The Best Tuner for Clarinet – A Comprehensive Buying Guide

When it comes to tuning a clarinet, there is a wide array of ways to do it, including using applications and hardware, and one may ask, which is the best way to use a tuner for a clarinet?

One of the lessons I learned when starting out playing the clarinet was the importance of always making sure my instrument was as close to perfect when practicing alone and in tune with the rest of the instruments when playing in a group. I had to quickly get a tuner for myself, and with the various tuning apps and tuners available online, I found the search quite confusing. I finally settled on one that I liked, and I learned a lot in the process, so I decided to write this buyer’s guide to make your search much easier and more informed.

 The Best Tuner for Clarinet Comparison Table

 TunerTypeCalibration RangeTuning RangePrice
Korg CA-2 Chromatic TunerDevice410-480 HzA0(27.5Hz) -C8(4186.01Hz)Check price here
Aroma AMT-550B digital tuner & metronomeDevice 430-450 HzA0(27.5Hz)-C8(4186.01Hz)Check price here
TonalEnergy Tuner & MetronomeApp for Android & iOSAdjustable A to 440 HzC0(16.35Hz)-C8(4186.01Hz)Check price here
iStroboSoft Strobe TunerApp for Android & iOS 340Hz to 540Hz C0(16.35Hz)-C8(4186.01Hz)Check price here
KLIQ MetroPitch Air- Rechargeable Metronome Tuner  Device 410-450 HzA0(27.5Hz) -C8(4186.01Hz)Check price here
Korg TM60C Tuner Metronome Device410-480 HzC1(32.70Hz)-C8(4186.01Hz)Check price here

The Best Tuner for Clarinet Products Review

Korg CA-2 Chromatic TunerWorksas a tuner only

This compact tuner has a large, high-visibility display. It has a 12-note equal temperament scale, a detection accuracy of 1 cent, and a sound accuracy of 1.5 cents. A pair of two AAA batteries are required to operate it, but a quarter-inch monaural phone input jack and contact microphone CM-200 are provided.

Key features

  • A needle-style meter display with a high-visibility notes name and string name
  • Adjustable calibration range of 410-480 Hz.
  • A compact, slim, and lightweight body.
  • Almost 200 hours of non-stop use

Korg has a wide variety of leading tuners for all kinds of instruments. The new CA-2 is a chromatic tuner that has a broad range of pitch detection from A0 to C8-for fast, precision tuning of wind instruments such as the clarinet. It has a high-sensitivity integral microphone or a CM-200 contact microphone alternative that you can use to send vibrations straight to the tuner for more accurate tuning.

The needle-style meter is very responsive and will display your pitch accurately and fast. The high-visibility display lets you know the note name and string name for smooth tuning, as the red/green LEDs show pitch discrepancy.

Other features include a changeable calibration, with a 410 to 480Hz range adjustable by 1 Hz increments to let you adjust to a broad range of concert pitches; a sound mode to let you tune by ear; and if you are playing in an ensemble, this tuner has pure major and minor third marks to assist you in performing pure harmonies.

The CA-2 weighs just 2.36 oz (67 grams, including batteries) and measures 3.94 x 2.36 x 0.63 inches (100 x 60 x 16 mm) and so is easy to carry anywhere. Its long-life design gets you about two hundred hours of tuning on a pair of AAA alkaline batteries.

What we liked

  • A very precise tuner
  • Adjustable calibration
  • Large letter display
  • Fairly priced

What we didn’t like

  • Not free-standing
  • The screen is not well lit for use in dim light.


The Korg CA-2 Chromatic Tuner is a reliable lightweight tuner that is easy to carry around every time you need to go for a rehearsal or concert. It combines high sensitivity with good legibility, making getting your clarinet in tune a smooth and easy process. It can be used for personal, group, and concert practice by players at any level of experience.


View price here


 Aroma AMT-550B digitalWorks as a 3-in-1 tuner, tone generator & metronome.

