La Voz Bb Clarinet Reed Review

If you are looking to purchase a set of clarinet reeds and are wondering whether or not the La Voz Bb clarinet reed is a good match, you have come to the right place. Below is a detailed overview, breakdown, and review of the product.

As a young boy, I loved to watch my grandfather play his clarinet, and one of the most intriguing things for me was to watch him clean and take care of it. When I started playing, he recommended D’Addario reeds as some of the best in the business. I have taken a keen liking to the La Voz Bb Clarinet Reeds, and I have had the best experience with them. So, what are these reeds all about, and are they worth buying?

La Voz Bb Clarinet Reed Breakdown and Review

One of the things that stands out for me is that the La Voz Clarinet Reed is a versatile gadget that delivers incredible sound, no matter the level of hardness. Because of their quality and craftsmanship, reeds allow for clean performances, even when I am playing in a setting with many other instruments.

When using them, I have enjoyed their flexibility and great playability, and I can safely say that they are very versatile even though some can be a bit hard for beginners to play. Their construction makes them suited for different types of music, and this is why they excel in the Jazz genre.

Apart from their flexibility and ease of play, the La Voz Bb Clarinets also have strong spines. For this reason, you will notice that the reeds have the ability to deliver more resistance which results in better resonance, tone clarity, and balance. There are, however, La Voz Bb clarinets with lower resistance, and these are best suited for beginners who are trying to learn the ropes of the clarinet or saxophone.

Even though the La Voz Bb Clarinet Reed is largely recommended for Jazz music, it is also recommended for other genres. My daughter has been using them for classical pieces, and they have taken on the task quite well. Because of their build and performance quality, these reeds are a bit more expensive than competing brands, but because they are quite strong and durable, I find them pretty economical.

What we liked;

  • Excellent sound quality
  • World-class craftsmanship
  • Very flexible and versatile
  • Great for all genres of music
  • Can be used by beginners and pros

What we did not like;

  • The set is considerably more expensive than other competing brands.


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La Voz Bb Clarinet Reed Specifications

Model La Voz Bb Clarinet Reed
Build material Premium Arundo Donax cane
Cut type American cut
File type Unfiled
Reed Strength Soft, Medium Soft, Medium, Medium Hard, Hard
Instrument compatibility Clarinet, Saxophone
Availability Buy Here

La Voz Bb Clarinet Reed Features

American Cut

There are two main types of reed cuts; the American cut and the French cut. The La Voz Bb Clarinet Reed features an American cut. This means that the reed has a characteristic U shape at the bottom of its vamp as opposed to having a horizontal cut just above the cut. What this means is that the reed is able to deliver a powerful and deep tone, and this is what makes it a great match for most of my performances.

American cut (also called regular cut) reeds deliver warmer tones with clarity, and this is why they work well when I am in an ensemble. In essence, American cut reeds are unfiled, meaning that they are thicker and offer more resistance. This is one of the reasons why this brand is recommended for professionals.

Build material

The La Voz Bb Clarinet reed is made from the Arundo Donax cane which grows in many parts of the world. This material is used to produce some of the best quality reeds in the world, and this is why you can expect excellent performance from the La Voz Bb Clarinet. Because of this material, I get a consistent response and sound quality.

Reed Strength

Since each pack of La Voz Bb Clarinet Reeds comes with 10 pieces, you will receive 5 different reed strengths. They are soft, medium soft, medium, medium-hard, and hard. The soft and medium-soft are best suited for use by beginners, while the medium, medium-hard, and hard are used by professionals.

As the hardness of the clarinet increases, the resistance goes up. A box makes sense for my daughter and I since she can use the softer ones as I use the harder ones.

Who is the La Voz Bb Clarinet Reed Best Suited For?

Even though this set of clarinet reeds can be used by beginners and pros, it is best suited for professional clarinet and saxophone players. The higher resistance reeds may prove difficult to master for beginners, and it may be difficult for them to navigate certain musical pieces, especially the more complex ones.

Are there alternatives to the La Voz Bb Clarinet Reeds?

Yes, there are. In place of the La Voz Bb Clarinet Reeds, you can use the Vandoren CR103Bb Clarinet Traditional Reeds, the Rico Bb Clarinet Reeds, or the Mitchell Lurie Premium Bb Clarinet Reeds. They are made to deliver incredible performances, making them ideal for a wide array of music genres. They are also great for students and pro clarinetists.

Features of alternative Bb Clarinet Reeds

Model Vandoren CR103 Bb Clarinet Reeds Rico Bb Clarinet Reeds Mitchell Lurie Premium Bb Clarinet Reeds
Number of Strengths 7 6 1
Reed cut American cut American cut French cut
Build material Arundo donax Arundo donax Arundo donax
Best suited for: Professionals Students Pros and students
Availability Buy Here Buy Here Buy Here

Verdict: So, should you buy the La Voz Bb Clarinet Reeds?

Yes, if you are looking to improve your clarinet or saxophone skills, you should definitely get these reeds. Their versatility and sound quality make them incredible pieces with which to work.


Where are the Vandoren CR103 Bb Clarinet Reeds made?

They are made in France.

Does the cut of a clarinet reed make a difference?

It does, but not an overly dramatic one. You may notice that French cut clarinets are easier to play, but that American cuts have warmer and deeper tones, but ever so slightly. It takes a professional ear to distinguish the two.

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