D’Luca 200GR 200 Series ABS 17 Keys Bb Clarinet Review

We recommend the D’Luca 200GR 200 Series clarinet for beginner-level clarinetists, and it could be the very best investment you make as you start out and learn more about the instrument. So, what makes this clarinet special?

Well, two things make the Bb clarinets ideal for beginners – the well-balanced pitch, the wide range, and most importantly, the size of the clarinet. Ultimately, I find this combination of elements to be the keys to the perfect clarinet for beginners and why the D’Luca clarinet is our top-recommended for beginners. This instrument is exactly what anyone getting started with clarinets needs at a length of between 60cm and 70cm, weighing 700g.

In terms of range, the Bb clarinets boast the largest possible range with 4 octaves – a feature that makes this clarinet style ideal for symphony and wind orchestras.

The other notable thing about this type of clarinet features the two main types of clarinet fingering styles – Boehm and German. And these two systems also influence the sound of the clarinet.

As a transposing instrument, how the clarinet sounds are key. In the case of this instrument, the players or the notated sound doesn’t always correspond with the sounding notes, and the D’Luca Bb clarinet comes tuned to the Bb keys. In other words, when buying the Bb clarinet, you need to know that the C played on it will sound the same as the B-Flat. This translates to the Bb’s overall low sound. The Bb sound from the clarinet is, therefore, warm and full. If you’d rather the deeper sounds, the Bb clarinet wouldn’t be ideal, but the bass clarinet would be.

What then should you expect from the D’Luca 200GR 200 Series?

D’Luca 200GR 200 Series ABS 17 Keys Bb Clarinet – Overview

As mentioned above, this is a transposing instrument with a C notation and can produce the Bb pitch. And in many cases, the Bb is used as a specification of the instrument’s keys. It accommodates high and low pitches but also maintains an overall consistency when it comes to the fingerings.

Unlike other Bb clarinets, this D’Luca Bb clarinet is a 17-keys system that exceeds and meets the highest stands for comfort, mechanical reliability, and great intonation. Its features make it a great fit for both beginners and intermediate players. So, if you wish to improve on your playability and overall performance with an affordable clarinet option, this would be the ideal fit for you.

Most importantly, it is built to last thanks to the ABS plastic it’s made of – this build is the reason for the exceptional sound from this clarinet. I was quite impressed by the richness of the tone produced by this D’Luca instrument. The smooth delivery, intonation, and responsiveness are all the cherry on top.

In terms of the clarinet’s build, I also found the nickel-plated keys and the double-barrel great features that improve on its tone and performance in general. The canvas case incorporated ensures its safety and longevity, especially when you’re on the road a lot.

What We Liked

  • A great, innovative style that exceeds standards for performance
  • The clarinet boasts great comfort
  • It delivers excellent intonation
  • Keys’ mechanical design ensures excellent play
  • Each clarinet made by the brand is inspected before release to the market, and all the clarinets from the brand meet high the high standards for a quality set
  • Durable ABS plastic that also delivers a unique sound
  • The tone from this clarinet is rich, with the smoothest possible delivery
  • The 17-keys are all nickel-plated for easy playability and also balances off the finish and contrast of the clarinet
  • It comes with an adjustable thumb rest for great hand positioning
  • Versatile, and you can use it in the studio or the marching band

What We Didn’t Like

  • It’s not the most durable clarinet to put your money on
  • The keys bend or break after some time
  • It can be a challenge to tune the clarinet

D’Luca 200GR 200 Series ABS 17 Keys Bb Clarinet – Specifications

D’Luca 200GR 200 Series ABS 17 Keys Bb Clarinet features & Specifications
Material ABS
Keys Material Nickel plated
Keys system B-Flat
Thumb rest Adjustable
Check price Check Price

D’Luca 200GR 200 Series ABS 17 Keys Bb Clarinet – Features

  • Construction

This clarinet features an ABS body. While ABS is nothing like ebonite used for the high-end clarinets used by professionals, ABS is used for the beginner-level clarinets to keep the prices down. That said, it is durable, and it even enhances the sound of the clarinet. So, if you are looking for a clarinet that delivers unique sound, then this instrument’s construction makes it a good fit for you. The ABS also leaves you with a lightweight clarinet that is easy to carry around, especially marching bands.

