Etude ECL-200 vs. ECL-100 -What’s the difference?

Both students and music directors give a lot of positive reviews on Etude clarinets. Some of the popular models that we will compare today from this brand include Etude ECL-200 and Etude ECL-100.

I was looking for a quality clarinet to replace my broken one. My music teacher advised me to buy one from a well-known brand so that I could invest in a better-quality musical instrument. My search was harder than I thought since I came across numerous models. If you are in such a situation, I can help by comparing some of the top-ranked models. By the end of this, you will learn how Etude ECL-200 differs from Etude ECL-100. Enjoy!

What are the differences between Etude ECL-200 vs. ECL-100?

Name Etude ECL-200 Etude ECL-100
Body Brushed resin ABS resin
Accessories Case One reed, mouthpiece, ligature, cleaning cloth, protective cap, carrying case
Thumb rest Adjustable Reinforced
Case ABS plastic Hard shell
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Etude ECL-200 vs. ECL-100- How do they compare?


Though these clarinets come from the same company, they don’t deliver a similar performance. Most users of the Etude ECL-200 are impressed with its decent sound quality and tone. Unfortunately, some customers of the Etude ECL-100 clarinet cannot say the same thing since they reveal that the tone is not that good. Some feel that the tone of this model is too bright.

Etude ECL-200 is better since it delivers better performance compared to Etude ECL-100.


Getting a clarinet with numerous accessories is important since it can prevent you from spending more to buy certain useful items separately. When it comes to this, Etude ECL-100 does not disappoint since it includes lots of them like a mouthpiece, ligature, reed, case, mouthpiece cap, and cleaning cloth.

On the other hand, Etude ECL-200 is limited since it only has accessories like a carrying case. If you choose this model, ensure you have something extra to invest in some accessories.

Etude ECL-100 is better since it has many accessories compared to Etude ECL-200.


According to most users of the Etude ECL-200 clarinet, this is easy to set up. Assembling it only takes a few minutes as long as you have useful items such as cork grease.

On the other hand, the players of Etude ECL-100 reveal that it is difficult to put together. While some customers complain that the cork is too thick, some find the joints too tight. Such issues can easily discourage student musicians.

Etude ECL-200 is better than Etude ECL-100 since it is easier to assemble.


You will also notice a slight difference in the cost of these two clarinets. Etude ECL-200 is a bit more expensive compared to Etude ECL-100.

Despite this, Etude ECL-200 is a better-quality model compared to Etude ECL-100, and it can give you more value for your money.

Etude ECL-200 vs. ECL-100- A comparison overview

Etude ECL-200 overview

If you enjoy music and need a beginner clarinet, check out this model. It comes in a brushed resin body which is durable and easy to maintain. The material also makes it easy to play and can withstand harsh treatment.

This model sounds great and is also comfortable to use since it comes with an adjustable thumb rest. Since this clarinet has nickel-silver keys, it is quite attractive due to its shiny appearance. The keys are made from zinc, nickel, and copper and are comfortable to use.

Etude ECL-200 can give you great value when beginning your musical journey. The manufacturer even includes an ABS plastic case that protects it and makes it easy to carry around. You can assemble this model in a few minutes. Ensure you get cork grease as you purchase this musical instrument to simplify the set-up and maintain it in great condition.

If you are committed to playing the clarinet, this model can be an ideal fit. The manufacturer also offers a warranty for your peace of mind. The warranty adds value to the musical instrument since it protects it against damage.


  • Excellent tone
  • It is easy to play and maintain
  • Offers a comfortable playing experience
  • Attractive keys


  • It includes limited accessories


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ECL-100 overview

This is a Bb soprano clarinet that comes at a budget-friendly price. You can buy it for a middle school or high school student since it is easy to play. The manufacturer uses ABS resin to make the body of this clarinet. This material makes it lighter than wooden clarinets and less fragile.

You can even get this clarinet for a younger player to help them practice since this holds up better than a wooden clarinet. The clarinet does not shrink or expand with changes in humidity and temperature. It does not wiggle since the clarinet includes three screws instead of two.

The clarinet comes with nickel-plated keys. Some users report that the keys of this clarinet are fragile and can break or bend easily. It is, therefore, more suitable for someone who is comfortable playing this musical instrument at home. Despite such issues, it comes with a reinforced thumb rest that makes it more comfortable to play.

Some of the accessories that this clarinet comes with include the ligature and mouthpiece. These two elements have to work with the reed to help the clarinet produce sound. Though this clarinet comes with a 2.5-inch reed, you may need to buy more. Since the ligature is substandard, some people also buy another one upfront while choosing this clarinet.

The packaging includes a cap that protects the reed and mouthpiece, and a cleaning cloth for easy maintenance. The clarinet also comes with a hard-shell case to protect the musical instrument from damage. Unfortunately, this clarinet does not come with barrels for tuning.

You can also use the one-year warranty that this clarinet comes with in case of manufacturing defects. You can always return the clarinet to the supplier within this period and get it replaced. Some people feel that the warranty is limited since other models offer longer coverage.


  • Includes a decent mouthpiece
  • It is portable
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • The packaging includes a reed


  • Limited warranty
  • It does not always play in tune


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Verdict: So, which is better? Etude ECL-200 or ECL-100

Etude ECL-200 is better than Etude ECL-100. Though Etude ECL-200 does not come with so many accessories, it delivers better performance, is easier to assemble, and is a better-quality model. Though Etude ECL-100 is cheaper, it does not have the best tonal quality. It can be unreliable, especially when trying to play it in an orchestra or band. We, therefore, choose Etude ECL-200 as the clear winner since it has minimal issues.


What other issues does the Etude ECL-100 have?

Some users reveal tuning issues with this clarinet. Others say that it can be frustrating for a student to try to boost their playing. It can make one feel as if they are not good enough when the problem is the clarinet’s quality.

What kind of case does the Etude ECL-200 come with?

This comes with a molded ABS plastic case which is of high quality and durable. You can rely on this case to protect the clarinet well and boost portability.

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