Best Jazz Clarinet Mouthpieces

Are you looking to get your hands on a clarinet mouthpiece that is great for playing Jazz with? You need a mouthpiece that bears the capacity to facilitate the delivery of deep but clear notes that are characteristic of Jazz music.

When thinking about clarinets and what components to buy for them, it is important to bear in mind that each clarinet made has its own unique characteristics. The same case applies to clarinet mouthpieces which are essentially the part through which you push the wind that creates the music. Even though it is said that no two clarinet mouthpieces are the same, it is also true that there are particular models that excel in what they do, especially where Jazz music is concerned. Below is a detailed review and breakdown of some of the best clarinet mouthpieces for Jazz.

The Best Clarinet Mouthpieces Comparison Table

Product Name Material Recommended User Level Availability
D’Addario Reserve Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece Hard rubberBeginnerBuy Here
Selmer Clarinet Mouthpiece SPCLCONCEPTEboniteBeginner and intermediateBuy Here
Pomarico Black Crystal Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece MoonBlack crystalProfessionalBuy Here
Vandoren CM307 B40 Bb Clarinet Traditional MouthpieceEboniteProfessionalBuy Here
Yamaha 4C Clarinet Mouthpiece Standard Series Phenol resin plasticBeginner to professionalBuy Here

The Best Clarinet Mouthpieces Products Review

D’Addario Reserve Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece – Best suited for beginners

One of the reasons why this clarinet mouthpiece is great for beginners is the fact that it is quite easy to master, thanks to the consistency it provides when you are playing. This same consistency makes this mouthpiece an excellent choice for professionals as well.

Key Features

  • Made using hard rubber
  • Boasts precision milling
  • Delivers high quality tone evenness
  • Has two different pitch systems
  • Has a two-tone coating feature
  • Ideal for beginners, intermediates, and professionals

The D’Addario Reserve Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece is a popular instrument among Jazz players since it delivers an incredible level of depth that is backed up by clarity. To build this mouthpiece, the manufacturers behind it use hardened rubber that is of high quality. It makes the piece very sturdy, allowing it a good deal of longevity. You can be sure that you will use this mouthpiece for a long time because of this attribute.

In addition, this mouthpiece also boasts precision milling, a characteristic that goes a long way in influencing tonal balance when you play your clarinet. It is also the reason why this mouthpiece offers a good level of consistency when being played. This is largely why its users take a short time to master it, eliminating the need for them to find alternative mouthpieces with which to hone their skills.

Another impressive characteristic of this mouthpiece is the fact that it features a two-tone coating. What this does is allow its user to modulate their instrument so that it matches up to their skill level. It can also be modulated to accommodate one’s age and even geographical location so that you get the kind of sound you are looking to achieve.

Additionally, this mouthpiece boasts two separate pitch systems that are excellent for altering the sound you are looking to hear or experience. This way, you can alter the resistance with which you want to play your clarinet which, in turn, influences the sounds you achieve.

Even though this device is largely recommended for beginners who are looking to learn and master a new skill, it also makes an excellent choice for seasoned players because of its versatility and ease of use. Its tonal variation also makes it an ideal match for many types of music, including Jazz. When it comes to maintenance, this mouthpiece proves easy to maintain and clean, meaning that you do not have to worry about keeping it in good shape. The fact that it also comes at a reasonable price point also adds to its advantages.

What we liked;

  • Made of durable hard rubber
  • Ideal for beginners and professionals
  • Provides excellent consistency
  • Comes with a two-tone coating
  • Has two different pitch systems

What we did not like;

  • The price could be slightly lower


With its level of accuracy and consistency, this mouthpiece makes an ideal tool for beginners looking to learn to play, and for seasoned jazz players looking to acquire high quality pieces for their instruments.


View price here


Selmer Clarinet Mouthpiece SPCLCONCEPT – Ideal for beginners and intermediate players

Even though it is a bit pricey for people who are just beginning to learn to play the clarinet, this mouthpiece allows for skill progression thanks to its unique build and its capacity to support excellent sound every time you use it to play.

