Jean-Paul CL300 vs. CL400 – What’s the difference?

Are you dedicated to learning how to play the clarinet for more than a year? If yes, you should consider buying one from Jean-Paul. Some of the models that the company sells include Jean-Paul CL300 and CL400.

My first clarinet disappointed me a lot since it broke after five months. It was also so hard to play and discouraging. I, however, had a change of heart when I heard one of my friends playing her clarinet. After asking her multiple questions, I finally decided to give clarinet playing a second chance. Since I did not want to waste my money on a poor-quality model again, I compared different models. Here is everything I learned regarding Jean-Paul CL300 and CL400.

What are the differences between the Jean-Paul CL300 and CL400?

Model Jean-Paul CL300 Jean-Paul CL400
Style Student Intermediate
Body Bakelite with Ebonite finish ABS resin with a matte finish
Keys Nickel-plated Silver-plated
Case Standard Professional
Mouthpiece Standard Bari
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Jean-Paul CL300 vs. CL400- How do they compare?


Though both clarinets come from the same company, they are not constructed equally. Jean-Paul CL300 is made using bakelite material and comes in an ebonite finish. On the other hand, Jean-Paul CL400 is made using ABS resin material and has a matte finish. Though the bakelite material makes Jean-Paul CL300 cheaper, ABS resin is a better material for a clarinet. The matte finish that the Jean-Paul CL400 comes in also gives it a wood-like appearance. The construction of the Jean-Paul CL400 also enhances its sound quality.

Jean-Paul CL400, therefore, wins in this category since it has better construction and sounds better than Jean-Paul CL300.


These two clarinets are not suited for the same group of players. Jean-Paul CL300 is ideal for beginners that don’t have experience with this instrument. The material of this clarinet also makes it suitable for young players. On the other hand, Jean-Paul CL400 is designed for intermediate and beginner players.

Jean-Paul CL400 also wins in this category since it is more versatile than Jean-Paul CL300.


Though both clarinets use the Beohm 17 key system, Jean-Paul uses different materials to make the keys. Jean-Paul CL400 comes with silver-plated keys, while Jean-Paul CL300 has nickel-plated keys. Nickel is less expensive and easier to maintain compared to silver. In terms of sound, silver-plated keys lead to a warmer and softer sound compared to nickel-plated keys.

Since both key materials have some benefits, these two clarinets draw in this category.


Since the Jean-Paul CL300 comes with a standard mouthpiece and ligature, it delivers a flat tone. Jean-Paul CL400 comes with a Bari mouthpiece and Rico H Ligature. These enable the clarinet to produce a richer and wider range of tones.

Jean-Paul CL400, therefore, wins in this category since it produces a better tone than Jean-Paul CL300.


You will also notice a difference between the cases of these clarinets. Jean-Paul CL300 has a standard case, while Jean-Paul CL400 comes with a professional case. Though the Jean-Paul CL300 case is compact and easy to transport, the Jean-Paul CL400 case includes a water-resistant nylon shell that can give the clarinet better protection when it is raining. This case also includes quality handles.

Jean-Paul CL400, therefore, wins in this category since it has a better case than Jean-Paul CL300.

Jean-Paul CL300 vs. CL400- A comparison overview

Jean-Paul CL300 overview

If you wish to buy a beginner-friendly clarinet, consider this model. It is a bakelite clarinet that does not get damaged easily due to humidity or temperature changes. This is a great clarinet that you can use in a marching band. It comes in an ebonite finish that gives it an attractive appearance.

Though this clarinet produces decent sound, you may experience difficulties hitting high notes.

Like most student clarinets, Jean-Paul CL300 includes nickel-plated keys that feel solid and comfortable during playing. Handle the keys carefully during assembly so that they don’t break.

It also comes with a cylindrical bore that leads to a strong projection. This clarinet also features the Boehm 17 key system, enhancing playability and leading to great response.

Jean-Paul CL300 is also equipped with two barrels of varying lengths. It also features blue steel springs and adjustable thumb rest. Some of the accessories you can get from choosing this clarinet include a mouthpiece, case, ligature, reeds, cleaning cloth, cork grease, and gloves.

Though the mouthpiece and ligature of this clarinet lead to a flat tone, you can upgrade these parts after some time. The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty for this clarinet that you can use if you receive the piece with manufacturing defects.


  • It comes with a carrying case
  • It is beginner-friendly
  • The clarinet is affordable
  • Includes multiple accessories


  • Off tuning


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Jean-Paul CL400 overview

Would you like to upgrade your current clarinet? If yes, you can consider this model. It is an intermediate clarinet that offers room for growth. This is made from an ABS resin body and comes in a matte finish that gives it a wood-like appearance. It is a durable clarinet that can withstand temperature changes without losing its tone range.

The materials used to make this clarinet also lead to great sound quality. This musical instrument is popular since it leads to a wider range of tones due to the inclusion of a Bari Mouthpiece, Rico H ligature, and superior bores.

Both new and intermediate players can use this Bb clarinet. Like the previous model, it includes two barrels of different lengths. The additional barrel gives you more control when it comes to tuning. Feel free to pick the one that is more suited to your performance or playing level.

It also uses the Boehm 17 key system. Jean-Paul CL400 has silver-plated keys that make it quite captivating. These keys require maintenance for them to continue looking nice. Jean-Paul clarinets come with numerous accessories, and CL400 is no exception.

Some of the extras that form part of the packaging include a bari mouthpiece, cork grease, Rico reed, cleaning cloth, ligature, and swab. This clarinet also comes with a durable carrying case made from water-resistant nylon. It even includes handles that make it easy to carry around.


  • It is cheap
  • Includes a durable case
  • This clarinet suits players of different levels
  • Elegant look and durable construction
  • Impressive tone


  • Regular key adjustments


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Verdict: So, which one is better? Jean-Paul CL300 or CL400

The Jean-Paul CL400 is better than the CL300 clarinet. This is because it is made with better materials, delivers excellent sound quality, accommodates beginners and intermediate players, and offers a wider range of tones. The manufacturer created the Jean-Paul CL400 as an upgrade from the Jean-Paul CL300. Since Jean-Paul CL400 is the clear winner, choosing it can give you more value for your cash.


Does Jean-Paul CL400 have a thumb rest?

Yes. This model has an adjustable thumb rest that makes it comfortable for people with either small or large hands to use. It, however, does not have a cover.

Why does Jean-Paul include two barrels in these clarinets?

These are designed for tuning and can be of great help, especially during extreme weather. The longer barrel offers a lower pitch compared to the shorter barrel.

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