How Much Does A Bass Clarinet Cost?

A quality bass clarinet is priced as low as $1,500, with the higher quality ones being priced at a range of $2,000 up to $7,000, which depends upon the model that you want to purchase. World class and professionally used clarinets in balls and theatres range from a price as low as $10,000 up to $20,000.

Purchasing a bass clarinet as a music novice can be a challenging thing as they range from different prices and different models. However, professionals are usually present in shops selling these musical instruments, who will guide you in purchasing the best clarinet for you. Furthermore, the bass clarinets usually have a warranty with a prescribed time frame which is flexible depending on the store that you purchased it from.

Factors considered in the pricing of bass clarinets

Bass clarinets that are made out of plastics are the cheapest with their pricing starting as low as $1,500. The ones that are made out of wood usually are the most expensive of them all with their prices being as high as up to $20,000. The pricing is also set depending on the durability of the bass clarinets. Higher priced bass clarinets such as the Grenadilla wooden made, usually last longer and are more durable. This makes it to be priced at a range of $10,000 to 15,000.

Mid-priced bass clarinets usually range from $3,000 to $7,000, and these are priced as so due to their size and the materials used to make them. The materials in this type of bass clarinets can be combined together having some features including plastic and wood. However, the plastic is usually more than the wood therefore making it less expensive than high end instruments.

Since bass clarinets are classified as beginner and professional bass clarinets, beginner or student’s bass clarinets are cheaper than the professional bass clarinets. They range from a price of $1,500 to $3,000. This is because they are smaller in size than the professional ones.

How you can choose a bass clarinet depending on costs

There are a lot of factors to choose from when it comes to consideration of purchasing a bass clarinet. Naturally bigger shaped bass clarinets usually cost more than small bodied bass clarinets. However, this depends on your needs and how you intend to use the clarinet therefore, if the bigger clarinet is costly but is the most preferable in your circumstance, you should purchase it.

If you are a beginner bass clarinet player, a student bass clarinet will be ideal for you. This is because of the features it has that will be suitable for you and not be too bulky in your hands while learning how to play it.

Different types of Bass Clarinets and their costs

Selmer 1430 LP Student Bass Clarinet

This is a type of bass clarinet that is specifically suitable for beginners as it is easy to play it and ideal for student’s band use. It has good intonation features that produces a classy and deep captivating sounds. It is also durable despite it being categorized as a lightweight type of bass clarinet.

It also features a fluid key mechanism that are adjustable to give you the best sound quality from the instruments. This enables to set the mood of the song played. Furthermore, to relieve the pressure on the thumb you can use a neck strap with this instrument. It costs $2,459.

Yamaha YCL-221 Bass Clarinet

The Yamaha YCL-221 Bass Clarinet is a different type of clarinet in the bass clarinet family that is intended for student use. However, this bass clarinet usually has the features of a professional level instrument due to its tone, design and quality. It is usually recommended to be played with a softer due to its bright sound or also it can be played with a 2.5 reed.

It has comfortable playing positions as a result of the well adjustable neck positions that bare similarity to professional models. The finger positions are reachable with ease giving the clarinetist an easy time using it. it costs $2,462.

Buffet Crampon Tosca Bass Clarinet

This bass clarinet ranks as a professional clarinet that was designed for special use in orchestras. The symphony it offers in orchestras is compelling and soul lifting as it perfectly blends in with the symphony of the music played in the background.

It has been classified as a musical instrument desirable by the bourgeoisie in orchestras due to its elegance rich producing sounds. It has pitches from high to the very low registers. It costs $16,039.

Summary of the Bass Clarinet Prices

Clarinet Name Price
Selmer 1430LP Bass Clarinet $2,459.00
Yamaha YCL-221 Bass Clarinet $2,462.99
Buffet Crampon Tosca Bass Clarinet $16,039.00


There are very many types of bass clarinets apart from the ones discussed above. The prices of each bass clarinets differs with student bass clarinets being as low as $1,500 to professional bass clarinets being as high as up to $20,000. You should be familiar with the clarinet’s tone before purchasing it as this will give you a better position of purchasing a clarinet best suitable for you.


How heavy is the bass clarinet?

The different materials used to make the clarinets make it differ in their weights. The plastic bass clarinets are usually the lightest of all the bass clarinets with a weight of 15 pounds. Professional bass clarinets that are made with wood products weigh about 40 pounds.

Can beginners play the bass clarinet?

Yes, this is because the student made bass clarinets, makes it possible for first time clarinetists to be able to practice and play using them growing their clarinet skills.

Is the bass clarinet harder to play than other clarinets?

The bass clarinet is usually harder to play than other clarinets especially when playing the high notes. The bass clarinets have a larger mouthpiece than other clarinets therefore requiring more air to be used in playing it.

Does a bass clarinet have a reed?

A bass clarinet contains one single reed instrument that is usually made out of wood.

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