The Aroma AMT-550B is quite a versatile device, as it combines the functions of a tuner, tone generator, and metronome. It comes equipped with a foldable stand and has a wide-backlit 16:9 LCD screen that displays the note name, the pitch, and the calibration.

Key features

  • Wide screen with high visibility
  • Adjustable calibration range of 430-450 Hz
  • Foldable stand for better screen viewing.
  • The design is small and light.

This tuner, with tuning keys of C, F, B flat, and E flat, works well with woodwind instruments, so other than using it with your clarinet, it can be used to tune saxophones, oboes, flutes, among others. The LCD on this tuner is one of the largest for tuners of its size. The display is also backlit, so together with the use of the foldable stand, you can read from it as you tune and play from a standing position and in all kinds of lighting.

The needle style meter is responsive and fast, with a detection range of A0(27.5Hz)-C8(411.00Hz) and an accuracy of 0.5 cents, making it one of the most precise tuners out there.

The Aroma AMT-550b is compact, weighs only 3.32 oz (94 grams), and measures 3.58 x 2.95 x 0.75 inches (91 x 75 x 19mm).

You will need to separately procure a pair of AAA batteries as they are not included in the package. The product manual is also available on the Aroma website.

What we liked

  • A very precise tuner
  • Free-standing feature
  • Backlit display with large letters.
  • Fairly priced

What we didn’t like

  • No microphone to ensure accurate capture of notes.
  • Product manuals are not very helpful.


The Aroma AMT-550B digital tuner may lack the after-sales support that you get from most tuner makers but is a hidden gem. Everything about the way it’s crafted is well thought out, including the well-lit, uncluttered screen with large letters, to the broad detection range, and compact size which does not take away from its accuracy. Easy to keep in a pocket and pull out to use even during a performance, as it has a free-standing feature too. Good for use during home practice or even at concerts.


View price here


TonalEnergy TunerTuning App that works as a multi-functional tuner & metronome, also has audio recording capabilities

TonalEnergy is a tuning app that works on both Android and iOS. This app has a set of practice tools that can be used by musicians at all levels, including singers and players of string and woodwind instruments. For clarinets, the app is easily able to tune E flat, B flat, and A clarinets, as well as bass clarinets.

Key Features

  • Extends to lower registers (C0-C8) that are responsive to wind instruments.
  • Adjustable A to 440 Hz reference
  • Reward system that helps enhance practice experience
  • Exportable audio recording capabilities that include editing, looping, and time-stretching.

If you have not tried out the TotalEnergy tuner app, then you are missing out on a reliable, easy-to-use tuner that you can get from the comfort of your home in a matter of minutes. It’s a state-of-the-art tuner that has an advanced metronome, an all-in-one app that has multiple instrument functionalities, including audio recording capabilities.

It is also easy and fun to use. With options such as pitch tracker or target tuner on the main pages and the option to create rewards for goals attained, practice becomes engaging, whether working alone or in a group. The catchy analysis data presentations enhance the rehearsal experience.

Ear training is particularly important for a clarinet player, and this app comes in handy more than any other device in this respect. It offers high-quality and unique multi-sampled instrument sounds that will help you build your ability to distinguish pitches. Your listening skills will be developed by using the chromatic wheel, eight-octave keyboard, and tone generator.

By collecting data using the unique TotalEnergy Tuner features, you can be able to review, edit, share, and get feedback, which is vital for growing your capabilities as a performer.

What we liked

  • Accurate tuner
  • An app that is interactive and has a reward system
  • The ability to record, save, and share audio
  • Fairly priced

What we didn’t like

  • The app may fail to upload on some devices.
  • Too many functions that can be confusing


The TotalEnergy tuner has more features than you probably need. It is the go-to tuner for many when they need one in a hurry, as all one needs is a smart device and about $4 to get it on your phone in a few minutes. It becomes the main tuner once they realize it’s a reliable multifunction tuner, good for learners as well as experienced players, and easy and enjoyable to use, at home or with others.


