Jean-Paul USA Student Plus CL350 Review

If you are ready to start creating music by playing the clarinet, you can buy a high-quality model like Jean-Paul USA Student Plus CL350. This clarinet can help you enjoy playing such a musical instrument.

My daughter had recently joined a band in school, and she was interested in playing the clarinet. Though I had an advanced model that I used at home, it was not the right fit for her. I, therefore, started looking for a student clarinet that could help her learn and came across Jean-Paul USA Student Plus CL350. Since I bought her this clarinet, she has been practicing daily and has not experienced any significant issues with it. Read this review before choosing the clarinet.

Jean-Paul USA Student Plus CL350 overview

Jean-Paul is one of the famous manufacturers of reliable clarinets. One of the student clarinets many people buy from this brand is the CL350 model. This is a well-crafted clarinet that comes in an ABS plastic body. Since it is less delicate, it can withstand rough handling. It also comes with nickel-plated keys that are quite strong and resistant to damage.

This clarinet is also based on the 17 key Boehm system. It also comes with a high standard bore that allows wide sound projection. The clarinet features an adjustable thumb rest and is easy to play. This musical instrument has a Rico reed, making it ideal for different playing situations. Though this clarinet comes with a mouthpiece, you should consider upgrading it after some time.

Many customers are also impressed with how easy it is to play. It tunes well and stays in tune for long. You may take some time assembling it, especially if you are new to such wind instruments.

Once you choose this model, you will also get numerous accessories such as a swab, cleaning cloth, cork grease, and ligature.

It also has a durable carrying case that can protect it while on the move. Most users also appreciate the inclusion of a foldable music stand with this model. Feel free to store this stand away when you are not using it. The manufacturer also accompanies this clarinet with a one-year warranty that covers defects on this clarinet. If a significant part gets damaged within this period, the manufacturer can replace your instrument at no extra cost.

What we liked

  • Impressive key action
  • Delivers a clear tone
  • Solid construction
  • It is reasonably priced
  • Includes multiple accessories

What we didn’t like

  • It lacks some advanced features like special keys


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Jean-Paul USA Student Plus CL350 specifications

Reed 2.5 Rico
Body ABS
Keys Nickel-plated
Case Available
Boehm system 17 key
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Jean-Paul USA Student Plus CL350 features


This clarinet accommodates not only adult players but also young ones. This is because it is constructed with durable materials that can withstand even rough handling. Unlike wooden clarinets that are quite sensitive, Jean-Paul student plus CL350 comes in an ABS plastic body, making it less fragile.

Most customers also reveal that this clarinet does not crack or develop scratches quickly. This clarinet can also resist humidity and temperature changes. It is a durable model that can give you service for a long time. The material also makes it less expensive than wooden clarinets. Though the ABS body of this clarinet makes it look attractive, it is heavier than other clarinets.

The quality materials also make Jean-Paul USA Student Plus CL350 a high-performing clarinet that delivers a pleasant tone. Most users are impressed with the sweet sound that this clarinet produces.


This clarinet also comes with nickel-plated keys that are also hard to damage. You can enjoy playing this clarinet in a band since the keys make it easy to move your fingers even when playing for an extended duration.

Unlike in some clarinets, the keys of this model do not bend during assembly. If you wish to purchase this clarinet for a young one, they should take great care of it while playing to prevent the keys from getting out of alignment.

This clarinet lets players enjoy different musical tones since it is based on the 17-key Boehm system. The nickel-plated keys of this clarinet also lead to a focused and clear tone. Besides the keys, this clarinet also comes with synthetic pads that offer a tight seal to minimize air seals.

Thumb rest

Though this is a reasonably priced student clarinet, it does not feature a fixed thumb rest. The manufacturer equips it with an adjustable thumb rest that allows it to accommodate people with different hand sizes. The problem with this feature is that it is not covered. It can therefore feel uncomfortable when playing for a long duration.


You can easily care for this clarinet since it comes with practical accessories that encourage this. Some of them include a cleaning cloth, polishing gloves, one 2.5 Rico reed, and cork grease that make it easy to maintain. You can easily reach deep into the clarinet during cleaning to keep it in top-notch condition. If you maintain this clarinet properly, it can retain its silver look even with regular use.

Case and other accessories

Though this clarinet is not light, it comes with a case that makes it portable. The case also features a shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry. The case also protects it during transportation. Since the case comes with some extra side pockets, it offers extra room for accessories. Like most models, Jean-Paul USA Student Plus CL350 also has a ligature and mouthpiece. Some users, however, choose to replace the mouthpiece after some time.

Who is it best suited for?

This is suitable for beginners on a budget since it is easy to play and comes at an affordable price. Students looking to improve their clarinet playing skills can also choose this model. It is also ideal for young band members.

Are there alternatives to Jean-Paul USA Student Plus CL350?

Yes. If you feel that this model is not for you, you should check out its alternatives. Some of them include Jean-Paul CL-300, Buffet B12 student clarinet, and Gemeinhardt 2CN1.

The features of alternative clarinets

Model Jean Paul CL-300 Buffet B12 student clarinet Gemeinhardt 2CN1
Keys Nickel-plated Nickel-plated Nickel-plated
Body material Ebonite ABS resin ABS resin
Thumbrest Adjustable Adjustable Fixed
Carrying case Available Available Not available
Weight 3.95 pounds 5.5 pounds 2 pounds
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Verdict: So, should you buy Jean-Paul USA Student Plus CL350?

Yes. Though this student clarinet is heavy and does not come with the best mouthpiece, it is still worth considering. This is because it is a durable model that delivers quality sound and has strong keys, adjustable thumb rest, case, and other accessories. Though this clarinet is easy to play, do not expect lots of technical features.


Which material is better for a clarinet? Wood or plastic?

Wood is a better quality material for a clarinet, while plastic is cheaper. If you choose a plastic clarinet, you should get one made from durable plastic such as ABS.

What styles of music can I play using this clarinet?

You can use it to learn how to play pop music, classical or jazz music.

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