Are antique clarinets worth anything? (How to value them, Best price, + more)

Not all of them are worth anything. This, however, depends on factors like the condition, brand, construction, history, and accessories in an antique clarinet. Find out more!

The clarinet is one of the woodwind musical instruments that have existed for a long time. While some players go for new clarinets, some collectors pay more attention to antique clarinets. An antique clarinet is not new and has been around for years. If you are looking to sell one, you are probably wondering what its value is. Read on to learn everything regarding the worth of an antique clarinet.

How to value antique clarinets

The value of such clarinets varies based on different factors. Some of them include the following.


One of the things that can help you determine its resale value is the clarinet’s condition. Antique clarinets that are in excellent condition have a higher resale value than those in poor condition. If you are trying to sell an antique clarinet that has a crack, you should not expect so much for it.

The problem with this woodwind instrument is that it has a lot of moving parts that can wear down quickly without proper maintenance. This can make the value of an antique clarinet go down.

Most buyers pay a lot of attention to the condition of such clarinets before paying for them. If you want to sell an antique clarinet that is not in the best condition, you can consider repairing it first. This can be a great solution when you feel that repairing before selling it can raise its resale value. Servicing an antique clarinet regularly can also make it more valuable.


Apart from the condition, the brand it is from can also determine the value of an antique clarinet. This is a crucial factor that most collectors of musical instruments pay attention to before paying for such pieces. The brand helps a potential buyer assess the quality of the musical instrument. An antique clarinet from a famous brand can be more valuable than one from a less known brand.


You can also assess whether an antique clarinet is worth anything by focusing on how it is made. Clarinets come in different materials, which affect their cost. Some of the common materials used to make them include plastic and wood.

While most plastic clarinets are cheap, wooden clarinets are more expensive. This is because they produce better quality sound. The value of an antique clarinet that is made from wood can therefore be higher than that of an antique clarinet made from plastic. Its performance is also crucial when determining its value.

History and rarity

Though antique clarinets do not improve with age, the rare pieces sometimes have a high resale value. Since materials such as grenadilla wood are rare, an antique clarinet made from this can be worth more than one made from plastic. If an antique clarinet was owned by a well-known clarinetist, it might be worth more than one without such significant history.


Apart from the rarity and history, its accessories can also help one determine its value. If, for instance, you have an antique clarinet that is not only in good condition but also includes things such as reeds, mouthpiece, and case, you can sell it at a higher price compared to one without any accessories.

The best price for antique clarinets and where to sell

Since most antique clarinets lose their value after some time, it is essential to find out their best prices before trying to sell. The price differs depending on things like the brand, model, and type. This often ranges between $2000 and $100.

If you wish to sell an antique clarinet fast, you should try online marketplaces. Checking a couple of them can also help you compare the cost of most antique clarinets to know how to value them.

Most people choose to sell antique clarinets at online marketplaces since this is convenient.

Apart from online marketplaces, some people also sell antique clarinets to pawn shops and music stores. Though not all pawn shops accept antique clarinets, some do after assessing the condition of such musical instruments.

The table below shows the estimated prices of some antique clarinets.

Model Description Pirce
Antique Carl Fischer albert clarinet In great condition $1300
Antique wooden clarinet Not in the best condition $150
Antique silver plated From an unknown brand and with a case $494.50

Here are some tips on what to do with an antique clarinet

As you try to find out the value of an antique clarinet, you should also pay attention to some tips that can help you get the most out of your investment. We mentioned that you should consider repairing before selling. You should also give the musical instrument a deep clean before you take images of it and try to sell it online.

If you choose to sell it on an online marketplace, ensure you give a clear description of the antique clarinet. It is also important to state any issues it may have to avoid misleading potential customers. If the value of the antique clarinet is not as high as you expected, you can choose not to sell it. In this case, consider donating it. You can donate it to someone who likes playing but cannot afford such musical instruments.


From the above, you can tell that not every antique clarinet is worthless. Those in excellent condition, from a reputable brand, and are rare are worth something. If you have an antique clarinet, you can sell it and get a reasonable price for the musical instrument.


Does the type of antique clarinet matter when it comes to value?

Yes. For example, the cost of a student antique clarinet may not be the same as that of a professional antique clarinet.

Are antique clarinets good?

Though not all of them are good, one can still find some great ones online. If well maintained, an antique clarinet can be worth it.

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