Yamaha c100 clarinet review

If you are looking for a student model clarinet with great quality, look no further. The Yamaha c100 clarinet will beat your expectations as it produces a vibrant and clear tone of high quality.

The Yamaha c100 clarinet is a great clarinet model designed and conditioned to suit a beginner player best. This instrument is easy to play and produces quality tones for beginners. This instrument is also durable if maintained well and taken proper care of. Last month, my niece was required to go with a clarinet to school for their music classes. Their music teacher needed each student to have the Yamaha c100 clarinet, and thus, we had no option. Since she started taking her music lessons with these instruments, we have not heard any complaints for her. She enjoys playing the instrument as she insists it is easy for her to produce quality sound without straining.

Yamaha c100 clarinet breakdown and review

Yamaha brand is known for producing quality musical instruments. The brand tries to combine compatible features that aid with the production of quality sound for all its clarinets. This includes all clarinets that suit beginners, intermediates, and even clarinet masters. Though the Yamaha c100 can hardly be found in the market currently, this student clarinet is the perfect match for a starter.

The Yamaha c100 clarinet is among the best clarinets in the market. The instrument produces a vibrant and clear tone when played. Furthermore, starters find this instrument very easy to play, just like the manufacturer’s description of it. The Yamaha c100 is designed to help beginners produce quality sound without straining. This feature is great for young clarinet players as their breathing muscles have not yet mastered to blow the clarinets hard.

What I liked most about this product is that it is very affordable hence a convenient purchase for beginner players. Furthermore, with a quality mouthpiece, the Yamaha c100 produces very warmly, rich low tones and great sound. The horn of the clarinet is also great for beginners. The clarinet also comes with a hard case that protects the horn of the instrument from scratching or breaking.

What we did not like about this instrument is that its durability is not assured unless you become extra careful with it. However, if you leave it in the hands of children, they can easily destroy this instrument as it is made of plastic. Furthermore, the Yamaha does not offer key linkages hence the tone produced across the keys is not consistent.


  • Very affordable
  • Produces a warm, rich tone
  • Its horns are suitable for beginners
  • Easy to play


  • Inconsistent tone produced
  • Les durable compared to other beginner clarinets


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Yamaha c100 clarinet specifications

Model Yamaha c100 clarinet
Key Bb
Body material Plastic
Series/range Standard
Mouthpiece 4C mouthpiece
Barrel 65mm barrel
Key features Horns are suitable for beginners
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Yamaha c100 clarinet features

Design and build

As mentioned above, the Yamaha c100 clarinet is made of plastic. This is among the older versions of student clarinets produced by this brand. This instrument comes with pads and adjustable thumb rest. Consequently, the keys and screws of this instrument are designed in a way that they can be adjusted easily without necessarily seeking professional assistance. The Yamaha c100 is among the best plastic clarinets on the market. However, the design and build of the Yamaha c100 clarinet are not the best in the market as this clarinet was produced before several clarinet innovations took place. Modern clarinets are made of quality ABS resin and/or grenadilla wood. These two materials complement each other to produce high-quality and very durable instruments without sacrificing the clarinets’ appearance.

Speed and performance

The speed and performance of this instrument are of average quality and only suit beginner players. Intermediates and professionals might find this instrument very slow. Its response to the registers is not as fast as its substitutes in the market. As mentioned above, this clarinet produces a tone quality that is vibrant and clear. Its sound quality is average and can be improved with a quality mouthpiece. However, this clarinet does not produce a consistent tone across the keys, as linking the keys is a bit difficult. You can improve the consistency of the tone produced by adjusting the key to match your tone preference.

Connection and user-friendliness

Assembling and fixing the Yamaha c100 is quite straightforward, and even a beginner cannot get it wrong. This instrument is very user-friendly as it is easy to play and navigate. As mentioned above, beginners can easily produce quality sound with this instrument without straining. Furthermore, this instrument also produces the best intonations when connected to a quality mouthpiece. Interchanging the mouthpiece and fixing the pads to the Yamaha c100 is very easy and does not require professional guidance. These pads and the adjustable thumb rest that comes with this clarinet allow the player to comfortably play the instrument. This clarinet is flexible as the keys and screws can be easily adjusted without a professional.

Who is it best suited for?

The Yamaha c100 clarinet is best for beginners. Before establishing if you want to play the clarinet for a long time or not, it is key to buy an average clarinet of at least good quality but affordable. The Yamaha c100 is the best experimental clarinet as it is very affordable and offers average performance. It Is important to note that choosing the perfect entry-level clarinet is very important as it can either motivate you to pursue playing the instrument or give up completely. As mentioned, the performance of this instrument can be increased by replacing the original mouthpiece with a high-quality one. This instrument suits beginners best because it is easy to navigate and play. You do not have to strain your breathing muscles to blow the Yamaha c100 as the instrument is designed to meet beginners’ needs. Therefore, though this is a plastic clarinet, it is among the best plastic beginner clarinets on the market.

Are there alternatives to the Yamaha c100 clarinet?

Yes, there are several alternatives to the Yamaha c100 clarinet. These alternatives are of good quality and are an excellent option for beginners. These alternatives include; Buffet Prodige Bb Clarinet, Yamaha YCL 255S clarinet, and the Jupiter JCL700Q-S. One common feature of this alternative is that they both produce consistent and quality tones across all keys and are perfect for entry-level students.

Features of alternative clarinets

Model Buffet Prodige Bb clarinet Yamaha YCL 255S clarinet Jupiter JCL700Q-S Clarinet
Key Bb Bb Bb
Body material Co-polymeric ABS body ABS resin ABS plastic body
Key material/finish Silver plated Nickel/silver plated keys Metal rings
Series/range Standard Standard Standard
Mouthpiece Urban play mouthpiece 4C mouthpiece Plastic Jupiter Student Mouthpiece
Barrel 65mm 65 mm barrel 65 mm barrel
Key features A new texture bore allows easy projection and play of the sound, redesigned bell to optimize sound projection; it also comes with leather pads and has 17 keys and six rings. It has an adjustable thumb rest, comes with a protective and practical case, an accessory park having a cleaner, cloth and grease, has a wood-like appearance, a uniquely designed resonance chamber in the bell, and a redesigned bore to produce a superior tone. Has undercut tone holes that are tapered to produce optimum tuning and response, comes with a lightweight Jupiter case, and also comes with necessary accessories like cork grease, ligature, cloths, and reeds.
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Verdict: So, should I buy the Yamaha c100 clarinet?

I would only advise you to buy the Yamaha c100 clarinet if you want a plastic clarinet model with average performance. There are several substitutes for the Yamaha c100 clarinet, which are easy for beginners and of great quality. However, if the price is a major factor, then the Yamaha c100 clarinet is very affordable compared to its substitutes. You can also improve the performance quality of the Yamaha c100 clarinet can be improved by adjusting keys and purchasing a quality mouthpiece to enable the instrument to produce quality sound that meets your preferences. However, if the quality is a non-negotiable for you, then the musical instrument industry has several entry-level clarinets of greater quality compared to the Yamaha c100 clarinet. However, if you are not seeking to play the clarinet for long, you can purchase the Yamaha c100 and use it as a collectable display or item.


What clarinet pitch is the Yamaha c100 clarinet?

The pitch of this clarinet is Bb or commonly known as Bb flat. The major distinctive feature of the Bb clarinet is that it is able to play with no flats or sharps in the Bb major key.

How many notes does the Bb scale for clarinet have?

There are eight notes in the Bb scale for clarinet. Quality clarinets produce consistent tones across these notes.

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