Jupiter JCL1100S Intermediate Wood Bb Clarinet Review

If you have played the clarinet for a while and are ready to upgrade, you can choose an intermediate model such as Jupiter JCL1100S. This can help you take your clarinet playing skills to the next level.

I was looking for a good gift for my husband for his 40th birthday and narrowed down my options to clarinets. He had stopped playing his old clarinet when it broke down a few months ago. After comprehensive research, I decided to buy him the Jupiter JCL1100S clarinet. He was so happy with the clarinet due to its amazing quality and its warm tone. I, therefore, decided to review this clarinet to help you figure out why it is worth it.

Jupiter JCL1100S Intermediate Wood Bb Clarinet breakdown and review

Jupiter has been producing quality intermediate and student clarinets since 1980. One of the popular intermediate models that many people choose from this company is the Jupiter JCL1100S. This is a durable clarinet that you can depend on for years.

It comes in a Grenadilla wood body that enables it to deliver great quality sound. This clarinet also features a ringless bell that leads to a full-bodied tone. Like most advanced clarinets, this model features forged silver-plated keys. The ergonomic keywork of this clarinet also has a C/G key riser. Jupiter JCL1100S has a 65 mm barrel and a small-sized bore.

This clarinet also contains undercut tone holes that enhance intonation and offset trill keys that prevent moisture accumulation. Jupiter JCL1100S also comes with features that boost comfort during use, such as an adjustable thumb rest and adjustable neck strap. You should also expect quality blue-steel springs in this model.

Jupiter JCL1100S is based on the Boehm key system and features six rings and 18 keys.

Some of the accessories that it comes with include a ligature, cap, and mouthpiece. You will also get a case and cover once you choose this clarinet. The manufacturer accompanies your purchase with a long-term warranty.

What we liked

  • It is easy to play
  • The clarinet is made from quality materials
  • Warm tone and excellent sound
  • It has a captivating appearance
  • It comes with a long term warranty

What we didn’t like

  • It contains a poor quality mouthpiece


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Jupiter JCL1100S Intermediate Wood Bb Clarinet specifications

Body Grenadilla wood
Keys Silver-plated keys
Bore .577’’
Thumbrest Adjustable
Barrel 65 mm
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Jupiter JCL1100S Intermediate Wood Bb Clarinet features


Most high-quality clarinets come in a grenadilla wood body, and Jupiter JCL1100S is no exception. This high-quality material repels moisture and gives it an eye-catchy appearance. The body also enables the clarinet to produce a warm tone. The manufacturers take their time to inspect this musical instrument to confirm that it can withstand bruises and bumps before selling it to customers.

Due to the material of this clarinet, the price is higher than that of plastic clarinets. Despite this, it can hold its value for a long time. If you choose to sell it after some time, you can sell it at a reasonable amount.


You can depend on this clarinet to deliver an excellent performance since it is equipped with forged silver-plated keys. This model is different from most intermediate clarinets that come with nickel-plated keys.

Most users are impressed with the dynamic feel of this clarinet since it comes with quality keys. The keys are also better for your hands since you are not likely to experience an allergic reaction while playing this clarinet. Silver-plated keys are also long-lasting. You will also like the ergonomic key work of this clarinet since it has a comfortable C/G key riser and a well-designed register key.

This clarinet also features a left-hand EB key, making it easy to navigate difficult passages. This feature is usually available in professional clarinets. Since this clarinet also contains offset trill keys, it can deliver premium performance and minimize moisture buildup.

Thumb rest and neck strap

Whether you have large or tiny hands, you will find this intermediate clarinet is comfortable to play since it comes with an adjustable thumb rest. It also contains an adjustable neck strap to set it up comfortably.

Tone holes and bell

This clarinet also tunes well since it features undercut tone holes with a conical shape on the interior and cylindrical on the outside. Since this clarinet does not play below or above the note, it leads to a great intonation. This feature leads to a consistent response. The presence of a customer-tapered ringless bell also enhances resonance. Jupiter JCL1100S is also a unique clarinet that contains metal tenons.


Jupiter JCL1100S Intermediate clarinet also has some accessories that allow you to start playing right out of the box. Some of them include a ligature, mouthpiece, and a protective cap.

Unfortunately, some customers complain about the stock mouthpiece that it comes with.

Feel free to replace this accessory to help the clarinet play better. Most intermediate plates buy Vandoren mouthpieces for this intermediate clarinet since it delivers great intonation and enhances the performance of the musical instrument.

Though the material used to construct this intermediate clarinet makes it heavier than some models, it comes with a case and a cover that enhances portability. Jupiter JCL1100S has a French style case that contains a zipper. This accessory makes it easy to carry and protects it and its accessories. It is, however, not that spacious.


This is one of the impressive things that make Jupiter stand out among other brands. It offers a long-term warranty for the clarinet. The extended warranty shows that the manufacturer is confident with the quality of Jupiter JCL1100S. You can always have a major part fixed at no extra cost if something happens to the clarinet within the specified time frame.

Who is it best suited for?

Jupiter JCL1100S is ideal for intermediate or advanced clarinet players. If you are on a budget and have experience in playing this musical instrument, you can also consider this model.

Are there alternatives to Jupiter JCL1100S Intermediate Wood Bb Clarinet?

Yes. Some of them include Yamaha YCL-450, Selmer CL211, and Leblanc L225 Serenade. Comparing their features can help before you choose an ideal option.

Features of alternative intermediate clarinets

Model Yamaha YCL-450 Selmer CL211 Leblanc L225 Serenade
Body Grenadilla wood Grenadilla wood Grenadilla wood
Keys Nickel-plated Silver-plated Silver-plated
Mouthpiece 4c Hard rubber Hard rubber
Thumbrest Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable
Weight 3 pounds 6 pounds 5.6 pounds
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Verdict: So, should you buy Jupiter JCL1100S Intermediate Wood Bb Clarinet?

Yes. This is a high-performing intermediate clarinet that is worth purchasing. It is not only good-looking but is also durable. This model is also valuable since it is comfortable and sounds great. The inclusion of quality features makes it easy to play.


Where can I use this intermediate clarinet?

You can use it to play in a school band or even perform at a small venue. Some intermediate players also use this clarinet at jazz clubs.

Is this clarinet easy to use?

As long as you have enough experience in playing the clarinet, you will not find Jupiter JCL1100S hard to use.

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