Best Jupiter clarinets – A comprehensive buying guide

Searching for the best clarinet is a difficult task, even when dealing with brands like Jupiter which is known for its excellent instruments. Here are some of the best clarinets you can get from Jupiter.

It is normal to have many questions when choosing a clarinet and narrowing down the myriad of options available. Different clarinets, even from the same brand, will vary in pricing, the levels of players they cater to, and their specifications. So it is important to know the investment levels you are making in this instrument, whether it is for a student you know or yourself.

To make the job easier for you, we have rounded up five of our favorite Jupiter clarinets, as well as some tips you can use the next time you buy one.

The best Jupiter clarinets Comparison table

Jupiter clarinet modelBody material Key materialKey Availability
Jupiter JCL700N Bb clarinetABS ResinNickelB FlatCheck here
Jupiter JCL750N clarinetABS Resin, Granadilla woodSilverB FlatCheck here
Jupiter Standard 631NM clarinetPlasticNickelB FlatCheck here
Jupiter JBC1000N bass clarinetABS ResinNickelB FlatCheck here
Jupiter JCL710 Intermediate clarinetABS ResinNickelB FlatCheck here

The best Jupiter clarinets Review

Jupiter JCL700N B Flat clarinet – best for adult beginners and intermediate players

This clarinet model is the ideal option if you are getting a clarinet for a player learning the instrument, as it will last them for quite a few years before turning professional.

Key features

  • 14.8mm bore
  • Combines nickel silver bell ring and an ABS Matte Resin finish for durability
  • Includes an adjustable thumb rest and undercut tone holes
  • Has offset trill keys using a French arrangement for best performance

The body is comprised of ABS Resin rather than traditional blackwood, which reduces the chances of the instrument cracking and makes it perfect for beginners and intermediate players alike. The clarinet also has a very clean tonal quality, thanks to the bore that measures 14.80mm – this will give the benefits of tone and excellent playability to encourage the player to love the instrument.

We also notice the silver keys that are nickel-plated to bring it a premium feel and easy playing abilities, while the intonation is enhanced by the undercut tone holes and the rising C/G tone hole. Clarinet players must also learn to use the trill keys, and this clarinet uses a French configuration to teach basic playing skills that will prove valuable to them in the years ahead.

Additionally, it includes an offset to help prevent moisture accumulation that ruins many clarinets while enhancing their comfort when playing. To store it in the best conditions, the package includes a hard case that you can stack against other items, and the instrument includes a five-year warranty to give you some peace of mind.

If you are in the market for a budget-friendly model, the high price tag of this clarinet may take you back. It is also slightly difficult for child beginners to use, as clarinets made from ABS resin need higher amounts of air to produce their distinct sound qualities.

What we liked

  • The materials create a full-bodied tone with the best sound qualities
  • It provides comfort when playing it
  • Durable build

What we didn’t like

  • Quite expensive compared to other student clarinets


Clarinets are fun to play, especially when they are tailored to your skill level. The JCL700N is ideal for advancing players in high school, as it gives you the hardiness you need in student models as well as uncompromised tonal quality.


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Jupiter Bb JCL750N clarinet – best wooden body choice

The JCL750N comes in two bore sizes that will fit the requirements of many educators; you can get it in both ABS Resin and Granadilla wood, but both options will give you great playability and rich tonal quality, and the pricing will encourage you to purchase it for a student clarinetist in high school or college.

Key features

  • Available in both ABS Resin and Granadilla wood materials
  • Includes an ABS molded case
  • Tonal quality is rich and full-bodied with clear overtones
  • Nickel-plated keys give it a beautiful appearance and great playability
  • Metallic tenons increase durability and make assembly easier

Jupiter’s JCL750N clarinet is among the best choices for an adult intermediate player, as it has nickel-plated keys and metal tenons for easy assembly, comfortable playing, and better durability compared to most intermediate clarinets.

The package includes several accessories, including a carrying case that is shaped like a briefcase that keeps it under protection even in harsh conditions. You will also get several useful accessories such as a high-quality Vandoren reed, which makes it a great deal considering the price point. The only sore point is the wood exterior, which copes poorly with constant falls.

