Where Can I sell my clarinet?

Over time you may need to sell your clarinet to get a new clarinet. You can sell your clarinet on eBay, Lisa’s Clarinet Shop, Facebook, Amazon, or other online marketing and selling platforms listed in this article.

I stayed with my cousin, who played the clarinet for a long time. She advanced her skills in playing the instrument and decided to get a new one. With my help, she sold her old clarinet on Amazon. Other platforms include eBay, Facebook, Instagram, Lisa’s Clarinet Shop, and Sell My Clarinet. Before you decide to sell your clarinet, you should get informed on factors that determine the value of a used clarinet and the worth of the used clarinet. These have been answered in the review below, along with more details that will aid in selling your clarinet.

Why you should sell your clarinet

You may wonder why you should sell your clarinet or are less convinced about selling. If your clarinet is expensive to maintain, consider selling and getting another within your budget. For instance, wooden clarinets require much care and maintenance, which may get you doing several repairs.

Advancing playing the clarinet to a professional level is an excellent reason to get a better instrument. If your first purchase was suitable for the beginner level, get an advanced clarinet that matches the professional level. You may want to get another clarinet to try out a new brand that is better than your current.

Issues to consider before selling your clarinet

Before selling your clarinet, there are issues you should consider. Find out where you can sell your clarinet, the worth of a used clarinet, and the value determinants, which have been discussed below.

What determines the value of a used clarinet?

Now that you are confident you are going ahead with selling examine your clarinet to know its worth. The first thing you should look at is its appearance; the condition it is in. if the clarinet looks worn out, it will likely fetch low prices. You can get a good bargain if you have a reasonably new-looking clarinet.

The brand of your clarinet will determine its value. Brands such as Yamaha produce good quality clarinets that students, beginners, and professionals like. Some brands are known to compromise on quality; therefore, your clarinet will have less value when selling.

Another determinant is the material of the clarinet. Wooden clarinets produce quality sound compared to other types of clarinets, which explains why it is expensive. Students prefer plastic clarinets since they are cheaper and less expensive to maintain.

When you purchase a new clarinet, most come with accessories such as a case and reeds. If you want your clarinet to have a higher selling price, package it with accessories. Another factor to consider is how old your clarinet is; when you purchased it. Old clarinets may have a lot of value, while some may fetch lower prices.

What is the worth of a used clarinet?

The worth of your clarinet will depend on the factors discussed above. For the student model, a clarinet that is in good condition is from a reputable brand or is wooden and may be priced from $200 to $500. The professional and intermediate models will be priced higher, from $600 to $2000. The platform that got to market it on will play a role in the pricing.

On the other hand, if your clarinet is old, needs repairs, is not packaged with accessories, is plastic, or is from a less known brand, it will fetch around $120 to $200. You can get some repairs are done, which will increase the value of the clarinet. Despite having few tarnishes, your clarinet may be of more value if it is from a reputable brand or model.

Where to sell used clarinets

There are many platforms where you can sell used clarinets. You can choose to sell online or in physical locations. Some of the most preferred online platforms are eBay, Facebook, Instagram, Lisa’s Clarinet Shop, and Sell My Clarinet.

On platforms such as Amazon, or eBay, you get exposed to a big audience from all over the world which is an advantage since it will sell faster. To arrive at the pricing of your clarinet, compare the pricing with similar clarinets. If you feel uncertain about selling online, look around for musical shops.

For students, consider selling to fellow students or asking around rather than going through a tiring process. If you find it hard to get your clarinet sold, you may consider renting it rather than selling it this way; you are getting a small profit.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are good selling and marketing platforms, which is advantageous since you may be familiar with your potential clients. These platforms expose you to various clients from different parts of the world. You can join marketing groups where you can advertise your clarinet.

Summary of selling used clarinets
Where to sell Determinants of the value of clarinet The worth of used clarinets



Lisa’s Clarinet Shop

Physical musical shops

Condition of the clarinet.




$200 – $500 value of clarinets in good condition.

$120-$200 value of clarinets in poor condition.

$600-$2000 value of intermediate and professional clarinets.


As discussed, there are several factors to consider when you decide to sell your used clarinet. These are aspects such as the condition of the clarinet, accessories, material of the clarinet, brand, and when you purchased the clarinet. These factors help to determine the value of your clarinet, which you will use during pricing. As mentioned, there are various platforms where you can sell a used clarinet, such as social media platforms, online shops, and physical locations. Online shops such as eBay and Amazon are the best options, while Facebook and Instagram are preferred social media selling platforms. Please try one of the listed options and see how it goes.


Can I sell an old clarinet?

Yes, you can sell an old clarinet. You may get an interested client if the clarinet is old but in good condition. You can consider doing some repairs and replacements on your clarinet to increase its value. An antique shop may be an excellent place to check out.

Where is the best place to sell a used clarinet?

You can sell a used clarinet in various places, but the best platforms are Amazon, eBay, and Facebook.

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