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iStroboSoft Strobe TunerTuning App that works as a tuner only

The iStroboSoft tuner was created by Peterson, a company known for its most accurate and precise tuners. The turning App boasts of availing the unmatched accuracy of their strobe tuner in a software tuning application. All you need to do is to plug in using the microphone and you will easily tune your instruments with 0.1 cent accuracy.

Key Features

  • Adjustable concert to accommodate tuning to a fixed instrument.
  • Better viewing from a distance from the full-screen mode.
  • The Cents display lets you see how far off-tune the note is in cents.

This company has been in the hardware tuning solutions business for over 65 years and now offers software tuning products to all levels of musicians, so it is no wonder that the app is very sensitive to a broad range of pitches, allows you to use an external mic through an input boost, and includes a noise filter to limit tuning to just your clarinet, and not everyone else in the group around you.

The glowing sharp or flat indicators are helpful when tuning a note far from the desired position and it is hard to determine the direction that the strobe is moving.

I found out that the iStroboSoft can auto-transpose notes to one full octave in drop or capo mode and that you can set to zero a particular note in manual note selection mode.

When it comes to how the strobe display works, some people love it, but others find it disruptive.

What we liked

  • High degree of accuracy
  • Big display, visible from a distance.
  • Sensitive to a broad range of pitches
  • Noise filter

What we didn’t like

  • Some features are limited to iOS devices only.
  • Display is a bit distracting.


The iStroboSoft tuner comes with a useful noise filter that makes tuning in a noisy place much simpler. Best if you are on Apple iOS, because some features may not work as well on an Android system. Although the company does not seem to regularly update the software, once you have it you get to appreciate its unmatched quality, especially if accuracy is important to you. The display may also take a bit of getting used to. Can be used by players at all levels, in concert or at home


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KLIQ MetroPitch AirWorks as a tuner and metronome, has a wide tuning range

From a small business brand to the world, we found the KLIQ MetroPitch Air tuner that we liked and had to include in this buying guide. It is a dual-function tuner and metronome that allows for mic tuning or clip-on sensor with wireless tuning within a 15-foot range.

Key features

  • A versatile tuner that has several transposition settings, tuning modes, and pitch calibration.
  • Easy to Use: The JOG Dial lets you dial in your target tempo quickly and also select pitch in the tuner mode, among other functions.
  • The device comes with a 3-Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee.
  • Mic tuning or clip-on sensor with wireless tuning within a 15-foot range.

This chromatic tuner is useful for virtually any instrument as it has a broad calibration range of 410-450 Hz and a tuning range of A0(27.5Hz) -C8(4186.01Hz). It also has helpful pre-set tuning modes ranging from A, B, B flat, C, C sharp, D, E flat, E, F, F sharp, G, and G sharp, which covers all woodwind instruments, including clarinets.

To tune your clarinet, you need to use the built-in mic or the clip-on sensor. It has a big digital LCD with LED indicators that features an easy-to-read needle-style meter and displays very accurate readings.

The device has a dynamic speaker, a headphone jack with volume control, a high-capacity rechargeable lithium polymer battery, a built-in folding stand, and is 4.3 x 2.6 x 0.7 inches (109 x 66 x 17.8) mm and weighs 5.7 oz (161.6 grams) packed.

The company is so sure of the durability of the devices that they give a 3-Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee.

What we liked

  • Wireless tuning
  • Pre-set tuning modes
  • A broad tuning range
  • Lightweight

What we didn’t like

  • The battery drains rather quickly.
  • Easily picks up background noises.


You do not need to carry batteries nor worry about leakages when you have the KLIQ MetroPitch Air- Rechargeable tuner. A reliable and accurate tuner that is very well made and practical for use at home or for playing with a group. Has pre-set tuning modes to assist tune several instruments making it a good tuner for beginners and people who own several instruments.


