How can you make money playing clarinets? (Useful tips + more)

You can earn by teaching clarinet lessons, performing live, collaborating with other artists, creating Youtube videos, or recording with other bands.

Playing the clarinet can improve your memory and build your confidence. If you have been playing this woodwind instrument for a long time, you should start looking for ways to monetize your skill. Here is more!

Making money from playing the clarinet

Most professional clarinetists earn different amounts from their skills. Here are some of the ways you can monetize your skills.

Teach clarinet lessons

Do you have spare time and are proficient in this musical instrument? If yes, you should consider teaching clarinet lessons. Clarinetists teach different music lessons online through platforms such as Skype. You can, for instance, focus on teaching beginners interested in learning how to play this musical instrument or intermediate players musicians looking to improve their skills.

Alternatively, you can also give clarinet music lessons physically from a store. Some stores employ music teachers interested in teaching clarinet lessons. If you don’t stay away from a local music store that sells clarinets, you should consider partnering with the owner.

Even if the store does not hire clarinet music teachers, they can refer students to you if you create a referral relationship with them. To motivate them further, you can offer the person a commission for every potential student they recommend.

If you don’t want to give in-person lessons, you can develop a lesson course on a web platform. Some clarinetists also earn some cash through conferences. You can attend a conference and perform or teach the audience about clarinet playing. This can help you earn a speaking fee.

Perform music live

You can also earn money as a clarinetist by performing. Whether you have original music or play covers, you can perform at different places and earn some cash from it. Some of the places where clarinetists give performances include churches, parties, and clubs.

You can also look for events such as weddings, baby showers, or bridal showers that you can perform at. You can either perform at such events as a solo clarinetist or as part of an orchestra. Apart from earning money gigging at events, this can also help you get your name out there. It can also help you get more opportunities in the future.

If you are still in school and looking to earn extra cash by playing the clarinet, you can try busking. This involves performing on a street corner. If you are good at clarinet playing, you will soon start attracting a crowd and earn some cash. When you do a live performance, you should also consider capturing them on video. Once you do this, package them into a DVD and start selling the video recordings to your fans.

Collaborate with other artists

If you have been playing this musical instrument for a long time, you can start making money by collaborating with other artists. Some projects outside the music industry need musicians, such as clarinetists. For instance, you can try to find visual artists that may be looking for musicians skilled in playing the clarinet. During art gallery shows, such artists often work hand in hand with clarinets to draw the audience.

Alternatively, you can also collaborate with a videographer. Most videographers are always looking for quality music to include in their film. If you have been creating your music using the clarinet, working with a videographer can help you earn some extra cash.

Getting your music in games, movies, or TV shows can also give you more exposure that can help you become a successful clarinetist. You can also team up with dancers on different projects and make money from such collaborations.

Create a youtube channel

You can also start promoting yourself as a clarinet player through Youtube. Come up with a Youtube channel so that you can start growing a fan base. This could also work if you are part of a band. Many people love watching entertaining music on such platforms. This allows you to monetize your videos.

Work with other bands

If you are a solo performer, you can still make some money by performing with different bands. For instance, offering your clarinet playing services to a band that does not have a clarinet player for a certain gig can help you make some extra cash.

Other useful tips

To succeed in this, you have to learn how to build relationships with people who can help you in your music career. You should also exercise patience since making money from playing the clarinet may take some time.

Apart from making money from playing the clarinet, you can also make some cash indirectly. For instance, if you have a collection of old clarinets that you no longer use, you can sell them online and earn extra cash. Sites such as Craigslist and eBay give you the chance to sell such musical instruments.

A summary of how to earn from playing the clarinet

Teach clarinet lessons You can do this online or in person from a music store.
Perform music live You can either perform original music or covers live at events. Busking also works for some clarinet players.
Collaborate with other artists Look for videographers, visual artists, or dancers that require clarinet music.
Create a youtube channel This can help you make videos as you play the clarinet. You can start monetizing your videos.
Record with other bands Playing the clarinet for other bands can also help you make extra cash.


Though making money playing the clarinet is not hard, many people overlook some simple ways. Try implementing the tips we have shared above to earn from your talent. All the best!


How much do Clarinet players earn?

The average professional clarinetist in successful bands makes $60,000 annually. On the other hand, clarinet players in orchestras earn around $35,000 annually.

What does it take for me to become a professional clarinetist?

You can gain experience by taking private tutorials or attending music school.

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