Besides the ABS build, this clarinet also sports nickel-plated keys. Nickel plating ensures not only great sound but also smooth playability. These keys also blend with the rest of the clarinet’s body with ease.

Its overall build is also impressive, and you will be happy to know that the manufacturer of this clarinet adheres to the highest quality standards, so you can trust this clarinet’s build.

  • Keys

The Boehm clarinets like this D’Luca piece feature the 17-key system. It’s also comprised of 6 rings. This key system was developed in the 19th century, and it has been modeled over the years into the common 17-key system that delivers great sound and playability. This key system also reduces the risk of injury, as long as you use the keys correctly, hold the clarinet right, and maintain a good hand position and posture. This keys system is also a good fit for beginner-level clarinetists because the design of the rings eliminates the problem of cross-fingerings.

The nickel-plated keys are also a great addition to the clarinet. Nickel is not only cheaper, but it also doesn’t lose its shine easily, and most importantly, they give the keys a nice feel of durability. These keys are also lightweight for improved maneuverability when playing. These keys also enhance the durability of the clarinet, and you wouldn’t have to worry about the keys bending or breaking off too soon.

The only catch is that nickel is not everyone’s best friend. And most people are allergic to nickel. If this is the case for you, you should avoid this type of clarinet.

  • Adjustable thumb rest

Playing for hours often means arm and fingers’ fatigue. But this doesn’t have to be something you struggle with when you play with this D’Luca clarinet because it has an adjustable thumb rest that ensures maximum comfort when playing and good hand positioning.

  • Mouthpiece and reed

These are also made of durable ABS.

  • Additional features/ Accessories


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This clarinet comes with a canvas case to keep it safe and protected, a screwdriver for tuning, as well as grease gloves, a dusted brush, a cleaning kit plus grease, a thumb cushion, a mouthpiece brush, a reed guard, and a polishing cloth.

Who is this clarinet suitable for?

Well, we recommend this D’Luca 200GR 200 Series ABS 17 Keys Bb Clarinet for beginners looking to learn the basics of the instrument and its playability. It is not a good investment for intermediate or experienced players.

Best Alternative for this D’Luca 200GR 200 Series ABS Bb Clarinet

Mendini by Cecillio Bb Clarinet and the Apollo ABS plastic clarinet are great alternatives for the D’Luca 200GR 200 Series clarinet.

These alternatives are both made of plastic, they are affordable, have nickel-plated keys, and are ideal for beginners.

Clarinet/ Features Mendini by Cecillio Bb Clarinet Apollo ABS plastic clarinet
Key types B-Flat B-Flat
Best for Beginners Beginners
Price Check Price

Should you buy the D’Luca 200GR 200 Series ABS Bb Clarinet?

Yes. You should buy this clarinet if you are shopping for a beginner-level clarinet. It is not free of imperfections, but this instrument is well-made to deliver good tone, playability, and overall performance, especially its responsiveness. And it will not break the bank.


  • Is the D’Luca 200GR 200 Series ABS Bb Clarinet ideal for professionals?

Unfortunately, this clarinet’s enticing features and price tag do not make it a good choice for you if you are on a professional level. It is only good enough for beginners.

  • What type of keys does this D’Luca clarinet come with?

Like most other Bb clarinets, it has a 17-key system; and all the keys are nickel-plated.


If you are interested in an affordable beginner-level clarinet that offers great sound and tone, this one by D’Luca would be an excellent option for you.

Charlotte Moore is a Clarinetist by profession and has over time offered lessons on how to play the clarinet among other musical instruments. And while a majority of clarinet players are well versed with the process of settling with a good clarinet among other accompanying features. There is little information about clarinets. The reason why Charlotte prepared comprehensive experts touching on the various facets of the clarinet. The consolidated information will offer more insight on everything clarinets including the best stand to use, and the best plastic clarinet that you can invest in, among other information. Charlotte Moore is a devoted mother of two and a professional clarinet player.

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