Selmer USA 1400B Student Bb Clarinet review

Do you need a student clarinet that you can use as a beginner? If yes, one of the models that you should pay attention to is Selmer USA 1400B. Here is more!

When I started playing clarinets, I first began by renting one. With the help of my music teacher, I was able to grasp the basics, and I saved enough money to buy one. I asked my teacher for recommendations, and he advised me to start with a Selmer clarinet. After comparing a few models, I was impressed with the Selmer USA 1400B. I decided to review this model to help you learn everything regarding it. Enjoy!

Selmer USA 1400B Student Bb Breakdown and Review

Selmer has a great reputation for creating high-quality musical instruments. This French company is behind the USA 1400B student bb clarinet. Selmer USA 1400B is a plastic clarinet that you can use for some time since it is designed with durability in mind. It is also made from lightweight material to prevent you from experiencing fatigue during extended use.

This model features nickel silver keys that do not rust easily. The keys come with nickel plating and sometimes bend easily. This clarinet is based on the Boehm fingering system and therefore features six rings and 17 keys. You can also rely on this clarinet when you are still a student since it produces quality sound. Feel free to use it to play songs from various music genres.

Selmer USA 1400B comes with a bell with a resonance chamber that enhances its intonation. This clarinet features a .590″ modeled bore and contains straight tone holes. The company uses stainless steel to make the screws and springs in this clarinet. It also comes with durable pads that are easy to repair.

Selmer also accompanies it with some accessories to help you save some cash. For instance, it comes with a mouthpiece that can help you start creating sound and a hard plastic case for its protection. However, you may have to replace the mouthpiece after some time.

You will also like the quality sound and rich tone that this clarinet produces. It achieves an adequate pitch for beginners and most intermediate players. You can rely on this model to learn how to play etudes and achieve good results. Due to this clarinet’s versatility and broad dynamics, it can easily meet the needs of different instrumentalists. Once you invest in this clarinet, you will receive a warranty that you can use in case you receive a defective instrument.

What we liked

  • It is durable
  • Includes a solid case
  • Its finish gives it an elegant look
  • Delivers high-quality sound and rich tone
  • It is versatile

What we didn’t like

  • The fixed thumbrest


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Selmer USA 1400B Student Bb Specifications

Instrument Key B-Flat
Material Plastic
Keys Nickel silver keys
Fingering system Boehm
Thumb rest Fixed
Mouthpiece Available
Bore diameter .590’’ molded bore
Case Hard plastic
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Selmer USA 1400B Student Bb Features


Before buying any clarinet, you should take your time to find out how it is constructed since this can help you determine whether it is worth it. Selmer USA 1400B is made from plastic material. This makes it a durable model that is quite forgiving. The plastic body ensures that the clarinet does not get damaged easily.

Since it is also designed to resist harsh weather conditions, you can bring it outdoors without concerns such as cracking. Its construction can make this clarinet last for a long time. Apart from the durability, many musicians also like the elegant look of this clarinet.

It comes in a satin wood-like finish, making it look like a professional clarinet. The construction also makes this clarinet lightweight so that you can play it for long without experiencing fatigue.

Bore and straight tone holes

This clarinet is great for students since it can help one develop lung capacity at an early stage. This is because Selmer USA 1400B is equipped with a .590″ bore, which is quite large and free blowing. The bore enables this clarinet to provide a full sound. It also features straight tone holes that are also larger to help you achieve a full sound.


Selmer USA 1400B also comes with nickel silver keys that are nickel plated. Though these keys are designed not to rust easily, some users reveal that they bend easily. You, therefore, have to handle the clarinet carefully to avoid this. The keys also need proper maintenance to stay in good shape. The screws and springs of this clarinet are made using stainless steel, which makes them rust-resistant.


One of the reasons Selmer USA 1400B is in high demand is its great performance. This clarinet can help you create a high-quality sound that you will enjoy. The sound that this clarinet produces can easily match the requirements of different songs. You can even utilize it to play songs from various music genres.

Its performance makes it not only great for students but also for intermediate players. Many musicians are impressed with the great tone that this clarinet delivers. The clarinet’s bell has a resonance chamber that enhances projection and intonation in lower notes. This can help students learn fingerings and notes for the first time. Due to its impressive pitch quality, you can also rely on this clarinet to help you play the first position in a music band.

Unlike some clarinets, Selmer USA 1400B comes with double barrels, making it easy for students to achieve the right intonation. You can use this clarinet to play notes like low and high B and C.

However, some experienced players reveal that the response is variable from register to register, which can be a bit frustrating. You may have to get another upgraded model at some point if you are serious about clarinet playing.


Though Selmer USA 1400B has a lot of impressive features, it comes with a fixed thumbrest. This does not accommodate people with different hand sizes since it may cause discomfort in some.


Picking a clarinet with some accessories can save you money and time since you don’t have to go looking for them after making the purchase. Selmer USA 1400B is impressive since it comes with accessories like a Bundy plastic mouthpiece and case.

Since the case is made from hard plastic, it can protect all the sensitive parts of the clarinet. It is also spacious enough to accommodate the spare parts of this clarinet. You can even fit cleaning materials in its case.

Apart from storage and protection, the case also makes it more portable, especially for those who play musical instruments from different locations. Unfortunately, you have to buy some accessories such as a swab and cork grease separately since they don’t form part of the package.

Who is it best suited for?

Selmer USA 1400B is best suited for students and intermediate players. You can use it to play notes like low and high B and C. The clarinet is also suitable for playing different music genres.

Are there alternatives to Selmer USA 1400B Student Bb?

Yes. If you feel that this model is not the best for you, you should focus on its alternatives. Some of them include Yamaha YCL 250, Vito USA 7212 Clarinet, and Buffet B12. Yamaha YCL 250 is a good alternative to this clarinet since it is also designed for beginners, comes in a plastic body, and enhances intonation in lower notes.

You can also compare this clarinet to Vito USA 7212 Clarinet, which is also meant for students and is a bit lighter. Some people also choose Buffet B12 over the Selmer model since it is strong and easy to maintain.

Features of Alternative clarinets

Model Yamaha YCL 250 Vito USA 7212 Clarinet Buffet B12
Instrument Key B flat B flat B flat
Material Plastic ABS Wood, Resin
Finish Matte Wood Wood
Best for Beginners Students Students
Case Available Available Not available
Weight I pound 3.89 pounds 5.5 pounds
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Verdict: So, should you buy Selmer USA 1400B Student Bb?

Yes. Selmer USA 1400B is worth investing in since it is a well-constructed clarinet that produces high-quality sound. This can help you learn the basics of playing the clarinet and not crack easily. Its great tone and durability also make it worth investing in.


Is Selmer USA 1400B Student Bb better than a wood clarinet?

No. Though this clarinet does not crack easily and can last for years, it is not better than a wood clarinet. Most wood clarinets produce better sound compared to plastic ones. The problem with wood clarinets is that they are easily affected by things such as harsh weather conditions.

How can I take care of Selmer USA 1400B Student Bb Clarinet?

You should clean the mouthpiece from time to time and use a tone hole cleaner to get rid of any dirt from the tone holes. Also, wipe down dust which tends to build up between the keys.

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