What we liked

  • Its wooden body is great for producing high-quality full sound
  • It has an elegant design
  • Includes a strong ABS molded case for its storage

What we didn’t like

  • Quite expensive
  • Unsuitable for playing in wet conditions


While the JCL750N does not sound as rich when compared to some other clarinets on this list, it does not disappoint you if you want a solid budget-friendly instrument.


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Jupiter Standard Bb 631NM clarinet – best for young beginners

You should check out this clarinet for various reasons, especially if you want to buy a clarinet for a young player who has expressed their interest, without spending too much money on the hobby.

Key features

  • Neck strap and adjustable thumb rest for added comfort during play
  • Plastic body construction
  • Strong construction that guarantees durability and resists damage from falls
  • Nickel keys to provide a focused and clear tone
  • Includes accessories such as cork grease, ABS carrying case, and cleaning cloth

Getting a clarinet for a child player is becoming a challenging task, as most of the best brands have more expensive models coming out in recent years – but the Jupiter 631NM is the company’s offer to young players to ensure they learn and love the instrument as they progress in their playing experience.

Featuring a practical design that is also durable, the Jupiter 631NM includes a cylindrical bore, memory needle spring made from high-carbon steel, bladder pads, and mouthpiece connectors for added comfort to a young player. It also includes a handy neck strap and adjustable thumb rest, which will help your young one grasp its mechanism quickly and love the instrument enough to advance their skills later.

The plastic construction may make it look or feel cheap, but that is what a very young player needs – after all, you do not want to spend thousands buying an expensive version of the instrument and have the child not play it as much or forget to take care of it at all times. The plastic in use here is of high quality and can withstand abuse from a young player.

What we liked

  • The finish is attractive, considering it is a plastic clarinet
  • Includes a neck strap and adjustable thumb rest for comfortable play
  • The case is made from molded ABS material, so it is durable
  • Budget-friendly price compared to most clarinets

What we didn’t like

  • The plastic material does not have the tonal quality and range a wooden or ABS resin clarinet does


Although this clarinet may look cheap, it is the best choice if you have a very young player who is just learning the instrument without committing so much money to their hobby.


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Jupiter JBC1000N bass clarinet – Best bass clarinet for students

For a student clarinetist who wants to delve into the bass clarinet, you do not need to spend a fortune trying to buy the best options – at least not when the Jupiter JCL1000N is there.

Key features

  • A two-piece body with inline trill keys, adjustable floor peg, wood-frame case, and undercut tone holes
  • Can go down to the low Eb key
  • Keys are made from nickel-plated silver
  • Uses a 17-key system for greater comfort
  • Includes a two-year warranty

This clarinet is exclusively tailored to students and offers excellent sound quality considering its range since it can only play down to the lower end of Eb instead of low Bb as with the top-notch bass clarinets. While this range is sufficient for people who are new to bass clarinets, it is a good idea to be mindful of most orchestral arrangements that require bass clarinets to play in lower octaves, so it will be limited in its capabilities.

With that in mind, you are likely to appreciate its six-ring and 17-key system because it will be easy to slide your fingers over it and hold it as you play. Due to the two-piece ABS construction, it will not be as rugged as some clarinet models since some keys will cross joints. However, the keys tend to get stuck at times, although cleaning them will eliminate the problem.

What we liked

  • Very deep and rich sound output
  • It is easy to play because of the 17-key system
  • Very reasonably priced for a student model

What we didn’t like

  • It can only play down to Eb
  • Keys can get stuck at times


This bass clarinet is impressive in its sound quality and hints at the jazzy output you would expect in a professional-level bass clarinet. This is due to its combination of silver and nickel to keep maintenance easy and change any reverb through it, resulting in a distinctive, warm sound.


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Jupiter JCL710 Wood clarinet – the best premium choice

This clarinet is ideal for a student player who has proven their interest and commitment to the instrument after playing it for several years. It offers both excellent dynamic range and timbre, which will serve progressing musicians well as they advance to a professional level.

