Best Lazarro Clarinets

Lazarro clarinets have a reputation of being the best student and intermediate clarinets retailing at an affordable price. They are easy to use and are known to produce a beautiful sound.

Picking a good clarinet does not entirely depend on the brand as there are other features with regard to the build and functionality of the clarinet. Things such as reed strength and cut are important factors to consider; one should also look at the condition of the mouthpiece, and the keys. The two components are good indicators of whether the clarinet is in a usable condition.

In light of the above, we sought to establish whether the Lazarro clarinets are up to standard and whether they can be used right out of the box. Also, one needs to consider whether they want a new or an old clarinet, as most of the Lazarro clarinets sold online are older with a few new available pieces.

Best Lazaro Clarinets

Model MaterialAvailability
Lazarro Professional Black Ebonite-Silver Keys Bb B Flat ClarinetNickel, Hard RubberCheck Price Here
Lazarro LZR150CL ClarinetN/ACheck Price Here
Lazarro Bb Clarinet--H 115PlasticCheck Price Here
Lazarro 150-BK clarinetHard Resin Ebonite or ABS plastic bodyCheck Price Here
Lazzaro 150 BU ClarinetHard Resin Ebonite or ABS plastic bodyCheck Price Here

Best Lazzaro Clarinets Review

Lazarro Professional Black Ebonite-Silver Keys Bb B Flat Clarinet – (Best beginner, advanced, and expert player clarinet)

Apart from the carry case, the Lazarro professional black ebonite-silver keys Bb B flat clarinet also comes equipped with an additional box of 10 Lazarro reeds.

Key Features

  • Equipped with 11 reeds and 2 barrels
  • Dimensions- 15.35 x 9.61 x 4.76 inches
  • Weight- 3.66 pounds
  • Experience level- beginner, expert, advanced
  • Type- Open hole, closed hole

If you want to hack getting the most legitimate Lazarro clarinets then you better stick with the authorized stores because only then are you guaranteed of the quality and durability of the product. The black ebonite silver keys Bb B flat clarinet is an improved unit designed to produce rich and professional sounds. So, to make your sessions more enjoyable the clarinet features an upgraded thumb rest meaning that the weight of your clarinet will be distributed equally across your arm relieving stress on your forearm, elbow, and wrist.

Lazarro clarinets are manufactured to meet both the USA and Europe standards as such you should expect them to produce rich and professional sounds; while retaining their structural and functional integrity for a longer period of use. Clarinets from this brand have been approved for use by students in schools and even better is that they are available for all categories of players, be it the intermediate, professional, or beginner.

The black ebonite Bb B flat clarinet from Lazarro is a new unit ready to play out of the box, if you are getting this unit for the first time then you must know that it will take some time for it to break in. But you can expect to offer a good performance thanks to the new unused mouthpiece. The unit comes complete with other important accessories, such as the free white gloves, to enable you to offer the perfect orchestral performance.

The unit also comes with a soft cleaning cloth which ensures that your clarinet retains its shine, a feature that also extends its shelf life.

What we liked

  • Produces rich and professional sounds
  • Equipped with extra accessories
  • The unit produces rich professional sounds
  • Comes complete with a carry case
  • It’s a good quality clarinet

What we didn’t like

  • Best used by beginner players
  • The unit is not convenient for long term use


The Lazarro Professional Black Ebonite is a good unit for use by professional and intermediate clarinet players. And the user will also be provided with the essentials necessary for use with the clarinet when unboxed.


View price here


Lazarro LZR150CL Clarinet– (Best fairly priced pre-owned clarinet)

The Lazarro LZR150CL clarinet is a pre-owned item but still in good, playable condition. It does not come with the extras but you can be sure that all the pieces will be provided.

Key Features

  • Carry case
  • Not playable out of the case
  • Pre-owned used item
  • Model- 150cl
  • Finish- black

The LZR150CL clarinets are available in many different colors, and for as much as you might not be able to find a new model, the used ones are still in good condition. The original case is in good shape and this also goes for the inside lining. And given that it is a used item, servicing it is a necessity to get the unit into good working condition.

The LZR150CL has been categorized as a beginner instrument, and some of the parts that you must replace are the Eb and Bb springs, you will also need to find a new cork for the bottom joint. The incorporated silver ring on the clarinet’s bell is also loose thus you might want to have it re-padded. From the above, you can tell that the clarinet is not playable out of the box.

