Lagrima B Flat Beginner Student Clarinet Review

Getting a beginner clarinet gives you the chance to learn how to produce a unique sound. One of the clarinets you can use as a student is Lagrima B Flat.

I had been renting a student clarinet for my daughter for a few weeks and was ready to finally buy her one. Choosing a suitable clarinet was not easy since I came across lots of models marketed as the best. I had to do more research to avoid making the wrong purchase. Here is everything I learned regarding Lagrima B Flat Beginner Student Clarinet.

Lagrima B Flat Beginner Student Clarinet breakdown and review

This is a visually appealing clarinet that stands out among other models. Apart from the looks, it is made from ABS resin material which makes it long-lasting and enables it to deliver decent sound. The manufacturer makes it with a wood grain finish to make it more attractive. Like most clarinets, Lagrima comes with nickel-plated keys that deliver smooth action.

It also has a lower and upper section tube that ensures that the sound hole is accurately positioned to boost intonation. This is not only a durable beginner clarinet but also a comfortable one. It comes with a grilled spring needle that promotes this. Lagrima also has a trumpet tuning ring that is built into it. This ensures that the timber is more vigorous as you play it.

The clarinet also contains ten reeds made from Bakelite which is a long-lasting material. You should also expect other useful features in its packaging, such as 2 barrels and a mouthpiece. The bell of this clarinet is 3.1 inches by 8 cm, while the instrument’s dimensions are 26.4 inches by 67 cm.

The manufacturer also includes other accessories like a mouthpiece, case, stand, gloves, and a cleaning cloth. You can use this clarinet on different occasions, including during lessons, in a band, or at a concert. This clarinet is also made with the key of Bb. Most music instructors and school band directors approve of this beginner student clarinet.

What we liked

  • It produces a steady sound
  • Durable construction
  • The clarinet comes with numerous accessories
  • It is versatile
  • The clarinet is comfortable to use

What we didn’t like

  • Some users reveal that the case is a bit fragile


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Lagrima B Flat specifications

Body material ABS resin
Reeds Ten Bakelite reeds
Barrels 2
Key Nickel-plated
Accessories Mouthpiece, stand, cleaning cloth, gloves, cork grease, case.
Style Student
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Lagrima B flat features


The manufacturer of this clarinet uses ABS resin to make its body. This is a high-quality material that makes the clarinet long-lasting. Unlike most wooden clarinets, this model is less affected by harsh weather conditions. This hard-wearing material also leads to a consistent response, and it does not crack easily.

Lagrima student clarinet features a wood grain surface that enhances its appearance. Its fine workmanship makes it easy to maintain. It also comes in vibrant colors that captivate the attention of many. Feel free to pick the clarinet from the different colors available.


Lagrima is an easy-to-play clarinet that delivers a decent performance. This clarinet features lower and upper section tubes that ensure that the sound hole is positioned accurately to boost intonation. It allows you to blow easily and produces wonderful tones. When you play this musical instrument, it produces a more dynamic sound due to the inclusion of a tuning ring.


Apart from the strong build, most users find the clarinet comfortable to use. This is because it comes with useful features such as nickel-plated keys that move smoothly. The keys are durable and do not get tarnished after a short time.

It also has an adjustable thumb rest that also boosts comfort during use. The thumb rest enables you to spread the weight as you play this clarinet to prevent you from discomfort or pain. Since this clarinet does not have a fixed thumb rest, it can accommodate players with different hand sizes. Lagrima is also equipped with a blue spring needle that makes it comfortable to play.


Unlike some clarinets, Lagrima comes with ten reeds made from Bakelite. You can make it more stable by using the two screws to fix the reed. The reeds of this clarinet are not only of high quality but also easy to play on. Together with the mouthpiece, the reed makes the air that you blow into this musical instrument vibrate and create acoustic waves. The reeds can help improve the sound that the clarinet produces.


Getting a beginner clarinet that comes with different accessories can save you some cash since you will not have to buy them separately. Lagrima includes different accessories in its packaging, such as a mouthpiece, 2 barrels, a case, a stand, a pair of gloves, and a cleaning cloth.

The nylon case protects the clarinet’s sensitive parts and offers storage space for the rest of the items. Since this case is also lightweight, it makes the clarinet more portable. Unfortunately, the case does not include a shoulder strap that could make it easier to transport.

You will also get small cork grease that you should use as you assemble the clarinet and a protective cover for the mouthpiece. Ensure you maintain the clarinet well and wipe down most of the parts from time to time to extend its lifespan.

Who is it best suited for?

Lagrima B flat is best suited for new learners of musical instruments. You can even get it for a young student committed to learning how to play the clarinet for a long time. You may, however, feel the need to replace this clarinet once you become an intermediate player.

Are there alternatives to Lagrima B flat clarinet?

Yes. If you want to compare it with other models, you should pay attention to its alternatives. Some include Le Var LV100, Etude ECL-100, and Sky Celebi 001.

Features of alternative beginner student clarinets

Name Le Var LV100 Etude ECL-100 Sky Celebi 001
Material Plastic ABS plastic Ebonite
Instrument key B Flat Low E; B B Flat
Accessories Neck strap, cork grease, cleaning cloth, reeds, case, mouthpiece, and cap Mouthpiece, case ligature, and cap Ten reeds, mouthpiece, cleaning cloth, and cork grease
Weight 2.0 lbs 3.65 lbs 3.44 lbs
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Verdict: So, should you buy the Lagrima B flat clarinet?

Yes. Though this clarinet does not come from a very popular brand, it is worth considering. This is because it is solidly constructed, comes with long-lasting keys, and has a comfortable thumb rest. Since this clarinet delivers decent sound quality, you can use it in different situations, including during practice or in a band. The inclusion of multiple accessories also makes it worth considering. Since music teachers approve of this clarinet, you can buy it confidently.


Does this clarinet come with barrels?

Yes. Unlike most standard models that come with one barrel, Lagrima is equipped with 2 barrels that can help you easily adjust the pitch of the sound.

What kind of music can you play with this clarinet?

You can use it to play different genres, including jazz and classical music.

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