Best Jean-Paul Clarinets

Jean-Paul Clarinets are famous for their cylindrical bow known to produce a strong projection and a variety of tones. Most of them boast of the Boehm 17key system while offering excellent response and seamless playability.

Finding a clarinet that can help you successfully launch your music career can be an uphill task but with the right information, you should be able to settle with a reliable unit. Jean-Paul Clarinets have received many good reviews as regards their functionality, reliability, and durability. And given that I am searching for the best clarinet that I can use to launch my music career, I decided to dig into the various models of the Jean-Paul clarinets. Check below as I share my findings.

Best Jean-Paul Clarinets- Comparison Table

Model Material Type Instrument Key Availability
Jean Paul USA CL-300 Student ClarinetEbonite body materialB FlatCheck Price Here
Jean-Paul USA Intermediate Clarinet CL-400Acrylonitrile Butadiene StyreneB FlatCheck Price Here
Jean Paul Clarinet Bundle - CL-700CMEbonite body constructionB FlatCheck Price Here
Jean-Paul USA Student Clarinet Plus CL-350Nickel, Acrylonitrile Butadiene StyreneB FlatCheck Price Here
Jean-Paul USA Clarinet Cl-300Ebonite body materialB FlatCheck Price Here

Jean Paul USA CL-300 Student Clarinet (Best Boehm style clarinet)

The Jean-Paul USA CL-300 is a new clarinet best utilized by beginner players, it comes packed in a protective zipper back and sports a beautiful combination of a matte black body and nickel-plated silver keys.

Key Features

  • Style- Student
  • Weight- 3.95 pounds
  • Key System –Boehm 17 key system
  • Model- CL 300
  • Dimensions- 6 x 15 x 9.5 inches

The Jean-Paul Cl-300 clarinet uniquely features the Boehm system, and as such, it is not dependent on many fingerings, a feature that then allows for many open holes while enabling the clarinet to produce a vibrant tone. The Boehm system has also been found to greatly contribute to the final sound produced by the clarinet thus for the CL-300 model, beginner players can expect to achieve a sharp, light sound that is additionally flexible.

The CL-300 from Jean-Paul has been constructed with an ebonite body, the hard rubber is a good material for clarinets because it does not get affected by moisture when compared to wooden instruments. Given the above, the Jean-Paul clarinet will not be a headache when it comes to storage because the structural integrity of its body will not be compromised by the immediate external environment.

What’s more, is that the CL-300 clarinet from Jean-Paul retails at a low price, which is perfect for beginners as it will not bloat their bank balance. The student clarinet is, therefore, highly reliable, and fairly easy to play for the new beginners, it is also well centered and highly durable.

Upon purchase, the user will be furnished with all the relevant accessories, including a cap, mouthpiece, ligature, and a functional set of professional Rico reeds. And to make it ready for use out of the box, the clarinet comes complete with a neck strap that facilitates comfortable playing. Users will also be furnished with cork grease for maintenance.

What we liked

  • Has a strong bore and offers a wide range of tones
  • Comes equipped with a professional set of Rico reeds
  • The unit comes complete with its own mouthpiece
  • Has a zippered protective carry case

What we didn’t like

  • The pads might need replacement in a short time
  • The carry case is not entirely reliable


The Jean-Paul CL-300 student clarinet is a good beginner clarinet, configured to enable students scale to the next level of their music career. The clarinet is ready for use out of the box, as it comes complete with all the relevant accessories.


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Jean-Paul USA Intermediate Clarinet CL-400 (Best Clarinet for beginner/intermediate embouchure development)

The Jean-Paul USA is an intermediate clarinet that comes complete with a standard mouthpiece and ligature and is made complete with the included standard case.

Key Features

  • Dimensions- 16 x 7 x 10 inches
  • Instrument Key- B Flat
  • Professional Jean-Paul CPC-200 carrying case
  • Weight-6.34 pounds

The CL-400 from Jean-Paul features an ABS plastic body that has been established to be resistant to moisture among other extreme external conditions such as too much cold. The unit can also withstand a change in temperatures and will retain its structural integrity, especially under the beating of a beginner clarinet player. What’s more, is that plastic clarinets are known to offer good performance acoustically but for beginner players. Individuals who wish to advance to the professional level will have to get a wood clarinet as they produce a richer and more authentic sound.