View price here


Korg TM60C Tuner– Works as a tuner and metronome

Another tuner from Korg makes this list. This TM60C is a combo package that consists of the TM60 tuner, which has metronome and tuner functionality, and the CM-200 microphone, which ensures that vibrations from your clarinet go directly to the tuner.

Key features

  • The package has a CM-200 clip-on microphone for accurate tuning.
  • It has a large, backlit LCD.
  • Wide range C1-C8 detection range for a variety of instruments
  • It has a memory backup, a long battery life, and auto shut-off.

Although the TM60C is highly valued for the concurrent use of tuner and metronome with prompt pitch detection response, when combined with the clip-on CM-200 it becomes an excellent tuner with very high precision and is a good buy for tuning your clarinet.

It has a large display that allows for easy viewing from the music stand and is backlit for all kinds of stage lighting conditions. Korg technology lets you accurately detect the pitch without any delay. This device can easily determine note names for a variety of orchestral instruments.

The TM60C weighs just 3.53 oz (100 grams) and measures 4.37 x 2.91 x 0.71 inches (111 x 74 x 18 mm) and so is easy to carry anywhere. Its long-life design gets you about two hundred hours of tuning on a pair of AAA alkaline batteries.

What we liked

  • Backlight display
  • Memory storage
  • Clip-on microphone
  • Lightweight

What we didn’t like

  • Needle indicator is very faint making it difficult to read
  • Lower range of notes


This tuner is ideal for more experienced players because although it is reliable and accurate, it is a bit pricey and has features such as audio recording that would be appreciated by people who are looking for more than just tuning their clarinet. Can be used when playing in a group, or during personal rehearsal.


View price here


Buying a Tuner for Clarinet – What to look out for

Here are a few features to look out for when buying a tuner for your clarinet.

Display legibility

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a tuner is how easy it is to read the output, and if what you read is helpful to you. Many models use LCDs, with needle-style graphics that move either to the left or right, the centre being the in-tune position. Others use LED light displays that change color from red to orange to green the closer you get to the correct pitch. Some have a backlit screen that is helpful in different light conditions.

A number of displays also use colors to show if you are sharp or flat and may include the note name, which is being tuned, and the calibration. Some also offer multiple segments to help fine-tune your clarinet. Think about the lighting under which you’ll be tuning your instrument. As a rule, a larger, brighter display is better as it can be used on a dimly lit stage.

 Tuner range

Clarinets, like most wind instruments, are made in different sizes, each size having its particular range of pitches. Make sure the tuner range covers that of your instrument.

 Microphones and speakers

Some tuners are equipped with microphones that can detect the clarinet’s tuning acoustically and come in handy when you need to tune a range of instruments. If you can get one with built-in speakers or amplifiers, it will generate audible tones that are useful in training your ear for intonation.

Final Verdict

The TotalEnergy tuner is a reliable and easily available tuner, recommended by many clarinettists for accurate tuning. It also helps that the app has a reward system and audio recording, which aid in developing players’ skills. That said, you need to pick a tuner that will cover the range of your particular clarinet and, if possible, one that is easy to use in an ensemble. Additionally, a tuner that has a metronome and multiple performance features such as a microphone will enhance your rehearsal experience, whether you are practicing at home or in a group.


Does the Aroma AMT 550B tuner have a backlight?

Yes, it does

Which best tuning app for the clarinet has the most up-to-date software?

The TotalEnergy Tuner has the most up-to-date software

Does the Korg CA-2 have a kickstand to support free-standing?

No, it doesn’t have one.

Charlotte Moore is a Clarinetist by profession and has over time offered lessons on how to play the clarinet among other musical instruments. And while a majority of clarinet players are well versed with the process of settling with a good clarinet among other accompanying features. There is little information about clarinets. The reason why Charlotte prepared comprehensive experts touching on the various facets of the clarinet. The consolidated information will offer more insight on everything clarinets including the best stand to use, and the best plastic clarinet that you can invest in, among other information. Charlotte Moore is a devoted mother of two and a professional clarinet player.

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