Selmer 1430LP Bb Bass Clarinet review

The bass clarinet is played in b flat like the soprano clarinet and the lower octaves. The Selmer 1430LP Bb bass clarinet is a great student instrument as we will see in this post.

Whether you are renting or getting your clarinet, the Selmer 1430LP is an excellent choice for any student. I rented one in my sophomore year in high school for a march after my clarinet cracked. I loved how it played in all registers, and I got one soon after to replace my old clarinet. I loved that it was metallic and not easily cracked. In this post, we will look at the Selmer 1430LP in detail, and by the end, you will see our verdict, so keep reading.

Brief Overview of the Selmer 1430LP Bb Bass Clarinet

The Selmer brand has established a trusted brand for instruments for years. The evidence of their quality of apparent in the Selmer 1340LP Bass clarinet. This metallic instrument is not only durable but lightweight. It is multicolored, and has a sleek finish, and is great for students. It has a rich sound and can hold up outdoors. It has a single joint body and no keys spanning joints. We recently went to buy a bass for a friend, and I suggested this one. We liked how easy it was to handle and how free blowing it was without being restricted. The keywork is superb, with nickel-plated keys that are easy to play. Smaller hands will find this clarinet easy to hold as it is designed to fit in the hand without strain. When we made our purchase, the instrument came in a stylish case that suspended the clarinet in a way that damage was impossible.

The instrument weighs 20 pounds and is 34*8.5*12 inches. It has functional keys, and the response is great. Any student looking to buy their first clarinet should consider this Selmer. It has a fine tune and an articulate sound. I have always enjoyed trying out instruments in-store, and when I tried this one out, I was impressed by how the keys were less noisy and cranky. It comes with a mouthpiece and all accessories, but this does not mean that it cannot work with other accessories.

As we had mentioned earlier, this is a student’s clarinet and works well for this level. Higher levels might want to consider other options. The response in all registers was top notch, and the sound quality was reasonable for its level. This is the clarinet that you will likely find at your child’s school, but if you do not like the use of school clarinets, you can purchase this one for your child. The pricing is on the higher side, but the quality is great. It plays in Bb key and low E notes. The new bore and bell design has greatly improved this clarinet’s sound and you will notice a mature tone. We were impressed by the leather pads that came with this instrument, a fixed thumb rest, a hard rubber mouthpiece, and nickel silver keys.

What we liked

  • This clarinet is free blowing
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Rich and mature sound
  • It is lightweight
  • Fits perfectly in the hand

What we didn’t like


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Selmer 1430LP Bb Bass Clarinet Specifications

Model Selmer1430LP Bass clarinet
Key B flat and low E
Material Plastic
Mouthpiece Hard rubber
Level Student/Beginner
Price Check Price

Selmer 1430LP Bb Bass Clarinet Features


The first thing I take a keen interest in is the mouthpiece of the clarinet. This is where all your effort is manifested and therefore needs to be f the highest quality. This clarinet comes with a hard rubber mouthpiece, which is durable and has great sound. A hard rubber mouthpiece offers more stability than a plastic mouthpiece. A hard rubber mouthpiece is known to have better control and projection. You will be sounding like an expert even in your early days of playing. This clarinet is a student instrument, and a hard rubber mouthpiece is a perfect accessory to enlarge your embouchure. On the downside, a rubber mouthpiece is likely to distort its sound when subjected to high temperatures. When you play outdoors for long, chances are you will need a new one afterward. Regardless, this is the best mouthpiece for this level and this particular instrument.

Design and Build

The bodywork is great and durable. It is impossible to hard plastic with falls which are constant when one is not used to holding this instrument. The finish is well polished that you might think it is wood. The nickel-plated keys are made to last long. It is a single-body instrument, and no keys are mounted over joints. This makes the keywork consistent and easy to touch. It comes with thumb rest, but if you are new to this, you might want a neck strap to relieve the stress on your thumb. The resonate body and sturdy keys make this a favorite among students and their teachers. It also comes with a mouthpiece cap to protect your mouthpiece when you aren’t playing and a ligature.


The Selmer 1430LP has a large bore and bell. This is intentional to make the sound more mature and articulate. A bore is the determinant of sound, focus, sharpness, and intonation. The bell will allow the high-frequency sounds to radiate outside the bore instead of reflecting to cause darkness and out-of-tune sounds. The Selmer bass clarinet responds well in all registers, and this makes it the best students’ instrument.

Other accessories

The Selmer 1430LP comes with leather pads. These pads seal perfectly and result in a rich tone. They are non-sticky and durable, so you won’t require constant replacement. Cork pads offer the perfect seal to eliminate any dysfunction with keys. The instrument comes with a ligature that holds the mouthpiece and reed in place. This ligature secures the reed without interfering with its vibrations. The ligature is metallic and comes with screws that can be adjusted to hold the reed in place. A case is as important as any other accessory as it is responsible for the safekeeping of the instrument. The case holds the Selmer in suspension to prevent any damage in case of a fall.

Who it’s best suited for

This is a great student clarinet. It works well for beginners who are yet to learn the basics and whose embouchure is undeveloped. The plastic material is best for a beginner who cannot handle hardwood reeds. It can also be used by intermediate students as they prepare to move to the advanced level.

Are there alternatives to the Selmer 1430LP Bass Clarinet?

Yes, there are equally good or better student instruments out there. This healthy competition keeps companies on their toes for the best quality instruments. In this case, the greatest competition for this Selmer is Jupiter JBC1000N Bass Clarinet. It is made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and is best for students and beginners. Another worthy competitor of the Selmer 1430LP is the Protec PB319 Eb Bass Clarinet. It comes with an impressive case with a back strap option. Finally, the Yamaha YCL-221II Student Bass Clarinet is a great alternative for students. It plays in an E flat and is made of ABS material. These are all Bass clarinets with different keynotes.

Features of the Selmer 1430LP Bass Clarinet Alternatives

Model Jupiter JBC1000N Protec PB319 Eb Bass Yamaha YCL-22111
Key B flat E flat E flat
Material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Mouthpiece Aluminum Hard rubber 4C Mouthpiece
Level Students All levels Students/Intermediary
Price Check Price Check Price Check Price


The Selmer 1430LP is the best way to start your journey as a clarinetist. It is made to accommodate small hands for students as young as first grade. The keywork is well-mounted to make it easy to play. The additional bore and bell create a mature sound that projects well through its hard rubber mouthpiece. It is made with plastic to accommodate beginners who cannot handle hard reeds yet. The clarinet comes in a case for storage and protection from warping. Plastic is not the most durable material, but it lasts for a reasonable amount of time, or until you move to the next level to upgrade. The price is high for a beginner clarinet, but it is worth it due to the quality of the sound.


How many keys are in a Selmer 1430LP BASS Clarinet?

This instrument has 18 keys.

What is the size of the Selmer 1430LP bore?

It comes with a 932” bore.

Is Selmer 1430LP a good bass clarinet?

Yes, it is not only a household name but a good quality brand.

Can you march with a bass clarinet?

Yes, but it is not such a good idea. These are best for band rooms.

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