The CL-400 has some rather impressive aesthetics take for the overall matte black finish combined with the silver-plated keys. The bell additionally, sports a beautiful gold signature that further enhances the clarinet’s overall aesthetics. The Jean-Paul intermediate clarinet comes equipped with a Bari mouthpiece known to produce a rich and vibrant tone.

The mouthpiece also offers an easy response while also supporting embouchure development for both beginners and new players. Another notable feature of the CL-400 is the H-ligature that has been established to apply less pressure to the reed and it is also elegantly designed. Upon purchase, the beginner or intermediate player will be furnished with the relevant accessories including the Rico H ligature, a Bari mouthpiece, and the professional Rico Reed.

The clarinet also comes with a cork grease that users can use for maintenance while the carry case has been constructed with a resistant nylon outer shell and high-quality handles that facilitate seamless transportation while offering safe storage for the clarinet.

What we liked

  • Has some very beautiful aesthetics
  • Features the highly functional Bari mouthpiece
  • Plastic material is perfect for use outdoors
  • The body of the clarinet is resistant to moisture

What we didn’t like

  • Not convenient for the long haul
  • Might not be repairable once broken


If you are a beginner/ intermediate clarinet player and are looking for a unit that offers embouchure development then the Jean-Paul USA intermediate clarinet CL-400 will more than suffice.


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Jean Paul Clarinet Bundle – CL-700CM (Best Jean-Paul clarinet that comes with a stand)

The Jean-Paul clarinet CL-700CM has been constructed to offer quality and consistency. The unit comes complete with a carrying case. The CL-700CM model is additionally in the key of the Bb Boehm 17 key system.

Key Features

  • Comes with a Rico reed
  • Material- Ebonite body
  • Warranty- 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Comes with a Jean-Paul mouthpiece

Upon the purchase of the Jean-Paul CL-700CM, beginner players will be furnished with a contoured carrying case that facilitates seamless transportation while also keeping the clarinet safe from external elements. And to ensure that the clarinet remains in good working condition users will be furnished with a cleaning cloth and a cleaning swab.

Beginner players will also be provided with cork grease, and the unit is backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. The body of the Jean-Paul CL-700CM clarinet is made of moisture-resistant rubber/ebonite material known to exhibit the best tonal characteristics.

Jean-Paul offers this particular clarinet with a music stand and which you can use for other applications apart from the clarinet. A feature that enables players to develop their true potential. The incorporated carrying case is made with a high-quality durable material that will not only keep your CL-700CM clarinet safe but also ensure that it retains its structural and functional integrity for the long term.

What we liked

  • Comes backed with a 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Is made with a durable Jean-Paul body
  • Comes with a contoured carrying case
  • Has incorporated a music stand

What we didn’t like

  • Best used by the beginner/student players
  • The Price is a little bit high


If you are looking for a full orchestral experience when playing the clarinet for the first time then the CL-700CM from Jean-Paul is your best bet.


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Jean Paul USA Student Clarinet Plus CL-350 (Best clarinet with an upgraded carry case)

Of the various Jean-Paul clarinets that we have reviewed the CL-350 model is the first one that has an upgraded carry case and is also made with the extra strong nickel-plated keys.

Key Features

  • Weight- 5.62
  • Dimensions- 15.24 x 11.02 x 5.47 inches
  • Style- Student
  • Instrument Key B-Flat
  • Model- CL-350

The Jean-Paul USA Student Clarinet plus CL-350 is a unit that could easily turn into a family heirloom, thanks to the incorporated extra strength nickel-plated keys that will not bow to the pressure of bending. The keys will also retain their strength during assembly thus chances of breaking are minimal.

Moving over to the beautiful black matte body, the CL-350 model has been upgraded to the rugged ABS material which will ensure that the clarinet offers you a long service. Upon the purchase of the clarinet, it is tradition for Jean-Paul to provide the beginner players with the relevant accessories, to help kick start their musical journey. Some of the accessories are such as the cork grease, a cleaning cloth swab, ligature, and one Rico reed.

The upgraded carry case features an additional side pocket that you can use to pack some of your personal stuff, the incorporated handles are also pretty robust, and will not give up on you if you are having a busy day.

What we liked

  • The clarinet features a rugged build
  • The upgraded carry case offers complete protection
  • The clarinet has an impressive matte finish
  • Come complete with accessories

What we didn’t like

  • Comes with a high price tag
  • Best for use by the student clarinet players


The CL-350 model is an advanced Jean-Paul clarinet perfect for students who want to take their music career to the next level but also retain their instrument. The clarinet features a robust build and can, therefore, be relied on for the long term.