Key features

  • Made from ebonite
  • Ideal for beginners and intermediate players
  • Has a new throat design
  • Large tip
  • Trapezoidal chamber

Made by a globally acclaimed wind instrument manufacturer, this mouthpiece delivers excellent quality where build and performance are concerned. It is made using ebonite, a hard form of rubber that is obtained from vulcanized natural rubber. For this reason, it is hardy and strong, giving you durability in the long run.

Apart from the fact that it is made to be hardy and strong, this mouthpiece also allows its users to achieve high quality sound thanks to the overall construction of the gadget. One of the factors on which it focuses the most is airflow when you blow into it. Due to its crafting, this mouthpiece enhances the density of sound produced, and it also allows for better projection of the same, allowing for a unique fullness when you play the music.

Additionally, you will notice that it has a larger than normal tip which works to let in more air when you play, enhancing the breadth of sound on all the registers you play. The fact that this clarinet focuses on better sound depth and breadth makes it a good match with which to play jazz music.

One of the reasons why this mouthpiece is excellent for beginners is that it is fairly easy to use. The wider mouth opening essentially reduces the air resistance, making it easy for users to push air and create big and full notes. This makes it pretty easy for them to master the instrument as the mouthpiece works to support great sound delivery.

Even though, however, it is recommended for beginner and intermediate players, this mouthpiece is also a favorite among professionals as it provides a good level of consistency and clarity when played.

What we liked;

  • Made using high quality material
  • Has a wider mouth opening for better air flow
  • The mouthpiece is pretty light
  • It is strong and durable

What we did not like;

  • It is expensive


If you are looking to develop your clarinet skills and are looking for a mouthpiece of high-quality build and excellent sound production, this is easily the best match for you. The fact that you can also use it when you go pro makes it an easy choice.


View price here


Pomarico Black Crystal Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece Moon – Ideal for professional players

If you are a jazz player looking to get a mouthpiece that will support all your notes and deliver clarity for days, this is easily the best match for you. It is a well-constructed device that works to make sure you achieve all the sound you need.

Key Features

  • Made using black crystal
  • Delivers superior sound clarity
  • Provides quick response
  • It is a light device
  • Adjustable thumb rest

If you are all about being unique and standing out, you definitely want to get your hands on the Pomarico Black Crystal Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece Moon. This mouthpiece is made using crystal, and it is one of the glass pieces that stand out the most, not just because of its beauty but also because of its performance.

One of the reasons why it is an excellent device for professional jazz players is the fact that it delivers superior sound quality that is characteristic of this genre of music. It facilitates the production of deep tones that are backed up by lots of clarity, making sure that its sound can be heard well over many other instruments. In addition, this mouthpiece comes with a very quick response, a characteristic that allows you to play complex pieces of music with ease.

Seeing as glass pieces can be a bit heavy, this particular model is designed and built to be lightweight, a feature that enhances the way you interact with your clarinet. Weighing in at just 1.6 ounces, this crystal mouthpiece has proven to be one of the lightest clarinet mouthpieces in the current market.

Apart from the fact that this gadget produces deep and clear sounds that stand out, it is also built to deliver incredible sound volume. When using it, you will notice that you do not have to strain too hard when blowing in the air to achieve big sounds. This device is designed and built to amplify sounds so that they reach farther easier. This way, it sits right at home with all other instruments that would potentially drown out its sound when loud music is being made or played.

What we liked;

  • Delivers superior sound clarity
  • Enables production of loud notes
  • Made using black crystal
  • It is light
  • Delivers quick response

What we did not like;

  • This clarinet mouthpiece is pretty expensive


Any professional looking to achieve the net level of sound and clarity when playing jazz should definitely consider getting this mouthpiece. Even though it is an expensive gadget, you will find that the price is well worth it.


View price here


Vandoren CM307 B40 Bb Clarinet Traditional MouthpieceBest suited for professionals

Even though this clarinet mouthpiece maintains the traditional design of mouthpieces, it bears an incredible capacity to deliver big sound that is full of clarity and depth that is characteristic of jazz music.

Key Features

  • Made using black ebonite
  • Ideal for professional players
  • Large tip opening
  • Traditional beak
  • Strong and durable
  • Lightweight

One of the features that stand out the most about this mouthpiece is the fact that it is made using ebonite. This is a form of natural rubber that has been vulcanized so that it becomes very tough. Or this reason, this mouthpiece is pretty hardy, meaning that it comes with good longevity.

