Where to buy used clarinets in the US? (Full Guide)

Clarinets may be expensive to purchase, used clarinets serve the same purpose as brand new ones. I have the best guide on where you can get used clarinets in the US.

You have your dream, you want to be the best clarinetist but you have something pulling you back. You can’t afford to buy a brand new clarinet. Did you know, you can still play the clarinet without necessarily buying a new one? Used clarinets will still give you good performance as long as you get one that is in good condition. If you are not careful while assessing which clarinet is a good fit you might end up regretting why you opted for this option.

There are many options when it comes to where you want to buy a used clarinet from. To save you the hustle of differentiating a genuine platform from those that may be out to give you less than you paid for, I have made a guide that will help you in to purchasing your dream clarinet. Apart from physical shops these used clarinets can be accessed on online shops as well. You must have a clear idea on what exactly you are looking for or otherwise you will get confused.

Things to look out for when buying a used clarinet


The mouthpiece is one of the most important parts of the clarinet therefore you must pay close attention to how the mouthpiece looks like before making any purchases. Some players have an issue with biting the mouthpiece of the clarinets. Some used clarinets might come with such marks or may have worn out because of this. Also look out for the material of the mouthpiece. There are materials that last longer and make quality sound.

Keys and pads

Although keys don’t make significant impact on the sound produced, they contribute on the outlook of the clarinet. Worn out keys give a bad look on the clarinet. The pads as well, if they have tell-tale brown rings, that just shows a distressed looking clarinet.


This part is what connects the different parts of the clarinet. If it is missing then that means the instrument is very old or wasn’t properly cared for. A worn out joint signifies the same thing so you should look out for it.


The bell may suffer some damage because of how exposed it is to any kind of damage. You can check the inside of to note any scratches or dents.


Now, used clarinets may come with cracks perhaps the previous owner might have been careless on how they handled it. A crack on some parts of the clarinet may inhibit the production of sound.

Missing pieces

You should check whether all the parts of the clarinet are present. Important parts should not miss out. If you choose to not have them it means that it will cost you more to replace the parts.

Reasons of buying a used clarinet

If you are student and are not able to afford a new one.

Most students may find themselves in a difficult position by not being able to afford a new clarinet. They may choose to go for a used clarinet that still in good condition. They may source them from seniors, music shops near them or online.

They are cheaper.

This might be the most common reason. If you can access a clarinet that is in perfect condition that comes at a fairly cheaper price then why not go for that one. Used clarinets just like other used items that are sold come at a cheaper price.

If you are trying it out.

For some, playing the clarinet might be a hobby they are trying out. Therefore, they go for used clarinets so that they do not go at a loss if they eventually lose interest in playing the clarinet. So, if you are just trying to play the clarinet, you may consider this rather than spending a fortune on something you are just trying out.

Looking to advance to another type.

If you want to start playing the clarinet and may want to start small then later go all out, this might be an option for you. That is if you want to buy a cheap clarinet then advance to an expensive clarinet you might go for this.

Own another clarinet.

If you already have another clarinet and only want to add one then you may have this consideration.

Where to shop used clarinets in the US

There are many options to where you can access used clarinets and purchase them in the US. These options may be online platforms or physical shops. Some of these shops are just nearby. The best way to get a reliable physical place to buy from is through research.

Research on nearby music shops. There are music shops all across the US and one might be just around the corner. Go to Google and search for a music shop around you. These shops will give you a better guide. Social sites such as Facebook or Instagram may also come in handy when you are looking for private sellers.

As for online platforms here is a list of some that come in recommended.

  • Return period varies from seller to seller
  • Has a good description of instrument
  • Pictures are detailed
  • Prices range from low to high
  • Return period is 30 days
  • You pay for the shipping when return it
  • A range of different prices
  • Variety of brands
  • Option to shop by brand
  • Have clarinets going for different prices
  • There is an option to make an offer on the price.
  • The shipping fee is separate from the price of the instrument
  • You have a 7-30 day return period which depends on the seller.
  • They have a trial period of 14 days from date of invoice
  • Returning after 15-30 days you pay 20% of restock fee
  • After 30 days it is not refundable
  • The shop caters for shipping fee both ways.


Opting for a used clarinet is not a bad choice. You should first know what you are looking for. This will narrow down your options. Then know why you are getting a used one. With this in mind do your research on where you can get a used one. Look out for genuine sellers. Avoid rushing through the purchasing process. Don’t compromise on anything that looks off, get the best out of what you have paid for.


Is it advisable to get a used clarinet?

There is no fault in this. However, you should know getting a used clarinet is like getting a used car, you may need to replace some parts.

How much does a used clarinet cost?

Prices vary depending on brand, the condition the clarinet is in and the shopping platform.

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