-to-own program allows you to rent the clarinet until you can pay for the total amount. Once you pay it in full, you can own it. If you want a clarinet for a short duration, you can look for a short-term rental program.

On the other hand, monthly rental programs allow you to rent for a while. You have to pay certain monthly charges to continue renting a clarinet.

What you should consider before renting a clarinet

You should consider crucial aspects such as the cost of renting, the replacement plan that a store offers, how the shop maintains its musical instruments, and level of experience. Assessing these factors can help you have a good clarinet renting experience.

Note that every musical store that rents clarinets offers rates that vary. Choose one that is within your budget. Some of the things that play a role in the rental rate of this musical instrument include the materials used to make it and the brand it is from.

Before renting a clarinet, you should also take your time to assess the instrument. Find out whether it has been played and whether it is well adjusted. You should also find out whether the rental includes the clarinet’s accessories. Before you rent the clarinet, find out whether the store has a replacement plan in case the clarinet is stolen or gets lost.

Besides that, you should also ask if the store offers upgrades as part of the rental. Consider a musical store that has experience in renting clarinets. Ensure that the musical store also allows you to return the instrument if you change your mind.

How should you care for a rented clarinet?

Wash your hands before you play it to eliminate any dirt damage to the pads or keys. Assemble and disassemble the clarinet carefully and avoid grabbing the keys. You should also clean the clarinet after every use. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the exterior and a swab to get rid of moisture in the interior. Do not forget to wipe the mouthpiece and soapy water.

When you are done playing, remove the reed and return it in the reed case. You can also maintain the rented clarinet well by oiling the keys from time to time. Applying cork grease on the corks can also extend their lifespan.

What are the costs of renting a clarinet?

Renting a clarinet costs between $20 and $50. The cost depends on the type of clarinet you want to rent, how long you are renting it, and your playing level. You may be asked to deposit between $25 and $200 before renting the clarinet.

Once you pay it, you can rent the clarinet and continue paying a monthly fee. If you only want to rent the clarinet for a short period, like a week, you may be charged between $25 and $30.


Renting a clarinet is a good solution when you are not yet ready to buy one. It is cheaper, more flexible, and offers room for learning. You can choose an excellent rental program that different stores offer. Before renting, consider factors like the replacement plan, cost, and the company’s experience. Caring for a rental clarinet involves cleaning and oiling certain parts. Renting is better than buying since it can cost less than $50.


Which clarinet brand should I rent?

You can rent reputable brands like Yamaha, Jean-Paul, or Cecilio.

How long can I rent a clarinet?

Most stores allow you to rent for a week or month.

Is renting a clarinet cheaper than buying?

Yes. While renting a clarinet can cost $50, buying one can cost over $500.

How does a clarinet rental work?

This offers a lease agreement that you have to sign while renting the clarinet. The rental shop allows you to use the instrument as you pay for it monthly or weekly.

When should I buy a clarinet?

If you have experience in playing this instrument and can afford one, you can buy it.

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