How much is a student clarinet worth? (Factors to consider + Complete buying guide)

The cost of a student clarinet ranges between $200 and $400. This differs based on the material used in the construction and brand. You can either buy a new student clarinet or rent one. If you choose to buy one, you should also buy some useful accessories, which cost around $20.

Are you interested in learning the clarinet? This is one of the most popular woodwind instruments that can help perform different music styles. You can start with a student clarinet. This is the simplest type of clarinet that can teach the basics. Purchasing a student clarinet is challenging for most people since some don’t understand their worth. That is where we come in. We will not only discuss the value of a student clarinet but also inform you on what you should consider as you buy one. Enjoy!

The cost of a student clarinet

This instrument is available at different music stores. Once you start shopping for a student clarinet, you will come across varying prices. The cost often ranges between $200 and $400.

Though you may be tempted to select the cheapest student clarinet, it is not always the best option. This is because very cheap student clarinets don’t produce the best sound. The durability of such a clarinet could also be poor.

One of the things that make the cost of student clarinets vary is the materials used to make them. While some models are made from plastic, others are created with hard rubber.

Though the materials used in student clarinets mimic the qualities of wood, student clarinets produce a less mellow sound.

Plastic student clarinets are the cheapest since they often cost $200. These are not only cheap but also have a shiny appearance. You might get a hard rubber student clarinet that costs more than $200.

As you think about the cost of a student clarinet, you should also focus on getting one from a reputable brand. This can help you get one that has a good warranty. You can also access the accessories that you need for the student clarinet by choosing a model from a reputable brand.

Work with a budget before choosing a student clarinet to avoid overspending. You should also take your time to compare the prices of different models before settling for one.

Factors to consider when buying a student clarinet

Buying a student clarinet does not have to be challenging if you focus on the most crucial factors. Some of them include the following.

  • Keywork

Most student clarinets come with nickel-plated keys. These not only have a shiny appearance but are also durable. You should ensure that the student clarinet you pick does not have tarnished keys. Though such keys may not impact the sound of the clarinet, they reduce the lifespan of the clarinet. The keys of a good student clarinet should cover the holes fully.

You should also confirm that it comes with a thick keypad. The pad should not be loose since this can lead to air leaks. Nickel-plated keys may not be the best for every player since they cause allergic reactions in some people. If you choose a model with poor-quality keys, you should consider replacing them after some time.

  • Bore design

You can assess the general feel of a student clarinet by focusing on the bore design. Every time one plays this musical instrument, spittle travels through the bore. Choose one that has a smaller bore since this will be easier to play. Such a student clarinet is also easier to keep in tune compared to one with a larger bore design. Besides the bore size, you should also consider the shape of a clarinet’s bore.

While some clarinets come with a cylindrical bore, others have a poly cylindrical bore. Though a poly cylindrical bore clarinet may have better intonation, most beginners go for student clarinets with cylindrical bores since they offer great volume and are more flexible. Ensure you choose a clarinet that does not have a cracked bore.

  • Type of reed

The type of reed available in a clarinet impacts how it sounds. As you look for a good student clarinet, you should focus on the cut and strength of the reed. You should go for a clarinet with a softer reed when you are a beginner since this will be easier to play than one with a hard reed.

Starting with a softer reed is important until your cheek muscles get used to playing the clarinet. You can upgrade to a harder reed after some time. You can also choose one with a regular cut since it is likely to be cheaper.

Buying versus renting a student clarinet

We mentioned that you could either buy or rent a student clarinet. If you are confused about which option to choose, the table below can help.

Buying Renting
This option is easier since you don’t have to go through lengthy contracts or make monthly payments. This is more flexible. If you change your mind about playing the instrument, you can always return it.

It is more stable since purchasing means making a long-term commitment to the clarinet.

The option is cheaper at first since you can start renting a student clarinet for only $20.
This option lets you get a new and unused clarinet that may not have any major issues. A rented student clarinet is easy to care for since the shop can help you maintain the musical instrument.


A student clarinet is a forgiving instrument that can help you learn how to play on your own. It is also cheap since most student clarinets cost between $200 and $400. If you are dedicated to getting this woodwind instrument, you should buy a high-quality one.


What brands make the best student clarinets?

Some of the companies include Yamaha, Suzuki, Buffet, and Jupiter.

What is a rent-to-own program?

This program lets you pay for a student clarinet every month as you rent it. Once you pay the instrument off, you gain ownership.

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