What we liked

  • None of the pieces is broken
  • The case is in good condition facilitates easy travel and storage
  • The unit has maintained its cosmetic appeal besides being pre-owned
  • The keys are in good condition

What we didn’t like

  • Most parts must be replaced
  • The clarinet is not playable out of the box


As the adage goes, old is good, and the Lazarro LZR150CL Clarinet is proof that the brand manufactures durable clarinets. If you are, therefore, working with a tight budget this is a fairly priced and highly functional clarinet that you can invest in.


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Lazarro Bb Clarinet–H 115 (Best Boehm system clarinet)

The Lazarro Bb Clarinet is a Boehm system clarinet that is less reliant on the fingering technique, consequently allowing for more open holes and a more vibrant tone.

Key Features

  • Body material-plastic
  • Type Bb Soprano
  • Key Type-Open Hole
  • Experience Level-Beginner or Intermediate
  • Design-Boehm system

The clarinet is also light in weight thus using it for extended periods will not have any negative impact on your fingers or arm by extension. Upon purchase, the clarinet comes in a cloth zippered case and which is still in very good condition. All the pieces are in good condition no visible scratch marks or hairs on the bell.

This is not a professional unit but a beginner or intermediate clarinet. No extra accessories have been provided except for the mouthpiece. The unit is an open hole, meaning that the holes are small enough for you to cover with your finger, the combination of a black body and silver keys makes for some very appealing cosmetics. And given that the clarinet is a Boehm system, it can be expected to produce sharp and lighter sounds that are also more flexible.

What we liked

  • Can be played out of the box
  • Does not have any visible scratch marks
  • Perfect for players who want sharp and lighter sounds
  • Made of durable plastic material

What we didn’t like

  • The case is worn out a little bit
  • Highly-priced for a used clarinet


The Lazzaro Bb clarinet H—115 is a used unit but still in very good condition. It retails at a higher price but given the condition and the fact that it could be played right out of the box makes it a worthy investment.


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Lazarro 150-BK clarinet – (Best adjustable thumb clarinet)

The 150BK from Lazarro is a new unit ready to play out of the box and can suffice for use when playing orchestras, concerts, bands or when taking lessons.

Key Features

  • Dimensions- 14 x 5 x 9 inches
  • Item weight- 3.39 pounds
  • Instrument Key- B flat
  • Material type-ABS plastic body

The Lazarro 150BK is made from durable ABS plastic material meaning that this instrument can be best utilized by students. Important to note is that ABS material instruments are cast thus the bores have a rather poor accuracy, so if the plastic version of the 150BK does not suffice for your application, you can always settle with the one made from ebonite which is hard rubber derived from the sap of rubber trees.

Ebonite clarinets have good tonal characteristics and can be the perfect starter for students. The 150BK also comes equipped with a second barrel, most of the student clarinets are equipped with a second barrel, which is normally shorter and configured to discourage students from playing too far below the standard pitches.

In addition to having a second barrel, the clarinet can either produce a brighter or darker tone, and you will also notice some slight changes in the blowing resistance of your clarinet. And for a more centered tone, the 150BK comes complete with a bell and barrel, which by extension enhances its durability. The keys are durably built thanks to the nickel plating and the pads are also of high quality.

What we liked

  • Comes equipped with other accessories
  • Users will be provided with grease and cleaning cloth
  • The clarinet is available in 16 different colors
  • Features a Pro-deluxe hard-shell case

What we didn’t like

  • The bores of the clarinet have poor accuracy
  • Only available from the manufacturer


The advantage of settling with the 150BK clarinet is that you get to choose between the ABS plastic body or the Hard Resin Ebonite. The latter offers good tonal characteristics while the former can withstand the beating of a new student.


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Lazaro 150 BU Clarinet – (Best teacher and school-approved clarinet)

If you love to stand out then you need to get a Lazzaro 150 BU clarinet because apart from the rather bright blue color, you can also find it in black with gold keys or in white with either silver or gold keys, among other colors.

Key Features

  • Dimensions- 14 x 5 x 8 inches
  • Item weight 4 pounds
  • Instrument key- B flat
  • High-quality pads

Apart from the apparent aesthetics, the 150BU clarinet has been made from the durable hard resin ebonite which boasts of good tonal characteristics. And if you don’t like the one made from ebonite, you can settle with the one made from durable ABS plastic material.