Key features

  • ABS Resin body construction
  • The bore measures 0.577 inches while the barrel measures 65mm
  • Includes features such as offset trill keys, forged silver keys, and metallic tenons
  • Hand-finished undercut tone holes and a custom-taper bell
  • Bb key mechanism

This clarinet features all the bells and whistles you would see in a professional model, which is why it is expensive compared to the other alternatives on this list, such as the body featuring a durable two-piece ABS Resin construction rather than plastic.

It is quite heavy, considering it is made from ABS Resin composition, but it will be easy for an adult player to handle due to the neck straps and padded thumb rests that give some much-needed comfort. The addition of a mouthpiece increases the playability of the instrument to help you achieve greater tone control.

The package includes a great bag for easier transportation and storage, which ensures it will improve your sound as a player.

What we liked

  • Very beautiful and rich tonal quality due to its wooden construction
  • Very durable and comfortable to play
  • Accurate tuning and playing skill

What we didn’t like

  • Quite expensive, as it is a high-quality instrument
  • Sensitive to environmental changes, so it must be taken care of carefully


There are many things to love about the JCL710, including its build and tonal qualities. When considering its construction, the pricing is fair although it lands at the higher end of these clarinets, so only purchase it if the love for the instrument is strong and the player can take good care of it.


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Buying Guide for a Jupiter clarinet – What you need to look out for

If your purchase of a clarinet is a first-time one, regardless of whether it is a Jupiter one or any other brand, making your decision can look like an intimidating process. There are many models, and you can get confused if you do not know what to look for.

There are many clarinet types, but not all will be suitable for your skill level or intended use. To make your selection easier, here are some factors you need to keep in mind:

The material of the clarinet

Clarinets are mostly made from four materials, with each having different attributes in terms of tone and sound quality. They are:

  • Plastic – this is what you will find in the cheapest clarinets, and models catering to young children learning the instrument due to its hardness. Its keywork is also made from softer metals, so it can be difficult to use the clarinet when transitioning to a higher skill set.
  • ABS Resin – these are better quality clarinets that can transition a player between the beginner and intermediate levels, as it is a combination of resins and polymers. It is highly durable, and usually has a black finish that looks like wood. It is also easy to play, has a more refined tone, and is more mechanically reliable.
  • Hard rubber – this is not the same as ABS Resin, but it provides exceptional tone and sonic qualities. It also accommodates a wide range of skill levels and works mostly for intermediate players.
  • Wood – mostly in the form of granadilla, wood clarinets are professional-level clarinet types that have a very rich, warm sound quality. They are also quite expensive, so you should get them once you know that your interest is solidified.

Clarinet size

If you are buying a clarinet for a small child, some clarinets can cater to their smaller hands and remain comfortable. Additionally, an adult beginner will also benefit from these features, such as adjustable thumb rests.

Whatever size you choose, the clarinet needs to be comfortable – you should never strain your hands when reaching the keys or tone holes. If it is an intermediate or professional player, bass clarinets will be more comfortable for them than giving it to a beginner, while Eb clarinets are very technically challenging for inexperienced players.

The feeling you get from the instrument

While you may not hear this tip as much as the others, it is very important to do so, whether you buy the clarinet online or locally. Try out several instruments and choose the one that sounds the best to you.

Should you buy or hire the instrument?

If you are a parent and your child wants to learn the clarinet, or you are an adult learner and are unsure of whether you should buy it – you can choose the renting route until you are sure you want to purchase it. There are some advantages of this method, such as its cheaper costs, convenience, and that the clarinet is serviced by the shop or person you are renting from.

Final verdict

Jupiter is a brand that offers instruments for various skill levels and player needs, and they have clarinets that are excellent for beginners to the instrument, intermediate players, and professionals in the industry. The five options we have reviewed will give you a good starting point when buying from this renowned brand, so you should use these as a guide to choosing a clarinet that fits your needs and skills as a player.


Where can I purchase Jupiter clarinets?

You can only buy them, as well as their accessories, from Authorized Jupiter dealers.

Where are Jupiter clarinets made?

The company uses Taiwan and China as their manufacturing bases, with different models being assigned to either of these countries.

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