UEBEL 621 B Clarinet Review

Choosing the best clarinet is crucial in determining if your passion for playing the clarinet will grow or fade away. If you are an intermediate player, the UEBEL 621 clarinet is your best option as it has great features matching the skills of an intermediate player. Read on for more!

When purchasing a clarinet, your level of mastery of the instrument should be a key consideration. This is because it will affect the quality of sound produced as different instruments have been designed for a different levels of clarinet players. When my daughter began her clarinet classes, I bought her the UEBEL 621 B clarinet. I did not do prior research before buying the instrument; hence, she faced a lot of difficulties when playing this instrument as it was a bit heavy for her and required her to blow hard for quality sound production. I sought advice from my uncle, who is a clarinet master and tutor, who advised me to buy a different clarinet as the UEBEL 621 B is best for intermediates and a bit hard for beginners. Five years later, my daughter can now comfortably play the UEBEL 621 B clarinet, and she loves it.

UEBEL 621 B Clarinet breakdown and review

The UEBEL brand has created clarinets of great quality, with the UEBEL 621 B clarinet being a testimony of the excellent features and specifications UEBEL brand offer. This reflects the care and experience that every company should take with its instrument. This clarinet model is a very high-end woodwind musical instrument with a great key arrangement to favor both intermediates and professionals of all ages.

When you hold the UEBEL 621 B clarinet, the first thing that stands out is its black body made from grenadilla wood. Granadilla wood has been rated and is considered the best wood for the manufacture of woodwind instruments, specifically, clarinet for this case. This wood makes this clarinet model have a recognizable type of hardness and elasticity, which allows it to produce not only a great sound but also gives it the durability that it requires.

Another great feature of this clarinet is that its keys are silver-plated or nickel-plated. This characteristic offers the UEBEL 621 B great resistance properties and adds smoothness to the key action, which contributes to the great sound produced by this clarinet.

This clarinet has a lot of likable features since its design is high-end. We really liked the durability of this instrument as it is serving my daughter for the fifth year. Consequently, the key arrangement of this instrument is great as it allows even small children to play it. In this clarinet, the octave key is close enough to the thumb hole, and the high B key and high C key have been arranged so that you don’t accidentally actuate when gripping the keys with your right hand.

Additionally, this clarinet responds quickly and has a robust, powerful sound which makes it suitable for a brass band. The case supplied with this clarinet has a large side compartment inside which you can store various instrument accessories like clothes, wipers, and a marching fork. The case is also visually appealing.

However, there are also some features of this product that we found very inconvenient. This clarinet is a bit heavy in size and complicated for beginners. Furthermore, the price of this clarinet is a bit pricy compared to other intermediate clarinets.

What we liked

  • The octave of this clarinet is close enough to the thumb hole hence making it suitable for even children.
  • Extremely durable.
  • The thumb rest of this clarinet is flexible and can be adjusted hence making playing it very comfortable.
  • Produces the sound of great quality without the player having to strain.
  • Responds easily.

What we did not like

  • This clarinet is a bit heavy and complicated for beginner clarinetists.
  • This clarinet model is a bit pricy compared to other intermediate clarinets.


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Specifications of UEBEL 621 B Clarinet

Model UEBEL 621 B Clarinet
Key B flat
Body material Grenadilla wood/ABS resin
Key material/finish Black leather pads, silver/nickel-plated keys
Series/range Standard
Mouthpiece RCR.3 mouthpiece
Level Intermediate
Barrel 58mm + 60mm barrel
Key features Adjustable thumb rest, excellent craftsmanship and intonation, extremely durable, responds easily.
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Design and build

As mentioned above, this clarinet is made of grenadilla wood, making it extremely durable. The interior design of this clarinet fits the soprano tessitura category and is in B flat tuning. The UEBEL 621 B clarinet uses the german key system with two barrels (58mm + 60mm barrel), 21 keys, and six rings. This woodwind instrument also has two lamps and four trills hence adding agility to the movement.

The key of the UEBEL 621 B clarinet are nickel-plated and/or silver-plated; these materials are of high resistance. Additionally, this clarinet has a system that improves the air column so as to achieve a greater sound response. It also has an adjustable thumb rest hence making it flexible.

