Best Clarinet Accessories

Clarinet accessories need to be of high quality as they directly affect the quality of sound of the instrument. So, how do we select the best clarinet accessories?

The clarinet has a wide range of accessories that come up to bring the best sound and playing experience of this instrument. I met up with a friend who was shopping for some accessories and I decided to hang out with the expert to see how to select the best quality. I was inspired to come up with this post to help you learn how to pick up these accessories. By the end of it, you will be able to get great value for your money.

Best Clarinet Accessories Comparison Table

MouthpiecesVandoren Clarinet Mouthpiece (CM1405)-Renowned brand

-Great clarity and sound depth

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Vandoren CM3001 M30 Lyre Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece-Renowned brand

-Great sharpness and clarity

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LigaturesVandoren LC03P Optimum Ligature and Plastic Cap-Weight:2.08 ounces

-Three pressure plates

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Rovner V-1R Clarinet LigatureWeight:0.002 ounces

No pressure points

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ReedsD’Addario Rico Bb Clarinet ReedsSize: Strength 2.5

Pack: 10 pack, 25 pack, 3-pack, 50-pack.

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Vandoren CR1025 Bb Clarinet Traditional ReedsSize: Strength 2.5

Pack: 10 pack

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Cork GreaseVandoren CG100B Clarinet Cork Grease-Berry scented

-Single tube

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D’Object Cork grease-Yellow-mango scented/Strawberry scented

-Twin pack

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Mouthpiece PatchesRico RMP01B Reserve Mouthpiece Patch-Comes in a 5-piece pack

-0.8mm thick and 0.35mm thin

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Protec Woodwind Mouthpiece Cushions-0.8mm thick and 0.4mm thin

-Fits large clarinet mouthpieces

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Reed GuardD’Addario Reed Guard-Comes in many colors

-Corrugated surface

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Protec Alto/Tenor Saxophone Reed Case-Comes in one color

-Flat surface

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Best Clarinet Accessories Products Review


A mouthpiece is where most of the action takes place in a clarinet. This is why care must be taken when picking this accessory.

Vandoren Clarinet Mouthpiece (CM1405)

This mouthpiece has top-notch sound clarity, depth, and performance. This is a mouthpiece that will give you flawless intonation and sound. You can find it on Guitarcenter and the pricing is listed on the site. This item weighs 1.6 ounces and its origin is France. When I tried it out, it had more depth and control than other accessories of the same standard. It was easy to control and made a clear sound.

The richness and sharpness will make you want to keep playing your clarinet in every instance. I recently visited a clarinet studio and found that everyone owned this particular mouthpiece. When asked why they preferred this brand, their answer all lay in the clarity. They said that it was an upgrade after struggling as an amateur with dull mouthpieces.

If you compare this mouthpiece with its predecessor the M30, you’ll not notice much difference. However, the CM1405 has a wider beak and longer lyre profile. The latter is also more flexible and steeper on its exterior angle.

What we liked

  • The clarity and tone were impeccable
  • The projection was sharp
  • Its articulation was easy and precise

What we didn’t like

  • It can be a little constricting when used by an amateur

What it’s best suited for

  • This mouthpiece is great for intermediate and professional players.


The Vandoren CM1405 is the best mouthpiece in the market. If you have struggled with dull sounds, you should change to this mouthpiece. You’ll love the sharpness and clarity of sound with this mouthpiece.


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This accessory is essential for tightening the reed of your clarinet. You need to choose a great item to ensure the safety of your instrument.

Vandoren LC03P Optimum Ligature and Plastic Cap

The ligature holds the reed in place in your clarinet. This needs to be high-quality to ensure that your reed stays in position. Your single-reed instrument needs this particular optimum ligature and cup for precise tightening. I was delighted by how fast it tightened the reed. The product is only 2.08 ounces in weight and is originally from France.

At first, you might dismiss it as a cheap piece of metal, but once you get it to work, you will realize that it is a solid, well-made accessory. When we tried it out, we were awed by the ease of play. This product might be pricy, but it will be worth every penny. You will find that the small pressure plates are well-engineered and work great. If you are a neat freak, the packaging will be impressive to your eyes as it is neatly packed with its logo on the box.

