Kaizer CLE-1000EB BFlat Bb Clarinet Review

Are you dedicated to learning how to play the clarinet and are looking for an easy-to-play model? If yes, you should check out Kaizer CLE-1000EB BFlat Bb Clarinet. Find out more regarding it!

I wanted to get a student clarinet for my son, who had recently joined a marching band. Since I used to play this musical instrument when I was about his age, I knew some of the crucial features I had to look for when choosing a beginner clarinet. One of the models that caught my attention before the purchase was the Kaizer CLE-1000EB. I decided to review it to help you find out whether it is worth buying. Enjoy!

Kaizer CLE-1000EB BFlat Bb Clarinet breakdown and review

Kaizer is famous for creating versatile and durable clarinets that learners can enjoy playing. The CLE-1000EB is one of the affordable beginner clarinets that offer reasonable quality. It is a valuable model since it includes advanced features mostly available in professional clarinets. The clarinet comes in an ebonite body, making it easy to maintain and long-lasting. The material also enhances its sound.

This clarinet is equipped with nickel-plated keys and undercut tone holes that boost comfort. Unlike most beginner clarinets with fixed thumb rest, this model includes an adjustable thumb rest. Thanks to the inclusion of leatherette pads, this clarinet offers intonation control. Assembling and disassembling this clarinet is a breeze.

It also includes steel springs that enhance playability. Investing in this clarinet can save you more cash since it comes with most accessories so that you don’t have to buy them separately. Some include a case, cleaning cloth, mouthpiece, cork grease, dust cap, ligature, and stand.

The manufacturer also accompanies your purchase with a lifetime warranty in case of any defects. You also get up to 45 days to test the clarinet once you buy it. If it is not the right fit, feel free to return it and get back your cash.

What we liked

  • It comes with numerous accessories
  • The manufacturer offers a trial period
  • Durable construction
  • It is beginner-friendly and comfortable
  • This clarinet is easy to grease

What we didn’t like

  • The keys may bend easily


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Kaizer CLE-1000EB specifications

Body Ebonite
Keys Nickel-plated
Thumb rest Adjustable
Instrument key B-Flat
Accessories Dust cap, mouthpiece, ligature, cork grease, cleaning cloth, stand, and screwdriver
Weight 1 pound
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Kaizer CLE-1000EB clarinet features


When you are new to playing this musical instrument, you should avoid going for a wooden one since this can be hard to play. An ebonite clarinet such as this model is an excellent option since it is forgiving and makes learning easier. This material also makes the clarinet easier to maintain. Kaizer CLE-1000EB comes in a unique texture that mimics ebony wood.

The manufacturer of this student clarinet also equips it with a metal reinforced bell which reduces the risk of damaging the body and enhances durability. The bell attaches to the lower joint of this musical instrument with ease. Gently twist this musical instrument to attach the barrel to the upper joint.


Most users reveal that this clarinet is easy to play. This is because it contains undercut tone holes and steel springs that deliver responsive action. It also features leatherette pads designed to optimize intonation control. You will not struggle to assemble or disassemble this clarinet.


This clarinet also remains comfortable so that you can enjoy playing it for long with minimal issues. One of the things that enhance comfort in this clarinet is an adjustable thumb rest that accommodates different hand sizes. This can prevent your thumb from experiencing pain.

It also comes with nickel-plated keys that also promote comfort. Most players reveal that the keys of this clarinet press easily. Since they hold the notes well, they make it easy to produce appealing music.

If you are allergic to silver plating and need a beginner clarinet, you should consider this model. Its nickel-plated keys also lead to a more focused and clear tone. Ensure that you wipe down or polish these keys from time to time to maintain the clarinet in top-notch condition.


Apart from the basic features, Kaizer CLE-1000EB also includes different accessories that make it a more valuable model. For instance, it comes with a mouthpiece, dust cap, and ligature. You can choose to replace the mouthpiece after some time once you start progressing. This clarinet is also easy to maintain since it comes with gear such as cork joint lubricant and a cleaning cloth.

Make use of the available screwdriver to set it up. Your package may also include a clarinet stand that you can use during performances. It also features a molded case that protects its delicate parts and increases portability. Most users appreciate the fact that the case is spacious enough to accommodate everything.


Unlike clarinets that come with a one-year or two-year warranty, the manufacturer of this model offers a lifetime warranty. This can prevent you from incurring more costs in case of malfunctions. You can always return a defective product to the supplier and get back your money as long as you present the receipt as proof of purchase.

If you are not certain whether this clarinet is suitable for you, you can still purchase it and test it for a while. It comes with a free trial that lasts for 45 days to help you figure this out. If you are not impressed with its performance, you can always return it within this period and get a full refund. Therefore, the free trial prevents you from having any regrets after making the purchase.

Who is it best suited for?

Kaizer CLE-1000EB is best suited for a beginner or student still learning the basics of the musical instrument. It is also ideal for customers on a low budget.

Are there alternatives to Kaizer CLE-1000EB BFlat Bb Clarinet?

Yes. If you feel that this is not the right clarinet for you, you can check out its alternatives. Some include Jean Paul USA CL-300, Eastar clarinet, and Eastrock clarinet.

Features of alternative clarinets

Model Jean Paul USA CL-300 Eastar clarinet Eastrock clarinet
Material Ebonite Ebonite Plastic
Keys Nickel-plated Nickel-plated Nickel-plated
Instrument Key B-Flat B-Flat B- Flat
Style Student Student Classic
Weight 3.95 pounds 3.96 pounds 4.09 pounds
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Verdict: So, should you buy the Kaizer CLE-1000EB Clarinet?

Yes. This clarinet is worth investing in since it offers more than what most models in the same price range do. It is solidly constructed, delivers good sound, comes at an affordable price, and has valuable features that increase playability and comfort. Choosing this clarinet can give you more value for your money.


Does Kaizer CLE-1000EB Clarinet come with reeds?

Yes. The packaging includes two reeds. This is an important feature that can help the clarinet work since it enables the air that you blow into it to vibrate to produce sound.

What kind of a case does this clarinet come with?

It features a canvas hard-shell case that gives it better protection. This also makes the clarinet easy to move around with and offers room to carry the accessories.

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