When it comes to settling with a plastic clarinet you must realize that their quality is not very different from that of their wooden counterparts. And even better is that some of the higher-end plastic models produce good sounds and can, therefore, be used in school, in bands, or just for practice.

The incorporated pads are made of high-quality material, the same goes for the keys as they are made from durable nickel material. And just like the previous Lazarro clarinet, the bell and barrel have been incorporated to offer a centered tone and to enhance durability. Upon purchase, the clarinets comes complete with a mouthpiece and ligature, a screwdriver, a cleaning cloth, grease, a cork, and a lightweight fabric push-lined case.

What we liked

  • Equipped with durable nickel-plated keys
  • The thumb rest is adjustable
  • Features a second barrel
  • The clarinet is durably built

What we didn’t like

  • The clarinet is highly-priced
  • Only available at the manufacturer


The Lazaro 150 BU clarinet can be used by both the students and teachers, and can also be adopted for use in bands, orchestras, and concerts.


View price here


Buying the best Lazzaro clarinet- what to look out for?

When investing in a new musical instrument like a clarinet there are features that will help you determine if the instrument is worth the price. Clarinets are available in new and used models and also in beginner, intermediate, and expert level models, whichever you decide to settle with, below are some of the important factors that you must consider.

Check the Keys– one thing that you want to be sure of when purchasing a clarinet is that the keys can cover the clarinet holes completely, and without sticking. The silver keys are usually made with keypads that are thick. If you notice that the keypads are worn down then that could be a used instrument and as such the price should reflect the problem.

Some of the used Lazarro clarinets reviewed in this article have worn out keypads and as such refurbishing would be necessary but at an extra cost. For the new Lazaro clarinets, all the keypads must be well padded and functional.

Check the joints of the clarinet– a good clarinet should have joints that come together smoothly and completely, the connecting joints are usually covered by a thin layer of cork.

Check the material used to make the bore– the best bore for the clarinet that you wish to purchase should be made from wood and it should be clean and dry. Whenever a clarinet is played there is some amount of spittle that travels from the mouthpiece and goes through the bore. As such clarinets that are not properly cared for will have visible signs of deterioration through the bore. And if exposed to extreme and dry temperatures the bore could easily crack.

Check the bell of the clarinet– the bell of a new clarinet should not be chipped, and shouldn’t have hairs. Chips, cracks, and hairs can distort the sound produced by the clarinet. However, if you will be getting a used Lazzaro clarinet, there is a possibility of finding it with cracks, chips, and hairs and which means that before use, you must take it to a professional to have it repaired. New clarinets should not have cracks, hairs, or chips on the bell.

Buy known brands- brands like Lazzaro are intent on supporting an individual’s musical journey, the reason why they make durable instruments that are handcrafted and teacher approved. The brand has perfected its manufacturing process over the years while gaining experience in the evolving needs of its customers. The reason why you will find some used Lazaro clarinets in this article but which are ready for work right out of the box. In essence, be sure to invest in known brands whether you are buying new or used.

Check the warranty and refund policy– the refund policy normally works best for items purchased online, the reason being that you will not be able to test the clarinet before paying for it. In such a case, you must check to ensure that the seller does have a refund policy for inherent defects. The clarinet’s warranty can also tell you a lot about its durability. Companies would normally back their clarinets with a long warranty if they know the product is less likely to develop issues. But products that are prone to problems will have a short warranty.

Final Verdict

Lazzaro clarinets are not the easiest to find, simply because they suffice to the needs of the various clarinetists. They are durably built, come in a range of interesting colors, and are available for different categories of users. As such we believe that the above review will enable you settle with a clarinet that suits your playing style.


What are the advantages of investing in a used clarinet?

Used clarinets do not need breaking in, and the older clarinets made from wood tend to have a richer sound.

How much does it cost to re-pad a clarinet?

Adjusting, re-padding, and re-corking your clarinet can cost you up to $210.00 and up to 10 hours for a complete overhaul.

Charlotte Moore is a Clarinetist by profession and has over time offered lessons on how to play the clarinet among other musical instruments. And while a majority of clarinet players are well versed with the process of settling with a good clarinet among other accompanying features. There is little information about clarinets. The reason why Charlotte prepared comprehensive experts touching on the various facets of the clarinet. The consolidated information will offer more insight on everything clarinets including the best stand to use, and the best plastic clarinet that you can invest in, among other information. Charlotte Moore is a devoted mother of two and a professional clarinet player.

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