When compared to its counterpart, the Rovner V-1R Clarinet Ligature, you will not fail to notice the weight difference. One is made with synthetic material while the other comes in reed material. This makes the Vandoren durable and clear.

What we liked

  • The well-designed structure of this ligature
  • The precise tightness of this ligature

What we didn’t like

  • It is pricy

What it’s best suited for

  • We would recommend this accessory for advanced or advancing players.


The Vandoren brand is always a go-to choice for ligatures. The long-lasting material will be worth every penny. If you’ve been changing your ligatures often, this is your ultimate accessory.


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A clarinet reed is one of the most important accessories of the clarinet. You might dismiss it as a trivial piece of cane, but it is the backbone of the clarinet.

D’Addario Rico Bb Clarinet Reeds 


This French piece is harvested by hand and the plant is grown specifically to make this reed. The vamp is thin and unfiled for ease of play. We liked the traditional blank that enhanced sound clarity.

The reeds have no synthetic material, therefore improving the sound quality. We liked it for beginners and intermediate players as it enhanced their sound and made them sound professional. I was impressed by the ease of play and sound consistency. You might have heard trainers and educators speak highly of these reeds. This is because of the ease of use for beginners. We also liked the low pricing and how easy it made life for new students.

When compared with the Vandoren 10-pack, the D’Addario has more packing variety as you can get a 50-pack. This makes it easy to choose the pack that fits one’s lifestyle. The size strength is similar in both reeds.

What we liked

  • Its clarity of sound
  • Its lack of synthetic material

What we didn’t like

  • It is not suitable for advanced players

What it’s best suited for

  • This accessory is suitable for beginners and intermediate learners.


The D’Addario reeds are what every beginner and intermediate clarinet user needs. Its natural material does an incredible job in enhancing the sound clarity.


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Cork Grease

Every reed instrument requires high-quality cork grease to lubricate. It is an essential accessory for a clarinet.

Vandoren CG100B Clarinet Cork Grease

Our first impression of this cork grease was the pleasant fragrance that oozed from the tube. The clarinet goes near your nose, so a sweet smell will go a long way in making your play easy. We also liked how well it lubricated the clarinet’s cork, making it supple and airtight. The tube came at only 0.5 ounces heavy which was quite handy.

The French product first found its way to the market in 2007 and has been a favorite of many players ever since. Many reviews have indicated that it’s durable and it helps that it is from a well-known brand. You might fight the temptation to eat it due to the pleasant berry-like fragrance. If you want a change from the foul-smelling cork grease that came with your maintenance kit, the Vanderon CG100B is all you will ever need. We also liked its texture, which was not crumbly or overly slimy.

This product competes well with similar products like the Duo Korean cork grease. They are both made with natural non-toxic material. However, the Vandoren is long-lasting and sleek-looking as compared to the D’object packaging.

What we liked

  • The sweet fruity Fragrance
  • The balanced texture that was not slimy or crumbly

What we didn’t like

  • A little pricy

What it’s best suited for

  • This product works well for those who appreciate a sweet fragrance in cork grease.


The Vandoren cork grease is our best accessory. This grease has a proven track record and is made with non-toxic material with a sweet fragrance.


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Mouth Patch

There is nothing as annoying as sliding teeth while playing the clarinet. The patches come in handy to prevent this from happening.

Rico RMP01B Reserve Mouthpiece Patch

The best part about this brand is that you can find these patches in black with 0.80mm thickness and clear with 0.35mm in thickness. The item weight is at 0.211; you will barely notice its presence, but you will love the effects.

We liked how it prevented teeth sliding and how long it lasted for users who had purchased before us. Unlike plastics, you will not create any dents with these moth patches. On the downside, the cushion dulled the tone a little bit, but not in an intense way. If you are trying new mouthpieces, you might carry these patches to avoid leaving teeth scratches on them.

The Protec Woodwind Mouthpiece Cushions is one of this mouthpiece’s competitors. The main difference is that the Protec is designed for larger clarinets and doesn’t work well with smaller ones. The difference is clear in the thinness as the Rico design is 0.35mm while the Protec is 0.40mm. On the downside, the Protec is not as durable as the Rico model.

What we liked

  • We liked the comfort they provided while playing
  • We were impressed by the thickness and how adequately they prevented teeth scratches
  • You can barely notice its presence on the mouthpiece.