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Jean-Paul Used Clarinets

Jean Paul USA CL-300 Student Clarinet (Best budget used clarinet)

The Jean-Paul USA CL-300 used clarinet retails at a much cheaper price, when compared to the new CL-300 clarinet reviewed above. According to the retailer, the clarinet has only been used 5 times, meaning that it is still in good playing condition.

Key Features

  • Pads- made of fish skin
  • Thumb rest- adjustable
  • Barrels- two barrels
  • Tone holes- Straight
  • Springs- Blue stainless steel

Besides being a used model, Jean-Paul clarinets have been established to be highly functional, for example, the unit is made with an adjustable thumb rest which apart from being convenient for your thumb, it also enables one to position the clarinet properly to their body. The adjustable thumb rest will therefore help the player achieve a natural angle of the clarinet to the body, avid players can attest that if the angle of the clarinet changes, one will rarely experience a variation of sound and intonation.

The CL-300 is made with straight tone holes, so the one thing that players must realize with units that are made with straight tone holes, is that this type of clarinet are only meant for use by student clarinet players. So, apart from the adjustable thumb, the Jean-Paul CL-300 also comes equipped with two barrels, now the good thing with having two barrels on a clarinet is that they come in different lengths and the shorter one will produce much sharper sounds.

The shorter barrel is additionally used to ensure that the player does not go too far below the standard pitches. The CL-300 clarinet is made of the durable ABS plastic material, however, you must also know that the ABS plastic clarinets have bores with very poor accuracy, but there are manufacturers who have mastered the art of making excellent plastic clarinets with good bores.

What we liked

  • The buyer can make a price offer
  • Comes complete with two barrels
  • The plastic body is durable and moisture resistant
  • Used but in good condition

What we didn’t like

  • Only one unit is available
  • The clarinet has been used at least five times


If you have a tight budget but still want a good clarinet for your music career, the Jean Paul CL-300 used clarinet will more than suffice.


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Jean Paul USA CL-700CM Clarinet with Case

This is a used Jean Paul CL-700CM clarinet thus it is very possible for you to find signs of cosmetic wear. The clarinet does not have any major damage meaning that a good touch up will get the unit ready for use.

Key Features

  • Boehm 17 key system
  • Rico Reed
  • Ebnite body
  • Jean Paul mouthpiece

One thing that you must note about the Jean Paul CL-700CM is that it is an improved unit from the common standard beginner-level clarinets in the market. Besides being a used model, you can expect it to produce professional sounds. The clarinet retails with its original carry case, two reeds have already been used but you will get the gloves among other relevant accessories. The clarinet is in good working condition thus it should be usable out of the sturdy carry case.

What we liked

  • The clarinet is in good working condition
  • Comes with its original carry case
  • All the relevant accessories are available
  • Retails rather cheaply when compared to the new model

What we didn’t like

  • Two reeds have already been used
  • The clarinet is not new


The Cl-700 Jean Paul clarinet is not easily available in the market mainly because it is an upgraded student unit that is durably built and comes with a pretty solid carry case. The unit is however not new but in good condition thus it should serve the purpose.


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Buying Guide

Buying the best Jean-Paul Clarinet-What to look out for

Accessories- well not all clarinets come equipped with all the accessories for example there are certain beginner clarinets that have incorporated the music stand and others that don’t have. New Jean Paul clarinets come with all the relevant accessories while the used models lack most of the accessories but retail cheaply. So it really depends on what you want and your budget.

Budget– there are so many types of clarinets in the market, with different configurations, so at the end of the day, it really depends on how much you are willing to spend. The advanced units, have upgraded features, and are more durable and easy to use when compared to the older models. Thus if you don’t mind bloating your bank balance, you can get the Cl-700CM from Jean-Paul and benefit from the stand and the rugged keys.

Keys- when buying either a used or a new clarinet always ensure that the keys fully cover the clarinet’s hole but without sticking.

Final Verdict

There are three levels when it comes to using the clarinet, we have beginner level, intermediate and professional level, as such you must ensure that you get a clarinet suitable for your level. Clarinets made from ABS material are good for beginner players, whereas clarinets made from wood are best utilized by advanced players.


How many notes can I play on a clarinet?

You can play up to four octaves on your clarinet

How many reeds does a clarinet have?

Clarinets normally have two reeds.

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