Jupiter JCL631 vs. JCL710NA – What’s the difference?

Getting a student clarinet that can help you boost your performance should be the priority of every beginner. If you are looking for such, you should choose one from Jupiter. Some of the ideal options that it offers include JCL710NA and JCL631.

The first time I bought a clarinet, I chose a used one instead of a new one. I assumed that the used clarinet would be easy to play during purchase and was captivated by the low price. Though the seller was quite compelling, I ended up regretting the purchase. The clarinet spent more time in a repair shop than in my home. It had a lot of issues, and it cost me more trying to fix them. When I was ready to replace it, I took my time to compare new models since buying a used model was no longer a viable option for me. This is what I learned regarding Jupiter JCL631 and JCL710NA.

What are the differences between Jupiter JCL631 and JCL710NA?

Name Jupiter JCL631 Jupiter JCL710NA
Keys Nickel-plated Nickel-plated
Bore 0.577 inches 0.577 inches
Body ABS resin ABS resin
Thumb rest Adjustable Adjustable
Tone holes Undercut Undercut
Case Standard case Durable ABS resin
Finish Semi- Matte Matte
Weight 6 pounds 5.23 pounds
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Jupiter JCL631 vs. JCL710NA- How do they compare?

Case and Weight

Since these clarinets come from the same manufacturer, they have a lot of similarities. They, however, differ in that Jupiter JCL710NA is lighter than Jupiter JCL631. Though both clarinets come with cases that enhance portability, the Jupiter JCL710NA has a more durable case compared to Jupiter JCL631.

Some users of JCL631 reveal that the case scratches easily. On the other hand, Jupiter JCL710NA contains an ABS molded case that does not develop scratches easily. This can also give the clarinet great protection.

Jupiter JCL710NA, therefore, wins in this category since it is lighter and has a more durable case.


Jupiter JCL710NA costs more than Jupiter JCL631. Some of the things that lead to the higher price include the accurate intonation and more durable parts. Though Jupiter JCL631 is more budget-friendly, it does not offer the same level of performance compared to its counterpart.

Jupiter JCL710NA, therefore, wins in this category despite its higher price since it can offer more value for your cash compared to Jupiter JCL631.


Jupiter JCL710NA accommodates beginners of this musical instrument and advanced students. As long as you show commitment to playing, you can grow with this clarinet and enjoy playing it for longer. On the other hand, Jupiter JCL631 is more suitable for people with no experience in playing the clarinet.

Jupiter JCL710NA, therefore, wins in this category since it is more versatile compared to Jupiter JCL631.

Jupiter JCL631 vs. JCL710NA- A comparison overview

Jupiter JCL631 overview

If you cannot afford a wooden clarinet, you can begin your musical journey with a plastic clarinet. Jupiter JCL631 is a plastic clarinet that is easier to play and more forgiving compared to most wooden clarinets. It is made from ABS resin and contains a semi-matte finish that gives it a captivating appearance.

You can even buy this clarinet for a young player without the fear of it breaking since it is designed to withstand drops and bruises. It can handle rigorous playing and still deliver good tonal quality. This clarinet also features nickel-plated keys that don’t tarnish quickly and have a great feel. It features 17 keys and six rings.

Though this clarinet has a standard plastic mouthpiece, you can upgrade this after some time and boost its sound quality. It includes a single 65 mm barrel that gives it a focused sound and blue steel springs.

Even though the available double skin pads are easy to fit, they are not as long-lasting as the leather pads that some clarinets come with. Jupiter JCL631 is also comfortable to use since it comes with an adjustable thumb rest. You can also use the available ring to attach a neck strap if you want a more secure fit.

This is also a portable clarinet that comes with a case. Though the case does not have lots of space for accessories, it can protect the sensitive parts of the clarinet when not in use. Most users also reveal that this clarinet is beginner-friendly since you can start using it right of the case without making too many adjustments.


  • It is easy to play and comfortable
  • Included ergonomic keys
  • Delivers a good intonation
  • It comes at an affordable price
  • Includes a carrying case


  • Some users reveal that it has a cheap plastic feel
  • Has less durable pads


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Jupiter JCL710NA overview

Whether you are new to this woodwind instrument or an advancing student, you can enjoy using this clarinet. Jupiter JCL710NA is made from ABS resin, a robust material that does not change even during humidity or temperature fluctuations. You can therefore utilize it either indoors or outdoors during a performance. This clarinet can also withstand wear and tear for a considerable period.

The material used in its making also leads to good sound quality and a full-bodied tone. The manufacturer also uses matte in its finishing to make it stand out among conventional models. Most users also find this clarinet comfortable to play since it is equipped with an adjustable thumb rest and strap ring. It also comes with a metal bell ring and long-lasting blue steel springs. The C/G key riser also enhances comfort during playing.

Like most quality models, this clarinet uses Boehm key system. It features six rings and 17 keys. The offset trill keys of this clarinet boost the performance and also minimize moisture accumulation. Since it uses nickel-plated keys, they are highly responsive and can help you master different fingering techniques.

Some of the accessories that you can get with this clarinet include a protective cap, ligature, and an easy-playing mouthpiece. The manufacturer accompanies it with a durable case that you can use to carry it to different locations.

Unfortunately, it does not come with more accessories such as maintenance gear such as cork grease and cleaning swab. Despite this, the manufacturer offers a long-term warranty for the clarinet.


  • It delivers a wood-like sound
  • Accommodates advancing and beginner students
  • Elegant design
  • It resists cracking
  • The keys offer a great feel


  • Some customers reveal that it is not the easiest model to play.


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Verdict: So, which is better? Jupiter JCL631 or JCL710NA

After comparing these clarinets, we found more similarities in them than differences. Jupiter JCL710NA, however, stands out due to its durable elements, accurate intonation, and high comfort level. It is also a lightweight clarinet that you can use in different settings. We, therefore, choose Jupiter JCL710NA as the clear winner.


Is Jupiter JCL710NA better than a wooden clarinet?

Though Jupiter JCL710NA is easier to maintain and can withstand temperature changes, it is not better than a wooden clarinet since it cannot deliver better sound and tone quality.

Does Jupiter JCL631 have a C/G key riser?

Yes. This is one of the valuable features that make the clarinet a good student clarinet. The C/G key enhances comfort during use.

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