Consequently, this instrument is equipped with a Rovner ligature which holds the instruments better. This Rovner ligature also improves the response of this instrument to different sound frequencies. Consequently, it enables the UEBEL to produce consistently high-quality sound across the keys. Lastly, this clarinet is supplied with a semi-rigid case that has a large inner compartment to enable you to store your instrument safely.

Speed and performance

The speed and performance of this instrument are great for intermediates. It has a great response to the action of the German mechanism. Additionally, the fast response of this instrument is friendly for the player and interpreter to achieve the most relevant pitches and ornaments, respectively.

Consequently, the UEBEL 621 B clarinet trill keys have a high level of response which facilitates the performance of this valuable arrangement in jazz and chamber music. The slier-plated finish of the keys of the UEBEL 621 B clarinet makes the action of this instrument dynamic and responsive to movement. This improves its performance and facilitates the movement of solo pieces for both chamber compositions and jazz. Overall, just as mentioned earlier, the speed and performance of this instrument are outstanding.

Connection and user-friendliness

This clarinet is very user-friendly for intermediates. Connecting and installing this instrument is straightforward, and thus, one does not need a professional to do so. Furthermore, the body of this instrument is designed to endure the continuous and rigorous use of this clarinet, making it very durable and strong. This clarinet can be, however, a bit complicated for beginners due to its weight.

Who is UEBEL 621 B Clarinet best suited for?

The UEBEL 621 B clarinet is best suited for intermediate-level musicians. However, though professionals can also play this instrument, they will find its features not up to their expectations and mastery. This instrument has been designed with high-end features to suit the skills of intermediates. Furthermore, its adjustable thumb rest makes it easy to play. Also, the key arrangement of this instrument makes it easy for intermediates to play and produce quality sound without straining.

Are there alternatives to the UEBEL 621 B Clarinet?

Yes, there are alternatives to the UEBEL 621 B clarinet, as the musical instrument market has a variety of clarinets designed for intermediates. The alternatives for this clarinet include; Buffet Crampon Prodige Bb- Clarinet, Yamaha YCL – 457 II – 20 Clarinet, and the Yamaha YCL-255 S clarinet.

Features of alternative clarinets

Model Buffet Crampon Prodige Bb- Clarinet Yamaha YCL – 457 II – 20 Clarinet Yamaha YCL-255 S clarinet
Key Bb Bb Bb
Body material ABS Resin Black grenadine wood ABS resin
Key material/finish Nickel plated silver keys Nickel plated silver keys Nickel plated silver keys
Series/range Standard Standard Standard
Mouthpiece ‘Urban Play’ Mouthpiece 4C Mouthpiece 4C mouthpiece
Level Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate
Barrel 65 mm barrel 65mm barrels 65mm barrels
Key features It produces a powerful and robust sound and has staggered trill keys, a ring for the strap, and adjustable thumb rest. It has an excellent key system, is durable, and produces excellent sound. Its ABS resin body makes it durable, has adjustable thumb rest, and adheres to the Boehm system mechanics.
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Verdict: So, should you buy the UEBEL 621 B Clarinet?

Yes, you should definitely buy the UEBEL 621 B clarinet if you are an intermediate clarinet player and looking for a high-quality instrument with high-end features. The features of this instrument make its sound so impressive hence making it rare to find such a high-quality instrument in this price range. However, the price of this clarinet is a bit high compared to other intermediate clarinets in the market. This instrument is also durable due to its material of grenadilla wood and ABS resin. Therefore, if you are looking for a clarinet of great quality over anything, then the UEBEL 621 clarinet is your solution.


Can a beginner player use the UEBEL 621 B clarinet?

No, this clarinet can be a little bit more complicated for beginners because of its weight and design. Beginner clarinetists will find the design of this clarinet and keys complicated to navigate.

Are UEBEL clarinets of good quality?

Yes, UEBEL clarinets are among the best clarinets in the market as they are made of high-end features.


Charlotte Moore is a Clarinetist by profession and has over time offered lessons on how to play the clarinet among other musical instruments. And while a majority of clarinet players are well versed with the process of settling with a good clarinet among other accompanying features. There is little information about clarinets. The reason why Charlotte prepared comprehensive experts touching on the various facets of the clarinet. The consolidated information will offer more insight on everything clarinets including the best stand to use, and the best plastic clarinet that you can invest in, among other information. Charlotte Moore is a devoted mother of two and a professional clarinet player.

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