Etude ECL-200 Student Series Bb Clarinet Review

Are you a music enthusiast or a beginner taking your first class learning how to play the clarinet? If this is you, you need to find a clarinet that is reliable and easy to play; and this Etude ECL-200 Bb student series clarinet is one of the clarinets we recommend.

But before you select this clarinet over the many other options on the internet screaming ‘pick me,’ let’s look at what this clarinet offers and what makes it a good choice.

Etude ECL-200 Student Series Bb Clarinet – Overview

This ECL-200 clarinet by Etude is the perfect clarinet for students because it is a high-quality instrument that offers reliable performance, and it’s been built for ease of playing by beginners, and all music enthusiasts, especially if you are dabbling with a different instrument.

Some of the features that stand out from this clarinet include the brushed body made of resin and the nickel-silver keys. These build features ensure a lightweight clarinet that is easy to play with. And to enhance the playability, it has an adjustable thumb rest that allows for easy alteration or adjustments of its height to ensure easy playing and sound control for beginners. Thanks to these features, it comes highly recommended by tutors and music directors for beginners. The elements of this clarinet yield a rather strong projection, smooth tones, and a high degree of responsiveness. As a result, the sound from this clarinet is more than expected from a clarinet in this price range; its performance is comparable to that of more expensive clarinets.

The clarinet is encased in a premium-quality ABS plastic case that will withstand rough use and many trips and even use outdoors under harsh environmental conditions. It also comes with a cap, ligature, and mouthpiece.

What We Liked

  • It’s quite a response
  • Great quality sound
  • Strong projection
  • Great value for money for a beginner-level clarinet
  • It’s built for durability thanks to the resin body and ABS plastic case
  • Adjustable thumb rest allows for easy adjustment of the thumb positions
  • Lightweight nickel-plated keys that are easy to play with
  • An excellent option for beginners

What We Didn’t Like

  • The A key tends to be sticky after some time


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Etude ECL-200 Student Series Bb Clarinet – Specifications

Etude ECL-200 Student Series Bb Clarinet – Specifications
Body Brushed Resin
Keys Nickel-plated keys
Thumb rest Adjustable
Case ABS Plastic
Reeds No
Best for Beginners
Cork grease & Gloves Yes

Etude ECL-200 Student Series Bb Clarinet – Features

  • Build & Durability

The Etude ECL-200 is built for beginners. The creators of this clarinet understand that beginners might not handle the clarinet so well, and the instrument will wear out fast enough, especially with the rough use from beginners learning how to play what can be a tricky instrument. So, they have made the clarinet out of durable and weather-proof brushed resin. This will withstand rough use outdoors. The material is also relatively cheap, which translates to the clarinet’s affordability. The resin body also means a lightweight clarinet that wouldn’t feel overwhelming.

In addition to the resin body, it also has nickel-silver keys that are lightweight and enhance the overall playability of the clarinet.

Together, all these construction features of the clarinet ensure that the instrument withstands rough use and harsh treatment or environment.

  • Thumb rest

To enhance this clarinet’s playability and overall comfort level, it features an adjustable thumb rest. This is a nifty little feature that will make for the easiest alternations and changes in the thumb positions of the instrument, especially for beginners who often have a hard time controlling and moving their fingers for ease of play.

  • Case

The carrying case for this clarinet is made of durable and high-quality ABS plastic. This case keeps the clarinet and the other features of the clarinet safe. The clarinet and the case are also designed to withstand harsh conditions and treatment by the student players.

  • Sound

In addition to the solid build of this beginner-level clarinet, it also boasts a great sound that makes it worth every dollar. Despite its construction from brushed resin, this low EB clarinet yields a very strong projection. It also offers smooth playability and responsiveness that has been compared to what you experience playing a more expensive clarinet.

So, if you are looking for a clarinet that will ensure the fastest skill growth and easy learning of how to play the instrument, we recommend this kind of investment.

Overall, this clarinet’s mechanics and tone are well above the expected results for a resin beginner-level clarinet.

Who is this Etude ECL-200 Clarinet Best For?

This clarinet is the best option for beginner-level students learning to play the clarinet. Music enthusiasts with basic skills and knowledge of the clarinet could also buy this clarinet.

Which are the best alternatives to this Etude ECL-200 Clarinet?

Suppose you are looking for good alternatives to the Etude ECL-200. In that case, you may want to consider the Jean-Paul CL-300 Student clarinet, Buffet Crampon Premium Student Bb clarinet, or if you don’t mind splurging, the Selmer CL-301 Student Bb clarinet.

Here are the main differences of these clarinets that we recommend for students:

CLARINET Jean Paul USA Student Clarinet Plus CL-350 Buffet Crampon Premium Student Bb Clarinet Selmer Student Model CL301 Bb Clarinet
Body ABS ABS Resin Plastic
Keys Nickel-plated Nickel-plated Nickel-plated
Type B-Flat B-flat B-flat
Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

Verdict: Should You Buy The Etude ECL-200 Student Bb Series Clarinet?

Yes. To master the clarinet fast, you need an instrument designed with all the features and elements that promise the best sound, durability, and overall great value for your money. This Etude ECL-200 delivers all these features, and you wouldn’t have to worry about breaking the bank to afford it.


Does this clarinet come with reeds?

Unfortunately, no. You’d have to buy the reeds separately. Keep in mind that the reeds are the sensitive elements of the clarinet that are necessary for the generation of sound waves. The reeds work with the mouthpiece to create vibration and, ultimately, sound. Just make sure that you buy the beginner-level reeds – you will need reeds in either the size 2, 2.5, or size 3.

Why are the keys nickel-plated?

Well, the use of nickel-plated for the keys of this clarinet is essentially for that nice shine of keys. On top of this, the keys are made of nickel silver for the most evenness on the surface of the keys, which enhances the clarinet’s playability.

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