What we didn’t like

  • The light cushion dulled up the sound a little.

What it’s best suited for

  • These patches are suited for all levels of players.


The Rico RMP01B super comfortable and suitable for all users. If you have been struggling with easy-wearing patches, you should switch to these patches and see the results. They fit well in your small clarinet.


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Reed Guard

Your reed must be stored properly if you intend to have it for some time. Choosing a reed case is an important part of maintaining your clarinet.

D’Addario Reed Guard

The best reed is the D’Addario reed case. This case can hold to four reeds. You can find it in two different sizes; the small Bb clarinet and the large size for the large Bass clarinet. This brand has grooved surfaces to prevent reed damage, and it’s only 1.02 ounces heavy.

This guard holds two reeds on one side and two on the other side in numbered chambers to help you keep track of your current favorite reed. The case is washable by running warm soapy water through the interior and rinsing with clean water. You can then air dry it. The small case is for the alto while the big case is for the tenor.

The market has a variety of these cases such as the Protec Reed Guard. This reed case only comes in a single color, which does not reflect the spirit of art at all. These cases can carry more reeds than the D’Addario, but they only talk about the flatness of the interior and nothing about the corrugation to prevent warping.

What we liked

  • The numbered chambers for easy organization and tracking
  • It was washable
  • It held four reeds
  • Comes in a variety of colors

What we didn’t like

  • The size variety was limited

What it’s best suited for

  • This product is suited for safe-keeping reeds before and after playing.
  • It’s the best case for keeping the reeds flat.


The D’Addario reed case is sturdy and attractive. It comes in anti-warping chambers inside to keep your reeds flat. You are assured of getting your reeds as flat as you left them.


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Buying Clarinet Accessories- What to look out for


Before you get excited about an accessory’s design and sleekness, it is always good to find out if it’s compatible with your clarinet. As we have seen above, some mouth patches are designed for larger clarinets and will do nothing for your small instrument. Mouthpieces are not a one-size-fits-all either. Check with your instructor or teacher on compatibility and ask for recommendations. When buying your mouth patches, take a keen look at the thickness and thinness. If they are too thick they might interfere with the sound quality. On the other hand, thin ones might not perform the intended job.


No one wants to keep shopping for a single item because it keeps wearing out. This is where reviews by previous users come into play. Fi9nd out what those who have previously used these accessories have had to say. You will want value for your money. Check with experts and people who have experience with these products. They might have a thing or two to enlighten you about. If you are purchasing an item from Amazon, look at what previous or current buyers said in the reviews section. This will give you clarity and an idea of what you are getting yourself into. However, don’t just rely on online reviews. Ask for expert advice from professionals.

Material type

The general rule for clarinet mouthpieces is that the softer the material, the darker and less clear your sound will be. In these instruments, materials play an important role in clarity and sound projection. If you choose a harder material, you will notice a brighter and more precise sound. This rule applies to the reed cases.

A sturdy material will give your reeds more protection than softer materials. The outer cover can be soft, but the interior must be sturdy to avoid warping. The material should be washable to keep your reeds clean and hygienic. When making a mouthpiece purchase, look out for any chips or scratches. You do not want any of these on your mouthpiece as they can spell doom in their durability. For cork greases, you need to look at the material and ensure that it is non-toxic.

On ligatures, leather materials are known to produce rounder sound while metallic ones offer higher volume and projection. You will need to put these characteristics into consideration. You can even have both ligatures interchange during your performance.

Final Verdict

Buying clarinet accessories is both easy and complex. You will need to put into consideration all the above-mentioned characteristics before making a purchase. Some brands like the Vandoren have built a reputation for high-quality accessories, and it’s hard to go wrong with them. D’Addaria is also a reputable brand known for its great and long-lasting musical instrument accessories. This is not to earn that you should throw away all other brands, but you must look at customer reviews from trusted platforms before making a purchase. The accessories need to complement your clarinet in size and shape.


Does a clarinet come with its accessories during purchase?

Yes, the instrument comes with full accessories on purchase.

Is a neck strap an important accessory for a clarinet?

You do not need it, but it’s great for taking off some weight while playing.

What do I do if my clarinet reed wears off?

You can get a replacement on Amazon or, a musical instrument dealer’s shop.

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