Glory Black/Gold keys Clarinet B Flat review

If you are a beginner looking for an inexpensive clarinet, you can check out Glory Black/Gold keys Clarinet B Flat. Read on to find out more!

I was looking for an excellent gift for my son as he joined junior high school. Since he has a couple of musical instruments, I figured a clarinet would be an ideal gift to add to his collection. It took me some time to find a good clarinet. After much research, I settled for Glory Black/Gold keys Clarinet B Flat. Here is everything regarding this clarinet.

Glory Black/Gold keys Clarinet B Flat breakdown and review

  • Decent tone
  • Comfortable and easy to play

Though this is one of the cheapest beginner clarinets in the market, it performs well for its price point. The clarinet comes in a black ebonite body. The manufacturer offers it in black and gold keys, which are either lacquer or heavy-duty nickel plated.

Many beginners are also attracted to the flawless finish of this clarinet. It has a matte finish that looks like a wooden clarinet commonly used by professionals. This musical instrument is tuned to B flat and is famous for producing a distinctive tone. Many students find it easy and fun to play.

It is equipped with 2 barrels, 11 reeds, and a mouthpiece. Since this clarinet also comes with an adjustable thumb rest, it can accommodate people with different hand sizes. It also features inline trill keys, which help minimize condensation accumulation over cut tone holes to enhance response and intonation.

You will also get some accessories with this clarinet, such as mouthpiece patches, cap, ligature, gloves, cork grease, screwdriver, cleaning cloth, gloves, and reeds holder. The inclusion of a hard-shell case also protects this sensitive musical instrument and enhances portability.

The manufacturer also ensures that this clarinet is finely tuned before selling, so it does not need extra tuning once you buy it. Therefore you can start playing it as soon as you assemble it. However, ensure you inspect it for defects in craftsmanship during purchase to avoid any issues.

What we liked

  • It created a good sound.
  • The clarinet is lightweight and easy to carry around
  • It comes with numerous accessories
  • Low price

What we didn’t like

  • Assembling this clarinet is not easy.


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Glory Black/Gold keys Clarinet B Flat Specifications

Material Ebonite/ABS body
Keys Nickel Plated
Thumb rest Adjustable
Barrels 2
Reeds 11
Weight 3.5 lbs
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Glory Black/Gold keys Clarinet B Flat features


Expert musicians recommend going for a clarinet made from ABS/ebonite body if you are a beginner. This material makes Glory Black/Gold keys Clarinet B Flat. Its material makes it easier to maintain and more resistant to harsh weather conditions.

When it comes to the keys, this clarinet features lacquer or nickel-plated ones. The problem with these keys is that they start bending after some time. Despite this issue, Glory Clarinet B Flat has an elegant look since it features a matte finish.


Many beginners have an easy time playing this clarinet since the keys/pads are easy to press. The manufacturer also equips this clarinet with two barrels you can pick from. This leads to a more flexible performance. Since it has an adjustable thumb rest, you can also play this clarinet comfortably. This makes the clarinet better than most student clarinets with a fixed thumb rest.


This musical instrument is tuned to B flat. Many people choose it since it produces a remarkable tone. The materials used to make it allow it to create a resonant and full tone, while the two barrels also improve the quality of the tone. Many student musicians reveal that they enjoy playing the Glory B Flat clarinet.


This clarinet is also loaded with many accessories, including 11 high-performance reeds, a mouthpiece, 2 barrels, and a hard carrying case. Taking care of this clarinet is also easy since the packaging includes a maintenance kit. This includes a pair of gloves, a soft cleaning cloth, a reed holder, cork grease, and a screwdriver.

Who is it best suited for?

Glory Black/ Gold Keys clarinet B flat is suited for a student or new player interested in learning this musical instrument. This model is for you if you are also on a low budget and need a beginner clarinet.

Are there alternatives to Glory Black/Gold keys Clarinet B Flat?

Yes. There are other student clarinets that perform as well as Glory clarinet B flat and can be used in its place. Some include Jean-Paul USA-CL-300, Buffet B-12, and Mendini by Cecilio purple clarinet.

Features of Alternative student clarinets

Model Jean Paul USA-CL-300 Buffet B-12 Mendini By Cecilio Purple clarinet
Instrument Key B Flat B Flat B flat
Material Ebonite Body ABS resin body ABS resin body
Keys Nickel plated Silver plated Nickel plated
Accessories Cork grease, 1 reed, cleaning cloth, carrying case Case 10 Reeds, cork grease, case, boo, mouthpiece and stand, ligature, cap, gloves
Weight 3 pounds 5.5 pounds 3.71 pounds
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Verdict: So, should you buy Glory Black/Gold keys Clarinet B Flat?

Yes. You should consider buying this clarinet since it can help you learn how to play this musical instrument comfortably. It is worth it since it comes in a high-quality body and produces a decent tone. Adding so many accessories to this clarinet makes it economical, and its low price is also an advantage.


Can I buy Glory Black/Gold keys Clarinet B Flat for my kid?

Yes. Even a kid can play this clarinet since it is easy to use and can accommodate even small hands.

Is this clarinet better than a wood clarinet?

No. Though the Glory B Flat clarinet is lighter and easier to use than a wood clarinet, it does not sound as good as a wood clarinet.

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