Apart from its incredible design, this mouthpiece also supports great performance. At first glance, you will notice that it has a large tip and opening that are essential in influencing the kind of sound you will achieve. The opening allows more and better airflow, a characteristic that translates into a bigger sound. With the bigger tip also, players do not have to struggle to achieve those big and loud notes.

Apart from the volume, this clarinet mouthpiece also supports the production of crisp and clear sound. This sound also carries a depth and breadth that essentially add to the fullness of the music being played, especially where jazz music is the main type of music. The clarity, volume, and depth of the sound produced through this mouthpiece set the clarinet up for exceptional performances, even where there are many loud instruments being played at once.

As much as this mouthpiece is largely recommended for professional players, it would also make an ideal match for beginners who are looking to progress quickly. This is mostly because this mouthpiece is quite easy to master, and it is also very quick in responding to prompts. Its lightweight also makes it pretty easy to work with.

What we liked;

  • It is a strong and durable device
  • It delivers high quality sound
  • The mouthpiece is lightweight
  • Ideal for beginners, intermediates, and professionals

What we did like;

  • This mouthpiece is expensive


If you are looking to get a mouthpiece that will last you a good deal of time, this will be a good match for you. Its ability to also deliver well-rounded sound makes it an ideal tool for playing jazz music.


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Yamaha 4C Clarinet Mouthpiece Standard Series – Ideal for beginners and professionals

This is one of the most reliable and durable mouthpieces on our list, and it is a good match for beginners, intermediates, and professionals as well.

Key features

  • Made using phenol resin plastic
  • Ideal for professionals and beginners
  • Lightweight
  • Delivers superior sound clarity
  • Produces deep tones

One of the reasons why this mouthpiece is excellent for jazz music is the fact that it combines crisp and clear sounds with deep tones that are characteristic of jazz. The device is engineered to enhance the volume and projection of sound so that it stands out even in a musical piece that has many instruments at play.

Unlike most other clarinet mouthpieces that are made using ebonite, this particular model features phenol resin plastic that is lightweight and also strong and durable. The light weight makes it easy to use with many clarinets, and the durability allows you to use it for a long time without worrying about damage.

Seeing as it is a device that delivers consistency when played, it allows for beginners and novices to master their skill faster and easier. This gadget is highly responsive, making sure that anyone trying to learn does not have to struggle too long before achieving their goals. It supports them in discovering tonal variety which is a skill that many people take long to master.

One of the main downsides to this gadget is the fact that it is somewhat expensive, but the fact that it is a strong and durable device makes it an easy choice as it will prove economical in the long run.

What we liked;

  • Ideal for beginners, intermediates, and pros
  • Produces high quality sound
  • Light and easy to use
  • Highly responsive
  • Strong and durable

What we did not like;

  • It is a bit expensive


Yamaha is a brand that has been around a while, and they are known to make some of the best quality musical instruments and accessories. This, here, is no exception, and it will make a great match for jazz players.


View price here


Buying a Jazz Clarinet Mouthpiece – What to consider

Material and build

When buying a mouthpiece to use for playing jazz music, try and get one that is made using strong material that will last you a good length of time. Some of the best are made using ebonite and crystal.


The tuning of a clarinet mouthpiece determines the sound you are going to achieve. Go on and get one that is tuned to deliver the kind of music you want to achieve.


There are two main types of tips; open and closed. Open tips deliver darker tones because they offer less resistance, and open tips deliver clearer tones because they have more resistance. Test your mouthpiece before purchase to make sure that it delivers the kind of sound you are anticipating.


Jazz music is known for its rich tones and incredibly beautiful sound. The choice of musical instruments goes a long way in making sure that you can deliver the level of richness required. When choosing a clarinet mouthpiece make sure that it will have no trouble producing the clarity and depth you need it to. Try as best as you can to do lots of research before settling on one, especially if you are looking to play professionally.


What build material is best for jazz music?

Crystal or glass mouthpieces are the best for jazz since they produce a mellow sound that has loads of clarity which is characteristic of jazz music.

Does the size of a mouthpiece matter where sound is concerned?

No, the main attributes that determine what a mouthpiece sounds like are the tuning and the tip. The size does not affect the type or quality of sound.

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